The Streets are Paved with Gold

What a lovely day in the UK. Sunny, warm, summer like, the trees are in full bloom, and leaves rapidly opening on all the trees.

Blossom adorn the trees with such beauty, the streets are rich with colour, rich with gold.

Cherry Blossom in Norbiton Hall gardens
Cherry Blossom in Norbiton Hall gardens

I walked down to the bank in the town center of Kingston upon Thames, my daily exercise, and to those that have worked with me, I played with my sausage, Phillip’s Sausage.

As I played with my sausage, making it bigger and smaller, I was amazed at the sights, sounds, smells I observed, and my inner feelings made me feel good.

It was then that I noticed a penny laying on the pavement. I picked it up. Not 100 meters further, there was a five pence piece laying on the pavement.

Where do these coins come from?

I save these coins, and put them into a jar upon my return home. I wait until I have £100 (Pounds Sterling), and then I buy a National Savings Premium Bond.

The British government has for over fifty years been offering these bonds at £1 each. They do not pay interest, but when you want to get your money back, you sell them back to the Government. You do not loose money. Yes I know about inflation, but it is only a pound.

Every and each month the nice Premium Bond people use Ernie the computer, to place all the bonds into a draw, and Ernie picks random bond numbers as winners of money.

So all the money that people throw away become a bond, and yes I have won.

So the streets where you live are paved with gold. It is there. Use all your senses, you have been missing a lot.


Those who have never seen my sausage or Phillip’s Sausageshould attend one of my courses, I will show you. 

Lottery tickets only go into one draw, then you loose your money. Tax? 

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