English Sayings

Bob’s your Uncle

Thank you Ahmad El-bahri for your comment in the article The cost of a telephone call.

The English really do have strange sayings, and often giving courses in non UK countries, I come out with a saying we would intuitively use in the UK, and I get a look of :-

                        “What are you taking about? How am I going to translate that?

from my translator. A look of total confusion colours their faces.

I should not say these phrases, but it all adds to the rich tapestry of the information I an imparting to the participants.

So I have to explain.

Bob’s your Uncle,” is said when an action or explanation is finished or could be finished, in a very easy way.

Perhaps we will be asked to explain how do something, say bake a chocolate cake.

The process of getting the ingredients, mixing them, baking the cake will be explained, and when that explanation has finished the person will signal thats the end, there is no more information to be said with, Bob’s your Uncle“, also implying that there can be no failure in producing the chocolate cake.