GIZMO Internet phone, free telephone and cheap calls

In the article The cost of a telephone call I mentioned one of the internet VoIP telephone systems call GIZMO.

Here is your chance to try it, because you never know, you may like it.

You can access GizmoCall by visiting the web site . There is no software to download, so you can start right away.

You can use the telephone below to make a call, just key in the number and Bob’s your Uncle.

You will have to register, giving yourself a user name, and if you wish, put a few $’s into a pot so you can make cheap calls all over the world.

If your friends also register with GIZMO then no matter where they are in the world, you can talk for free.

An added advantage to GIZMO is that if both friends have money in the pot, say only $10, it is possible to call each other on a mobile or land line at no cost. No fee. Just dial from your GIZMO account your friends registered telephone number, and you get connect free of charge. (see web site for full details)

My GIZMO name id PhillipHolt .My GIZMO telephone number, accessible from any phone is 0044 203 355 2550. Good luck.