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A Long Journey for Coaches in Italy

Coaching Milan

NLP Coaching participants with Certificates in Italy, Renata Laria, Andrea Gervasini, Franco Di Gilio, Flor Fernandez e Monica, Alessandro Orlando, Claudia Sabatini, Cotardo Giulia, Valeria Sturniolo , Phillip Holt, Marcello Buglione — at Hotel Residence Golf Milano
Life is a journey, and from beginning to end, with many tours to places we never knew about or visited before, we will have many experiences, meet many people, visit many places, some are great, some are bad, and from this journey and side tours, we can learn.
As I travel the world, to many different places, I am being exposed to different cultures, different food, different languages, and in my later years I have endeavoured to learn from these experiences, unlike the younger me who thought he knew everything.
As a younger me, I despised the get rich quickly tour guides who touted on street corners, at tourist attractions, in airport or in hotels, offering their services for a fee to tell you about what I presupposed I already knew. Why should I pay for these leeches when I could walk around myself and find out?
My long lost daughter, Vanessa came to stay with us in our home in Kingston upon Thames, and it was decide that we should go into central London to see the tourist attractions, Big Ben, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral etc. I knew these places, I had lived and worked in London for over twenty years, why should not I be the guide?
Instead of being the tour guide, we decided that we should take one of the city tour buses.
It was just like when I recently joined an Official Tour Guide of my home town of Kingston upon Thames, a town’s history I had researched, a town I had lived in for many years. I soon realised how much I did not know, there was so much missing information in my knowledge, knowledge that I would need to expand upon and enhance.
So it was in London with my daughter, I learnt so much, little pieces of information adding to my knowledge base, which only got me more interested and intrigued, to go back and research for more knowledge.
When I have time now, which is not very often visiting new or old places, I will often join an official tour, to get to know the basic information of the area, then if I wish, I will revisit where I have been taken to, to discover more, to chunk down, I will buy books, ask questions, just to enhance my knowledge.
And so it was some many months ago, I was invited to give a group of Italian people a range of courses so that they can become coaches, people who can help others enhance their lives.
It was a journey of discovery for them and for me, because I was to be their guide through a learning process, and for them to visit places and knowledge they had not been before, and I had to go there too, and I would be learning too, taking a journey to places inside ourselves often.
To go on a journey within ourselves, our beliefs, our understanding of the world we live in, we might find ourselves challenged as our knowledge as we knew it will have been contradicted.
Were we right, or, is the rest of the world right? Who knows?
It was on this journey with the Italian Coaching participants, that many beliefs were challenged, and if the individuals so wished, changed. It was their willingness to explore new places, revisit places and reevaluate their previous beliefs and knowledge and make changes that made this journey together so enjoyable.
You now have new possibilities or strategies within, use them wisely, and help others on their journey through life.
The truth is out there for us to be guided through our journey, but which is right or wrong only your heart and further knowledge will help.
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I Love My Job

My work continues around the world, delivering courses to providers who want my expertise and knowledge for their clients.

Today I find myself in SE Asia, having delivered a course for Petronas in conjunction with Surrey Mcvey Resources in Kuala Lumpur.
Petronas Course with NLPNOW
Petronas Course with NLPNOW
Tomorrow I fly to Turkey to give a Society of NLP Practitioner course and NLP Master Practitioner course with NLPGrup in Istanbul, for just over two weeks, to return back to SE Asia  to continue training immediately on my return.
It is so empowering to deliver and work in an industry I love, to impart and share my knowledge in a fun and easy to learn way, to shake the hands of participants as they leave with smiles on their faces, knowing in some small way, I may have enriched their world, as well as those they have contact with.
I just love my job.
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Proud Moments at the Musical Awards

Perhaps not the best choice of venues to hold a musical recital on a cold day in May 2012, but this was the moment to announce the Kingston University Musical Awards in the ancient Market Place of Kingston upon Thames.
Once again the awards were given by the Rotary Club of Kingston upon Thames, and as I was asked to photograph the event, I paid attention to the people standing in the Market Place, observing their presence, and it was so obvious who were the composers of the music being performed by Kingston University’s Chamber Choir, accompanied on the piano by Mr Michael Round.
From their faces, and those of their companions, the pride of what they had achieved was there to see, as they hung on every note and word being sung. Perhaps they had spent many hours and sleepless nights composing their entries into this annual event, but this day it had proven worth while, as their work was being performed in public.
Adam Hope, Kingston University Music Competition Awards, Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 1st place 2012
Adam Hope, Kingston University Music Competition Awards

Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 1st place 2012

Nomi Helfensteller, Kingston University Music Competition Awards, Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 2nd place 2012
Nomi Helfensteller, Kingston University Music Competition Awards
Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 2nd place 2012
Matthew Bromley, Kingston University Music Competition Awards, Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 3rd place 2012

Matthew Bromley, Kingston University Music Competition Awards
Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 3rd place 2012

The winner this year was Adam Hope, with his entry, “The Dying Christian”.  Adam, a very talented conductor is a 3rd year composition student at the university, working freelance in various jazz and light music ensembles, whilst he directs the Twist Choir at Kingston University.
Second place went to Nomi Helfensteller, with her entry of “We Still Got Time”. Originally on an Erasmus exchange scheme from the Oldenburg University in Germany as a Masters student, Nomi is now a post-graduate student of Kingston University of music performance, having her own band and an enthusiastic member of local natural voice choirs.
Third place went to Matthew Bromley, with “Twilight Voices”. Matthew is a 3rd year composition student, with a keen interest in music and theatre. He has spent many years as a musical director and has worked on several multimedia projects at Kingston University.
It was not only a proud moment for the winners of the University Music Awards, but also for the organiser Dr. David Osbon, Principal Lecturer and Head of Collegiate Music at Kingston University, who stood out with his flowing hair and his strong voice, and Kingston Rotary members there, especially Doreen Johnston and President Anne McCormack who presented the prizes.
By helping others, Rotary Club can inspire others to achieve and be proud of what they do, no matter at what level.
Perhaps writing this may inspire me to produce the video of the event.

Adam Hope, Kingston University Music Competition Awards, Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 1st place 2012, Dr. David Osbon, Doreen Johnston, Anne McCormack Nomi Helfensteller, Kingston University Music Competition Awards, Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 2nd place 2012, Dr. David Osbon, Anne McCormack Matthew Bromley, Kingston University Music Competition Awards, Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club 3rd place 2012, Dr. David Osbon, Doreen Johnston, Anne McCormack
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Guest Judge at Speaking Competition

At the end of the evening, it was a privilege to be asked as one of the judges of the Inter-House Public Speaking Competition at the Richard Challoner School in New Malden, Surrey, to present the awards and give the summing-up speech.

Along with two other judges, I witnessed the very high standard of presentations, coached by their teachers and especially Tanya Cheema, with talks entitled from “Why I Didn’t Have Time to Write a Speech“, to “Blood, Oil and Captain Hook“.
Although the speakers were allowed only 2.5 minutes, with penalty points if they were outside this time, the content was well researched, the talks’ structure was well defined, and the delivery was superb and articulate.
I remember as a young boy many many years ago being asked to join the Lichfield Cycling Proficiency Committee, and then being entered into a Public Speaking competition. That single experience had prepared me for the work I do now, giving talks, speeches and courses all over the world.
The evenings competition at the Richard Challoner School and the Youth Speaks Competition run by Kingston upon Thames Rotary Clubwill stand the boys in good stead in later life, giving them confidence, boosting self esteem, and preparing them for being able to present and debate in their future education, business and private life.
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Is this the real Phillip Holt

Is this really me, the real Phillip Holt?
Do I really look like that?
Phillip Holt, International Trainer, Speaker and Coach
Is this as others see me?
In my head, when I am training, out on stage, or just being me walking around the shops, I do not conceive myself looking like that. In my head my body looks nothing like the above, it is as it was when I was eighteen.
I a recent NLP Practitioner course held in Italy with Coach4Life, there were lots of photographs taken, and when I was shown them, I could not believe my eyes. Surely I do not look like that? Surely I do not act like that?
In Turkey I have often been accompanied by perhaps a young lady translator, and after a hard days working together delivering a course, to go for an evening meal. On the way to the restaurant as we walk past a shop window, I catch sight of the two of us, and it becomes a shock, because there I see a young woman walking next to a “95” year old man. Yet in my head as we are walking together I feel as one, the same age.
In the NLP Practitioner I teach the subjects of The Cat on the Mat and Perceptual Positions.
The Cat on the Mat teaches us to realise that what we take as the truth or reality, is seen in a different way by another person, each and everyone of us have different beliefs, even of the same subject matter. Just look at religions.
With the subject of Perceptual Positions, we learn to see ourselves as others see us, and to many participants or clients I have, it becomes a shock to look at themselves as if through another’s eyes. 
To hear ourselves as others hear us is most peculiar, our voices does not sound the same as the sound waves we hear in our ears are not carried by the air around us, but by the bone structure and skin between our voice box and ear drums.
It is not only the sounds we make as we speak that are completely different from our own ears to those of our listeners, but it is what we say, the content, which is often different to what is received and understood by the listeners to what we meant to say, as with the tonality of how we say our words.
It is when we can step outside our own shoes and look back at ourselves and hear ourselves as others see and hear us, that we may find we need to change our ways.
It could be a parent who treats their offspring as a child, but in reality that “child” is an adult in their twenties.
It could be that a parent wants their child to be of a certain character type, to dress in a certain way, to behave in a particular way, yet that child is different to what the parent expects. This problem arises when a young person realises that they like the same sex partners, and dress and act in their parent’s eyes inappropriately.
It could be that the parent disapproves of the boyfriend or girlfriend, but the two potential partners are hopelessly in-love, enough to get married. The parent only sees the boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife with distaste and ruins their child’s life as well as their own. 
It could be that two partners see the world in a different way to each other, leading to arguments, disagreements and fights.
It is when we see ourselves from another’s perspective or point of view, that we can often see how wrong we could have been, that actually we should change our ways. 
By stepping outside our shoes, as if looking back upon ourselves, we can often see how much harm we have done, how much distress we have caused to others. Or, perhaps, how much good we have done, yet had not perceived it.
So, looking at the photographs from the recent courses I gave, the images were not of me as I perceived myself, yet, the role plays I create, the tonally and words I use, the way I give information, the games I play, the stories I tell, all combine to take the participants on a journey of learning with fun and laughter, in an easy and quick way.
Would I change the way I am?
Perhaps, perhaps not. I am what I am, so accept it.
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Monte Carlo – International Conference of Human Resources

An International Conference of Human Resources takes place 15th – 16th November 2011 inMonte Carlo.

An Internationally Renowned team of great speakers has been assembled, including Tom Ziglar, Owen Fitzpatrick, Brian Colbert, Poll Moussoulides, Paul Boross, Matt Traverso, Marco Paret, and myself Phillip Holt.

This special event is aimed at business leaders, directors, managers, sales people, marketing executives, entrepreneurs, trainers or anyone wishing to gain more expertise in the art of communication.
Join others and myself there in Monte Carlo for this extra special conference by visiting the web site of the
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Antalya Koleji or A Day in Antalya College School

A few weeks ago it was my privilege to be invited to give a days seminar to Antalya Koleji, or Antalya College School, in Southern Turkey. 

A full report can be seen by clicking here, but be warned, it is in Turkish.
Thank you Asuman for translating the entry into English :-

Seminar on Developing Memory Techniques and Learning Skills
NLP Master Phillip Holt gave a seminar to 5th grade students on Memory Techniques and Learning Skills.
NLP Expert Phillip Holt helped the students gain an understanding of what Mind Maps are and where they can use the technique.
Holt stated that Mind Maps is a useful learning and remembering tool that helps the individuals visualise and recall when necessary an idea or concept through creative ways. Students also played interactive games covering the seminar theme.
Primary School 5th grade students used Mind Maps to make learnings lasting, imagining the items given by the NLP Expert Phillip Holt, and visualising them in a memory exercise.

What a wonderful day we had, a hall full of children, eager to learn and at the same time have fun, new ways of learning. 
Within the day they had learned how to count to ten in Japanese, they had learned the English names of the planets in our Solar System, they had remembered over twenty random words, and could recite them back to me in order backwards and forwards, they had learned how to do Mind Maps.
Antalya Koleji or Antalya College School with Phillip Holt
Antalya Koleji or Antalya College School
Kaya Firat and Phillip Holt 
In the afternoon, just before they left for home, the schools principal came into to hall, and they all stood on the stage, and demonstrated to her their new knowledge by counting in Japanese and telling her the planets and the random words I had given them.
What a privilege to work with children like this.
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The 2nd radio interview in the series

In a series of radio programs, I talk about some of the courses I do, plus I will be giving tips and insights over the coming weeks.

Here is the second of the series. Unfortunately I do believe some people cannot view the widget to hear the show on my blog, if this is you, please click here.

Listen to internet radio with AshfordPublishing on Blog Talk Radio

Your comments and feedback would be appreciated.

More interviews can be heard here (click)

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1st Radio Interview in a Series with Ashford Publishing Radio

I was recently interviewed on Ashford Publishing Radio in America.

The podcast can be heard here. Click to listen.

Listen to internet radio with AshfordPublishing on Blog Talk Radio

Hope you will enjoy, if you do let me know you comments.
Other interviews will be following as I give more in the coming weeks, click here.
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Adult Achievement Awards, Kingston upon Thames 2011

Sometimes it is good to stand back and look at other people and what they have achieved.

On a nice Tuesday evening in May 2011, I was able to attend the Royal Borough of Kingston’s Adult Achievement Award ceremony held in the Guildhall Kingston.
Organised by Peter Gray of the Rotary Club of Kingston upon Thames, in conjunction with Kingston Borough Adult Education Service and Kingston College, the Deputy Mayor Councillor Geoff Austin and the Mayoress Mrs Sheila Austin along with Rotary Club President Peter Bassett honoured twenty people who had achieved so much whilst learning.
I felt very humbled as I listened to stories of how others had overcome issues, problems and hurdles to better themselves, their family and others.
All those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the evening, meeting and talking to the students from the education centres of Kingston. The superb setting of the Guildhall of Kingston and the presence and talk by the Deputy Mayor made us most welcome.
This little video shows these people receiving their certificates.
click to see video