At least I will be able to watch TV

I have written before about Slingbox, a box of electronics that allows the owner to watch their home TV anywhere in the world, via the internet on a computer, not only that, but to be able to control which channel to view.

Now as an International Trainer being based in the UK, and spending many days of the month away, living in hotels with nothing to watch but non-English TV programs, I have used Slingbox both on my PC and mobile phone with great success.

Also living in Malaysia, watching Slingbox on a small laptop screen has been good but not a good experience for a relaxing evening.
Sling have launched some more electronics to their range, which allows the viewer, i.e. me, to connect the remote TV, to the internet and watch the TV program back in the UK home.

The main box is called SlingCatcher, so now I can now watch British TV on the other side of the world via my dedicated cable box/receiver.

With the additional Sling product, the SlingTurbo, which is  two box ethernet-over-power line adaptors. This means that the internet Slingbox British TV signal sent from the UK, is captured from the router say in Malaysia, then is fed into the household electricity supply, then into the into the SlingCatcher, which then outputs to a normal TV.

Easy to install means that there are no cables from the router to the SlingCatcher and TV.

Great products to the range.
Who cares if Nobody loves me, I have my TV.