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Antalya Koleji or A Day in Antalya College School

A few weeks ago it was my privilege to be invited to give a days seminar to Antalya Koleji, or Antalya College School, in Southern Turkey. 

A full report can be seen by clicking here, but be warned, it is in Turkish.
Thank you Asuman for translating the entry into English :-

Seminar on Developing Memory Techniques and Learning Skills
NLP Master Phillip Holt gave a seminar to 5th grade students on Memory Techniques and Learning Skills.
NLP Expert Phillip Holt helped the students gain an understanding of what Mind Maps are and where they can use the technique.
Holt stated that Mind Maps is a useful learning and remembering tool that helps the individuals visualise and recall when necessary an idea or concept through creative ways. Students also played interactive games covering the seminar theme.
Primary School 5th grade students used Mind Maps to make learnings lasting, imagining the items given by the NLP Expert Phillip Holt, and visualising them in a memory exercise.

What a wonderful day we had, a hall full of children, eager to learn and at the same time have fun, new ways of learning. 
Within the day they had learned how to count to ten in Japanese, they had learned the English names of the planets in our Solar System, they had remembered over twenty random words, and could recite them back to me in order backwards and forwards, they had learned how to do Mind Maps.
Antalya Koleji or Antalya College School with Phillip Holt
Antalya Koleji or Antalya College School
Kaya Firat and Phillip Holt 
In the afternoon, just before they left for home, the schools principal came into to hall, and they all stood on the stage, and demonstrated to her their new knowledge by counting in Japanese and telling her the planets and the random words I had given them.
What a privilege to work with children like this.