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1st Radio Interview in a Series with Ashford Publishing Radio

I was recently interviewed on Ashford Publishing Radio in America.

The podcast can be heard here. Click to listen.

Listen to internet radio with AshfordPublishing on Blog Talk Radio

Hope you will enjoy, if you do let me know you comments.
Other interviews will be following as I give more in the coming weeks, click here.
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PhotoReading Recommendation Türkçe

PhotoReading, Feedback from Gaziantep. Fotografik Okuma

From my last course on PhotoReading (Fotografik Okuma) in Gaziantep in Southern Turkey, (click to see pictures), a participant Şule Can, came in with five books I ask all attending to do, each of about 300 pages, One of these books she had read, and the other four were on a subject she did not know but wanted to know about, or the four books should be on a related subject.

Şule came with four books on the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Şule Can PhotoReading

is the ability to absorb 20,000 – 30,000 WPM (Words Per Minute), that is about a page a second, and involves a process which is taught over a two and a half day course. It is a course I have taught all over the world, China, Sri Lanka, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy and the UK, so many people know how the process works.

PhotoReading is not reading word for word, although certainly we do do that, but only when required to gain specific information, and as I said, to absorb information into the inner or subconscious mind and not the conscious mind.

That last sentence means that after the page turning, turning the pages over at a page a second, we would probably not know what we have read, what is that content of the book or article. Even after over ten years of PhotoReading, I still have this experience, it is only after we start to activate the information, that is to start to gain access to that inner, subconscious mind, that we know we know.

Şule trusted what I said, and as we activated, gained access, the information from the four books on the last day, although she was talking in Turkish, I knew she was speaking with authority as observed all the participants.

Since then Şule has sent this feedback to Mehpare Kileci of GAP Danışmanlık who organises the courses in Gaziantep and Southern Turkey.

Quote:- English

“Yesterday I was chatting with my colleagues at work. We were talking about arguments and fights between siblings. All of a sudden, I started to link the reason of this matter to our ancestries, same same things had happened during the Ottoman Empire etc… It was -as Phillip said- a “bllluuugh!!!” effect. Me and talking expertly about history!!!??? When I realised that, my husband was looking at me, smiling. Thank you very much you two!”

Quote :-  Türkçe

Bugün sabah kahvemizi içerken şantiyede çok güzel bir olay yaşadım. Bu geri bildirimi size hemen vermek istedim. Konumuz kardeş kavgalarıydı. Ne alaka diyeceksiniz fakat ben genlerimizden girdim ve bir Osmanlı Tarihi profesörü gibi(.)??) aynı Phillip in dediği gibi (böğgg) yaparcasına tarihten örnekler vermeye başladım… Hayatta bilmediğim konularda konuşmayan ben, kısa bir tarih özeti yaptım sabah sabah….
Baktım eşim Hasan da hayran hayran bana bakıp kafasıyla onaylıyor ve bana göz kırptığında ne yaptığımın farkına vardım. Ben ve tarih sohbeti; harikaymış!
Size ve Phillip’e tekrar teşekkür ediyorum.”


Oh I love my work.

If you would like to organise a course in your country, please contact me by email or telephone +448451306213 or Skype or Gizmo me by clicking on the button on the left.

* bllluuugh!!!  :- To talk without thinking with authority, words just pour out of our mouths, it is as if we already knew the subject.


Phillip Holt on TV and awarded

Today I received great news.

See video of TV screening by clicking on this link. Click here.

Also see TV program from Sri Lanka TV Business Matters.

And on radio, click here.

Oh Poo Poo. for more. 

GIZMO Internet phone, free telephone and cheap calls

In the article The cost of a telephone call I mentioned one of the internet VoIP telephone systems call GIZMO.

Here is your chance to try it, because you never know, you may like it.

You can access GizmoCall by visiting the web site . There is no software to download, so you can start right away.

You can use the telephone below to make a call, just key in the number and Bob’s your Uncle.

You will have to register, giving yourself a user name, and if you wish, put a few $’s into a pot so you can make cheap calls all over the world.

If your friends also register with GIZMO then no matter where they are in the world, you can talk for free.

An added advantage to GIZMO is that if both friends have money in the pot, say only $10, it is possible to call each other on a mobile or land line at no cost. No fee. Just dial from your GIZMO account your friends registered telephone number, and you get connect free of charge. (see web site for full details)

My GIZMO name id PhillipHolt .My GIZMO telephone number, accessible from any phone is 0044 203 355 2550. Good luck.

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The cost of a telephone call

Traveling as much as I do to different parts of the world, means staying in communication is and has been extremely difficult and costly.

My good friend, Bill Robertson, once said that he had a telephone book just for me, as I was forever having a new contact telephone number.

Not only that, his first words to me would be, “Where are you today?”  Poor Bill never knew where I was.

Regarding my telephone numbers, yes I moved about from home to home as employment and circumstances changed. With a land line telephone, that meant a new telephone number.

With the advent of the mobile telephone, allowing us to be mobile in our daily life, our home location telephone system soon became irrelevant. It is more and more common these days for people not to have a fixed land line telephone, relying solely on mobile phones.

Problem solved for Bill, all he had to do is remember my mobile phone number. (+44) 07973178602.

Problem for me was that if I was in a country other than the UK, when receiving Bill’s calls, I would pay a fortune, an add-on international phone charge just to receive his call.

Now, I do not mind paying that extra to speak to Bill, but I do object to paying for “cold sales” calls, wanting to sell me a new mobile phone, an insurance policy, advertising space, to sell our timeshare or replacement windows.

My first solution to this problem was to obtain a sim card, a mobile number for the country I am visiting, that I can insert into a spare phone I carry around with me.

Problem solved, poor old Bill  will have more numbers for me to remember or write in his little black book, plus he would have to pay the international call charge for the privilege of speaking to me. Plus I would have to spend a fortune telling people of my foreign telephone number.

But this is a problem for me, as I do not want a contract with a foreign (non UK) phone company, paying a monthly fee, and a “Pay-as-you-go” service is OK, but if the number is not used for say three months, you loose the number and any credits I may have.

Then came VoIP, a revolution in communication, using the internet to make telephone calls. This system was all well for technical minded people, who could get their heads around SIP codes and numbers, proxy servers, RTD port. etc. Not very intuitive or easy to use for the general public, and special equipment was required.

As usual, it was someone who knew the KISS acronym, a seemingly simple piece of software that was easy to use and install on a computer, enabling users to talk computer to computer free of charge. MSN messaging, Skype and Gizmo to name just a few.

But these systems required the users to have their computers on and attached to the internet.

As more and more users embraced or took-up the VoIP systems, so manufacturers developed and enhanced such services as Skype. Providing hardware such as the DualPhone 3088, the SMC WiFi phone, which does not require a computer to be switched on, just an internet connection, wired or WiFi. In the UK one mobile service provider (3 Mobile) sells a mobile phone with Skype already installed.

But these VoIP systems, Skype, still require the vast majority of users if they want free calls to have a computer connection to make a call, plus special hardware, headsets, microphones, etc to make a call. The vast majority of people still use normal land line handsets or mobile phones to make calls.

But I have come-up with a system that enables people to keep in contact with me, my business, to keep in contact with my friends in the UK at a cheap rate.

Skype allows subscribers to get a telephone number (SkypeIn) which is a standard UK London number 020 8816 7962 (different countries and regions are also available), and when dialed, will that call be diverted to the Skype account on a internet computer or the DualPhone 3088, no matter where I am, or the Skype user, located in the world. The person dialing the “standard” land line number is unaware that it is an internet number, and is only paying the cost of a standard phone call.

What I have now done is to redirect my UK mobile phone number, 07973178602, to the SkypeIn number, 020 8816 7962, so I pay a small charge, now the call is sent to my Skype account, and if I am sitting next to my DualPhone 3088 here in Malaysia, it will ring, and I will answer it.

If I am not available, and cannot answer the DualPhone 3088, say I am out shopping, visiting or working, Skype will divert the call to my Malaysian mobile phone +6 0174491308, myself paying a small fee (Skype international call) for the privilege.

The next country I land in, perhaps Sri Lanka or Turkey, I get a mobile or use “local” sim card number, redirect Skype to that telephone number, and “Bob’s your uncle“, I have an easy to use and cheap communication system, always in contact.

Now I have another problem, people still want to telephone me from the UK at 6pm in the evening, when I am fast asleep. How can I educate them?

I will just have to switch off the phones, and allow my Skype account to take an answerphone message.

I hope you understand. At least it passed away a couple of hours writing the blog.

  Call me! on Gizmo.

Skype Me™!on Skype


At least I will be able to watch TV

I have written before about Slingbox, a box of electronics that allows the owner to watch their home TV anywhere in the world, via the internet on a computer, not only that, but to be able to control which channel to view.

Now as an International Trainer being based in the UK, and spending many days of the month away, living in hotels with nothing to watch but non-English TV programs, I have used Slingbox both on my PC and mobile phone with great success.

Also living in Malaysia, watching Slingbox on a small laptop screen has been good but not a good experience for a relaxing evening.
Sling have launched some more electronics to their range, which allows the viewer, i.e. me, to connect the remote TV, to the internet and watch the TV program back in the UK home.

The main box is called SlingCatcher, so now I can now watch British TV on the other side of the world via my dedicated cable box/receiver.

With the additional Sling product, the SlingTurbo, which is  two box ethernet-over-power line adaptors. This means that the internet Slingbox British TV signal sent from the UK, is captured from the router say in Malaysia, then is fed into the household electricity supply, then into the into the SlingCatcher, which then outputs to a normal TV.

Easy to install means that there are no cables from the router to the SlingCatcher and TV.

Great products to the range.
Who cares if Nobody loves me, I have my TV.


KitKat biscuit

I have just come across a new flavoured KitKat biscuit, and I am hooked.

Cappuccino KitKat by Nestlé
Cappuccino KitKat by Nestlé

It is the best flavoured KitKat I have tried todate. Well done Nestlé.

NLP PhotoReading Presentations Recommendation

Copying is the best form of Flattery

We have learned that in NLP (click here to read Glossary of NLP), if someone of excellence can do something, then you too can do the same, with certain proviso’s.

In NLP terms this is called modeling, to look for the strategies, the T.O.T.E., what modalities (VAKog), the  language patterns (Meta Model), the person is/are using, how they are processing information.

There is a difference in NLP Modeling and just copying what people do.

To copy, means to plagiarize.

At university, as I was going through the degree course in Business and Computing at Brunel, I was called to meet with my course supervisor. They had a problem. Two pieces of work that were submitted were identical. Some words were changed, but the content, the structure was identical.

My work was identical to another students. I was quizzed, questioned, advised about plagiarism.

At the beginning of our course, we students were told about plagiarism. Not to copy other students, from books, from the internet. Our work should be original, from our own learning, from our own experiences, our own research, using knowledge previously published, and quoting from where the information was obtained, acknowledging others work.

Fortunately, I had all the back-up data, proof of where I had researched my knowledge, where I had learned, what books I had read, what courses I had attended, and who had taught me. The other person had nothing.

How they had got my work I will never know. This was not told to me by Brunel University.

Today I received and email from an ex student, that they had received from another trainer, quite obviously copying what I am and others are doing.

This blog you are reading is like a newsletter, letting you, my previous attendees, and future potential students and participants from many countries around the world, know what I am doing, imparting information for all to share and learn from. I have added another blog or web site where we can share jokes ( I have mentioned books I have read, so that others may experience and learn if I consider the book worthwhile to be recommended.

This email I was sent, was giving the same, using the same stratergy, even down to ask people to share jokes.

We as trainers rarely have anything really original, as many of you will have realised. We as trainers, will integrate into our courses, information, knowledge gained from other courses, books and knowledge banks. Trainers will mold their accumulated knowledge into courses, into something new, give the course another new name, and sell it.

Some trainers, and I am one for PhotoReading will take the originators work, and reproduce the same, content, format, manuals etc.

In the case of PhotoReading, originated and developed by Paul Scheele of Learning Stratergies, and after attending his Train the Trainer course to get a deep understanding, and with their permission, sell and deliver his courses worlrdwide, using his materials, his certification.

Other “trainers”, (I have placed trainers in ” “ because are they trainers?), attend a course, and copy it word for word, the structure, the handouts, the materials, and just change a couple of words, perhaps in the title, perhaps in the names of the methods used, and deliver the course as if they developed it, that they were the originators.

They plagiarize.

A lot of my work is original to me, my style, my language patterns, my method of delivery, what I put into the course the content.

Some of my work is true to the originator, Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP, Tony Buzan with Mind Maps, Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies and PhotoReading, Hypnotherapy Certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). Each one of these originators or organisations, I have worked with, learned from, and acknowledge, and I will give their certification, pay their royalties, and not proport it is all my own work and knowledge.

As I travel around the world, I meet many people who give me feedback of attending courses given by other trainers, and had been trained by “Little Phillip“, using my material, my metaphors, my jokes, and had called the course their course.

I attend courses to learn so I can advance my knowledge, learn new things, to perhaps incorporate some new ideas into my own developing courses, but notice I have done the course before, with someone else. This is what has happened in NLP (read what is NLP), with so many different companies and organisations, issuing certification as if it is their knowledge and not that of the co-founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

It is no good just stealing other peoples ideas, knowledge, courses, re branding them, giving them a different name, beyond this, above that, quantum abc, and just changing a couple of words in the content of the course.

It is no good becoming “Little Phillip“, “Little Paul“, “Little Richard“, “Little Tony” if the trainers do not really understand the deep structure of what is being taught, the reasons why content is taught and also have a deep understanding of each element, such as relaxation techniques, what I call Eyes Closed Process (Hypnosis) in PhotoReading, the structure of the language (NLP) used.

OK fellow trainer, I know you read my blog to get ideas, thank you for copying these ideas, you have made my day.

            I am an ex Quantum Reading instructor of Paul Hobbs of the Thinking Consultancy         visit index

Hypnosis Memory Mind Maps NLP PhotoReading Recommendation

News in the Trade Arabia – Middle East business information

My visit to Bahrain resulted in a number of press releases, news paper articles, and visiting newspaper photographers.

One release came from the Trade Arabia – Middle East business information web site.

Trade Arabia - Middle East business information
Click here to see the article.

Expert tips to polish learning skills
Manama: Wed, 14 May 2008

Phillip Holt

Internationally acclaimed trainer Phillip Holt is returning to Bahrain for 10 days of dynamic and enjoyable accelerated ‘superlearning’.

Phillip is a Master and Trainer in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), PhotoReading and MindMapping, accredited by the Society for NLP, Tony Buzan and Paul Scheele, the originators of these powerful tools for boosting brain power.

He works with World Memory Champions and  regularly appears on television and in the media and is sought after as a trainer across the world, running courses in his native UK, where he is director of NLP.

Phillip previously visited Bahrain in February when his first PhotoReading course was sold out in advance and received extremely positive feedback from all of the 31 participants, who included a variety of business people, doctors, professionals and students.

“The course was excellent” said Dr Jinan Darwish, a paediatrician. “Well organised and well-presented and executed.” 

“Phillip is an excellent trainer,” agreed Dawiya Nassir, a policy adviser. “It was very interesting. He really inspired us and made us believe that we can do it!”

A teacher who attended the course said “I learned a lot from Mr Phillip Holt, not just PhotoReading. His course gave me the motivation to start a new degree soon and I will be able to read as many books as I need.”

Student Katerina Al Qarainees said that the course was very enjoyable and beneficial.

“I can now learn not to cram a whole load of work before an exam but Photoread that book and extract relevant information in the exam.” 

Another student, Nevin Isaac Mathew said: “I really loved this course!”

Translator, Nadia Kazim, described the course as “Amazing… the first credit goes to our lovely instructor. I am sure it is going to add a radical change to my life.”

“I’m really not exaggerating if I say that this course doesn’t have any weak or boring aspects,” she said.
The course teaches innovative ways to read faster and with better recall and concentration and is certified by Paul Scheele, founder of PhotoReading and Director of Learning Strategies Corporation, the US, who originated this highly acclaimed ‘whole mind’ system that teaches how to:

PhotoRead the printed page at rates exceeding a page per second; Accelerate learning by reading in ways that are flexible, active and purposeful; Tap the reserve capabilities of the non-conscious mind; Integrate information for personal and professional benefits using ‘activation’ techniques, such as rapid reading and MindMapping.

The two-and-a-half day PhotoReading course will be held on Thursday (May 15) from 4.30-9pm and on Friday and Saturday, from 9 – 6 each day at the Elite Suites Hotel in Sanabis. It will be followed by a two-day intensive Memory Power and MindMapping course at the same venue on Monday and Tuesday, from 9-6 daily.

Holt will be teaching a two-part course for children aged 7-14. Superlearning for Kids starts on May 18 and has already sold out and has a waiting list for the next course.

Children will learn how to maximise their potential and creativity with accelerated learning, memory and reading skills using techniques developed by the genius of the world’s leading exponents of mind power.

Phillip Holt works with best-selling author ‘Mr Memory’ Tony Buzan, the originator of MindMapping and author of numerous best-selling books on memory and learning, and with Gianni Golfera, who has been described as “the man with the biggest memory in the world”.
TradeArabia News Service


I would like to thank all the participants and organisers for their help and input allowing me to train in Bahrain, and look forward to meeting you all again soon.

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Did I upset you? Unwanted telephone calls.

Am I sorry that I upset you?

No I’m not, if you were the man who telephoned me from Weatherseal, the British double glazing, replacement window company.

I am fed-up to the teeth with unwanted telephone calls, offering me free holidays, phones, loans, replacement kitchens, insurance, or “Do I mind if I answer a couple of questions?”.

If I want something, I will go on-line, go on the internet, or I will go to the shops. Thank you.

        Ring. Ring. Ring. “Can I speak to Mr Holt please?”

If I hear an Indian accent, I can feel the hairs starting to stand-up on the back of my neck. I know it is a call center in India wanting to sell me something.

        “What are you selling?” I ask.

        “Oh nothing sir. Can I ask you some questions? Do you have a mortgage?”

That is it.

        “No I do not have a mortgage, I am 95, and paid it off years ago. But I tell you what, I have some money
         to spare, would you like a loan from me, I will only charge you 4% APR, instead of your 16% , and ……….”

The phone goes silent, as my reply is not on their script. They are stumped. NLPers? Pattern interrupt.

Or I will reply :-

        “Do you give loans to bankrupt people?”

I just asked a question, there is no need for them to put the phone down on me.

But Mr Weatherseal Windows, why does your company keep interrupting my day? On your Weatherseal computer database, you can see that we have had windows installed only a few years ago, and because of that, why should I want to have them replaced again?

If I did know people in the rest of the flats here in Norbiton Hall, (click to read about), why should I recommend you, a company that keeps calling me up, intruding into my personal space.

All I said to you was :-

        “We have your windows already thank you, but I might be interested in a conservatory.”

to which you replied :-

        “We do conservatories.”

I could tell from the tone of your voice you were suddenly interested in me.

        “Yes I know, but we are on the second floor.”

There was no need to say back to me, “Ha. Ha. Very funny”, and put the phone down on me. I do want a conservatory installed, but not here.

Norbiton Hall, Kingston upon Thames from the rear.

So Mr Weatherseal Windows, you lost yourself a potential sale.

Then we get the silent calls. No-one on the other end. I end up shouting down the phone, but no-one hears me except for the neighbours and the shoppers across the road.

Yes for those of you who have similar problems, there is a service here in the UK called the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) (click to visit web page). This is an opt out service or register. It is a legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make cold calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have your consent to do so.

But they still keep coming. Perhaps the call centers in India do not know about it, or even know where Britain is.

So Mr Weatherseal Windows and the many cold callers who interrupt my day and evenings, I am going to have fun with you. Please don’t put the telephone down, as I do know you have a job to do, and my fun may be a waste of time to you, but then, so is your call to me.

Oh yes Mr Weatherseal Windows, do you install the conservatories in Malaysia?

Still you continue, see the article – Weatherseal Windows, do you think I am stupid?