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PhotoReading – History

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My involvement with PhotoReading came about from the desire to access and obtain more knowledge, especially from books.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and in accelerated learning, and as a child learned by investigation, pulling things apart, by doing, realising that traditional education was perhaps incompatible to real learning.

Like me, his experience of reading was less than pleasant, and after years of education found he was slow. For me, I had only really read one book from cover to cover, Biggles Flies Again, before the age of twenty.

Question. Why is it that first lesson they stop teaching in schools is reading?

Again like me, he believed that he should read each word, have total understanding and recall, to be a good reader, but at 170 WPM (words per minute), we perhaps only get 70% comprehension.  A speed reading course in 1984 pushed the speed up to 1,300 WPM still with a comprehension level of 70%.

In 1985 Paul was studying and teaching adult learning and human development technologies, and was introduced to Peter Kline and the company IDS/American Express, who wanted accelerated learning and speed reading applications installed. He studied for them how the preconscious mind can absorb vast amounts of information without involvement of the conscious mind, and especially visual information.

Combining his research and knowledge of NLP and accelerated learning. PhotoReading was born, and he obtained on one book speeds of 68,000 WPM at a comprehension level of 74%.

In 1986, Minnesota Department of Education licensed Learning Strategies Corporation as a private vocational school.

Since then, PhotoReading has spread throughout the world, through trainers, licensed like myself, to take the ever developing whole mind system to many countries. For me to China, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, Turkey, Italy and the UK. 

If you want to learn or a have a course in PhotoReading visit my web site or send me a message.

Good reading.

PhotoReading in Milan, Italy 1

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I love my work, teaching, NLP, memory, Mind Maps, hypnosis and PhotoReading, in the different countries of the world. As my reputation as a trainer spreads, so the number of countries I am asked to go to increases.

For many years now I have been teaching PhotoReading in Italy with NLPItaly. The PhotoReading book has been translated into Italian and is a best seller there. (Italian version available from NLPItaly (click)) 

What I have found, especially with PhotoReading, is that people buy a book on a subject that they wish to learn, take it home, but never read or implement the knowledge contained in the book.

How often have you purchased a book and never got past chapter one?

Learning is a whole body experience.

Our brain has many parts which has different functions, dealing with vision, hearing, speaking, feelings internally and externally, taste and smell. We have an area of our brain which deals with our thinking process. Each of these areas are discrete, and each has to learn.

Just because we talk to ourselves about how we can for example to thread a needle, it is not until we actually physically thread the cotton through the eye of needle that the muscles and body leans how to do it.

So it is with trying to learn from a book, you physically have to do what you are trying to learn, not just process the information in your head.

We get many people attending courses who have failed to learn and implement from the book or manual.

On the latest course we had twenty (20) participants attending at the Hilton hotel near Stazione Centrale di Milano or the Central Station.

Each brought with them five (5) books, each of 300 pages, which we were to “read” along with articles and the Paul Scheele PhotoReading book, in the two and a half (2.5) days we would be together. Yes we would be absorbing words at 20,000 – 30,000 words per minute.
PhotoReading Participants in Italysome of the participants

You have to physically do a course, to attend a course to fully understand and learn a subject.

No it is not a holiday

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Well what I thought was a Bank Holiday in Italy last Monday was not a holiday. It was Wednesday.

Apparently the Italian Liberation Day falls on the same date every year, and that becomes the bank holiday or day off. If it is a Sunday, they have no holiday.

In Turkey they say it Children’s Day or “National Sovereignty and Children’s Day” in Turkish, 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı, it commemorates the opening of Turkish National Assembly in 1920 during the Turkish War of Independence. The name of Children’s Day came in 1929 recommended by the Institution of Children’s Protection.

Whatever, I was working in Milan on the PhotoReading course. A really great course, which I will write about later.

Better still, Elena Martelli, my translator, took me for the pizza and Jack Frost ice cream.

Phillip Holt eating a great pizza in Milan

Is it a holiday today?

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As I sit here, and a sunny Sunday morning, in a period of time that has been the hottest for a very longtime in the UK, I am listening to the radio, as runners of the London Marathon wait with anticipation the start that will see them put to use all that they have been preparing for, perhaps months, and I think about the marathon I will be embarking on tomorrow morning.

I will be up at 5am to catch one of the first flights out of London’s Heathrow airport to go to Milan, Italy, to give a PhotoReading course. On arrival I will go straight to the Hilton Hotel and prepare the room with the helpers and Elena my translator, for the start at 1:30pm.

My Turkish colleagues want me out in Istanbul as soon as I finish in Italy.

Do I fly direct or come back to London? What do they want me for? How long do they want me for?

We start Monday and not Saturday? Its a holiday in Italy on Monday, but not in the UK.

I am getting confused.

Monday in Italy is Liberation Day, it is celebrated on April 25th, and commemorates the liberation of Italy in the Second World War, and especially the lives of those who served as partisans in the Italian Resistance are especially honored.

Not only is it a holiday in Italy but in other countries too. Turkey celebrates Sinai Liberation Day, or perhaps it is called the National Sovereignty Day or Children’s’ day for example. I have asked a friend in Turkey, they say it is Children’s day, but my diary says Sinai Liberation Day, I am more confused. (Can someone help me here, post a comment please.)

We all live in our own little world, perhaps not knowing what is happening to our next door neighbour or to the person next to us. In the UK at Christmas, the whole world stops for two days, Christmas Day (25th December) and Boxing Day (26th), yet in other parts of the world, life goes on as normal, the two days have no significance at all, the work as normal.

As I travel such a lot, I have to prepare to step outside my normal understanding of British thinking, our celebrations, and consider other cultures and beliefs.

Open your eyes and ears to other understandings, use Phillip’s sausage.

As the runners of the London Marathon have prepared for many months or the run, so have I, my course materials, my passport, my tickets are all ready, my mind is ready to accept, make changes to my plans, and do a great job.

My Italian Translator

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Some of my first exposure to training NLP was to take place in Italy with my good friend and colleague, Alessio Roberti of NLPItaly. I remember sitting in a small piatsa in a wonderful walled town called Città Alta, the upper part of Bergamo with its rich heritage of art and history, discussing a forthcoming course.

Alessio and Phillip   

Città Alta Bergamo

I do not speak any language other than English. It is not out of disrespect of peoples tongues, just as people who have worked with me know, I am hopeless at speaking another language.

After many courses over the years Alessio Roberti has grown his company to be perhaps one of the best NLP training organisations in the world, and along with other subjects and the publishing arm, has become the successful person he should be. I am privileged to be involved with him.

One of the translators in Italy who has work with me for a number of years is Elena Martelli.

PhotoReading course in the Hilton Hotel.

Please Elena, coconut, liquorish, and toffee ice cream, all in the same cone, perhaps following a Baffu pizza.

The Streets are Paved with Gold

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What a lovely day in the UK. Sunny, warm, summer like, the trees are in full bloom, and leaves rapidly opening on all the trees.

Blossom adorn the trees with such beauty, the streets are rich with colour, rich with gold.

Cherry Blossom in Norbiton Hall gardens
Cherry Blossom in Norbiton Hall gardens

I walked down to the bank in the town center of Kingston upon Thames, my daily exercise, and to those that have worked with me, I played with my sausage, Phillip’s Sausage.

As I played with my sausage, making it bigger and smaller, I was amazed at the sights, sounds, smells I observed, and my inner feelings made me feel good.

It was then that I noticed a penny laying on the pavement. I picked it up. Not 100 meters further, there was a five pence piece laying on the pavement.

Where do these coins come from?

I save these coins, and put them into a jar upon my return home. I wait until I have £100 (Pounds Sterling), and then I buy a National Savings Premium Bond.

The British government has for over fifty years been offering these bonds at £1 each. They do not pay interest, but when you want to get your money back, you sell them back to the Government. You do not loose money. Yes I know about inflation, but it is only a pound.

Every and each month the nice Premium Bond people use Ernie the computer, to place all the bonds into a draw, and Ernie picks random bond numbers as winners of money.

So all the money that people throw away become a bond, and yes I have won.

So the streets where you live are paved with gold. It is there. Use all your senses, you have been missing a lot.


Those who have never seen my sausage or Phillip’s Sausageshould attend one of my courses, I will show you. 

Lottery tickets only go into one draw, then you loose your money. Tax? 

I am 95

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I am 95 years old.

Yes, that is what age I am.

I love the Turkish people, they are kind, considerate, passionate about their culture, and their state founder Ataturk. I have done a little research on Ataturk which I have added to this blog as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, please add and correct any mistakes I have made.

It seems that the Turkish people love to know each others ages.

In my courses I get people to introduce each other, and they will say:-

This is Murat, he is a teacher, and he is 45 years old.”

Why? I as a foriegner find this very strange, but that is one reason I love travelling to different culture, we are all the same, but different.

So, I am asked my age. It is not in British culture, well not mine, and, well, I do not want to look and feel my age. Deep down I feel 18 years old, OK, 21, after my heart proceedure.

Last week on the 13th of March was my birthday, and the NLPGRup staff gave me a chocolate cake, so now I am 95 years old.

Next year I will be 94,

NLP, PhotoReading, Mind Maps, Hypnosis, Memory, Coaching and Learning English

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NLPNOW for training

My day was taken up by planning course for the future year here in Turkey, so that there will be no clashes with courses in other countries, such as Sri Lanka, India, Italy, UK etc.

Over the last number of years I have been traveling regularly to Turkey amongst other countries to give training to companies, individuals and to public classes in NLP, Hypnosis, Mind Maps, PhotoReading, Memory Techniques, Coaching etc. and enjoying every moment. Why did I waste 35 years working in the computer industry?

It was said once that I could not be good because I do so much. Well I made a strategic decision to go to the founders of any technologies the originators, to learn from them, and get their aurthortity to teach their work.

For a number of years I was an assistant on Richard Bandler’s courses, I watched I learned from the co-founder of NLP, and got his approval as a trainer of the Society of NLP, I worked and learned hypnosis from Paul McKenna and the Dean of Stage Hypnosis, Ormond McGill, I went to Paul Schelle to learn PhotoReading, I went to Tony Buzan to learn Mind Maps, Dr Win Wenger of Image Streaming, Joe McMoneagle of the Stargate project, the man with the biggest memory Gianni Golfera. I have not learned from someone who learns from someone else who learns from someone else. And, I certainly have not plagiarized others work and called it my own by changing a few words but keeping the content and structure exactly the same.

So the question was put, why should our clients come to NLPGrup, why should they get a certificate or license.

I put it to the sales team that perhaps it is like going to buy a car.

You have two outlets next to each other one with the sign Toyota and the other Toy Ota.

The first outlet has brand new cars with warranty, straight from the factory, shinning paintwork, all the extras.

When you look in at the second outlet, you see there is a sign on the from of the car that looks like Toyota, but when you look at the wheels they are from a babies pram, the bodywork is made from a cardboard box that once held a refrigerator, the seats are cushions, and there is no engine but a hole in the floor where your legs fit to propel you along the road.

With NLPGrup they are getting the real Toyota.

The English courses are extremely interesting. A friend and my translator in Italy, Elena Martelli, teaches Italian in Bologna to mature foreign students, when not in class they stay with Italian families, and become totally immersed in the language. Total immersion is the best way to learn a language not two hours a week, I know I have tried and failed.

We have the students 12 hours a day for 9 days, 9am till 9pm, and I sometimes have them for three sessions, 9am, 1:30 pm and 6:30pm, to teach them accelerated learning techniques, relaxation and some NLP.

It is a joy to see and hear the change made in the participants language, although they may not notice themselves.

Perhaps I need the magic switch I use on my Stage Hypnosis to get them to speak Martian.

Have a good day.

Kadikoy. Another day. Care needed.

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It is still cold and raining here in Istanbul, with the high cold wind making “white horses” on the Bosphorus.

The TV crew arrived nearly two hours late, to film only a few minutes, I am very careful on what I say. A few months ago, an article appeared in a Turkish national magazine, which although not mentioning names, implied me as a trainer of NLP and a hypnotist could walk into a bank and robe them of their money.

Why am I so poor?

Also, they implied that women were easy pickings for me, so be careful. At 95, I do not have the energy to do such things, plus certain persons would murder me, and I do not like pain.

Some four years ago, I was approached by a TV production company. They asked if I could teach someone with no knowledge of hypnosis within two days to become a stage hypnotist (see, and on the second night, that person would perform in front of a live audience a stage hypnosis show. Not only did I do it, but along with another twelve people. The course has been held twice a year since, producing many successful hypnotists.

Although I asked the TV production company what was the outcome they wanted from the program regarding stage hypnosis, the good points or the bad, they said an unbiased view. The program was broadcast with the title The Darker Side of Stage Hypnosis. With nearly twenty hours of filming captured, less than ten minutes was shown.

By editing, showing what is good for them, the press can bias the news to suit themselves. How was it that during the Gulf War, the British was for the invasions, yet that little stretch of water called the English Chanel gave the French a different view of being against the war. We are brainwashed.

So I was very careful what was said. Let us see the outcome next Sunday at 10am on Turkish Expo TV.

About myself, Phillip Holt.

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Phillip Holt is a Master Practitioner, and Business Practitioner of NLP, and a Trainer of NLP with the Society of NLP. He is an accomplished hypnotist, being a Board Registered Hypnotherapist, and Trainer with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

Phillip Holt is a Master Practitioner, and Business Practitioner of NLP, and a Trainer of NLP with the Society of NLP.  He is an accomplished hypnotist, being a Board Registered Hypnotherapist, and Trainer with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). 

Phillip is a Certified Trainer for PhotoReading, (absorbing words at speeds of 20,000 – 30,000 words per minute, a Certified Trainer of Mind Maps (Tony Buzan), and a worldwide Trainer with Project Renaissance (Dr Win Wenger).

After many years (35+) working in the computer industry around the world for computer manufacturers, Phillip began to study and work with Artificial Intelligence and how humans collated to computers with regards to the human mind, which led to the study of Accelerated Learning Techniques, Memory Skills, and Hypnosis  and NLP.

Phillip has endeavored to learn with the originators of the techniques he teaches, working with Richard Bandler for many years, and John Grinder, the Co-Founders of NLP, plus many more great innovators.

Having being taught by Paul McKenna and Michael Breen the art of hypnosis, Phillip was approached by Ormond McGill, (The Dean of Stage Hypnosis),  and Jerry Valley to attend training for stage hypnosis in Los Angeles USA. In subsequent years Phillip promoted this training in the UK. Since that time he has given stage shows, and twice a year run training courses himself, allowing others to embark onto the profession of Stage Hypnotists. One such course being filmed by ZIG ZAG Productions, for a TV program on stage hypnosis.

Phillip appeared on was a Granada/Discovery program called Extra Ordinary People. This program has been seen worldwide. Also, Phillip was guest on Sri Lanka TV, discussing NLP in the business world. Phillip has appeared on a number of television programs, on NLP, Stage Hypnosis, and Remote Viewing. Also giving radio interviews and talks to groups.

Phillip provides training throughout the world, including, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Turkey, Italy and the UK.

He is often retained to work with individuals for a variety of problems of a personal nature, removing phobias in one session, often in minutes, or he can as a trainer with the NGH, give hypnotherapy lasting weeks. A unique point of Phillip’s work is that he visits clients homes, rather than they visit him, often being called to travel to European countries to work.  



13 Norbiton Hall, London Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6RA, UK

12a Taman Desa Palma 2, Jalan Desa Palma, Bukit Mertajam, 14000, Malaysia

mail to:- 

Phillip Holt is a Master Practitioner, and Business Practitioner of NLP, and a Trainer of NLP with the Society of NLP. He is an accomplished hypnotist, being a Board Registered Hypnotherapist, and Trainer with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).