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Copying is the best form of Flattery

We have learned that in NLP (click here to read Glossary of NLP), if someone of excellence can do something, then you too can do the same, with certain proviso’s.

In NLP terms this is called modeling, to look for the strategies, the T.O.T.E., what modalities (VAKog), the  language patterns (Meta Model), the person is/are using, how they are processing information.

There is a difference in NLP Modeling and just copying what people do.

To copy, means to plagiarize.

At university, as I was going through the degree course in Business and Computing at Brunel, I was called to meet with my course supervisor. They had a problem. Two pieces of work that were submitted were identical. Some words were changed, but the content, the structure was identical.

My work was identical to another students. I was quizzed, questioned, advised about plagiarism.

At the beginning of our course, we students were told about plagiarism. Not to copy other students, from books, from the internet. Our work should be original, from our own learning, from our own experiences, our own research, using knowledge previously published, and quoting from where the information was obtained, acknowledging others work.

Fortunately, I had all the back-up data, proof of where I had researched my knowledge, where I had learned, what books I had read, what courses I had attended, and who had taught me. The other person had nothing.

How they had got my work I will never know. This was not told to me by Brunel University.

Today I received and email from an ex student, that they had received from another trainer, quite obviously copying what I am and others are doing.

This blog you are reading is like a newsletter, letting you, my previous attendees, and future potential students and participants from many countries around the world, know what I am doing, imparting information for all to share and learn from. I have added another blog or web site where we can share jokes ( I have mentioned books I have read, so that others may experience and learn if I consider the book worthwhile to be recommended.

This email I was sent, was giving the same, using the same stratergy, even down to ask people to share jokes.

We as trainers rarely have anything really original, as many of you will have realised. We as trainers, will integrate into our courses, information, knowledge gained from other courses, books and knowledge banks. Trainers will mold their accumulated knowledge into courses, into something new, give the course another new name, and sell it.

Some trainers, and I am one for PhotoReading will take the originators work, and reproduce the same, content, format, manuals etc.

In the case of PhotoReading, originated and developed by Paul Scheele of Learning Stratergies, and after attending his Train the Trainer course to get a deep understanding, and with their permission, sell and deliver his courses worlrdwide, using his materials, his certification.

Other “trainers”, (I have placed trainers in ” “ because are they trainers?), attend a course, and copy it word for word, the structure, the handouts, the materials, and just change a couple of words, perhaps in the title, perhaps in the names of the methods used, and deliver the course as if they developed it, that they were the originators.

They plagiarize.

A lot of my work is original to me, my style, my language patterns, my method of delivery, what I put into the course the content.

Some of my work is true to the originator, Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP, Tony Buzan with Mind Maps, Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies and PhotoReading, Hypnotherapy Certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). Each one of these originators or organisations, I have worked with, learned from, and acknowledge, and I will give their certification, pay their royalties, and not proport it is all my own work and knowledge.

As I travel around the world, I meet many people who give me feedback of attending courses given by other trainers, and had been trained by “Little Phillip“, using my material, my metaphors, my jokes, and had called the course their course.

I attend courses to learn so I can advance my knowledge, learn new things, to perhaps incorporate some new ideas into my own developing courses, but notice I have done the course before, with someone else. This is what has happened in NLP (read what is NLP), with so many different companies and organisations, issuing certification as if it is their knowledge and not that of the co-founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

It is no good just stealing other peoples ideas, knowledge, courses, re branding them, giving them a different name, beyond this, above that, quantum abc, and just changing a couple of words in the content of the course.

It is no good becoming “Little Phillip“, “Little Paul“, “Little Richard“, “Little Tony” if the trainers do not really understand the deep structure of what is being taught, the reasons why content is taught and also have a deep understanding of each element, such as relaxation techniques, what I call Eyes Closed Process (Hypnosis) in PhotoReading, the structure of the language (NLP) used.

OK fellow trainer, I know you read my blog to get ideas, thank you for copying these ideas, you have made my day.

            I am an ex Quantum Reading instructor of Paul Hobbs of the Thinking Consultancy         visit index