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Learning English with NLP

My travels giving courses, talks and presentations, takes me to many countries around the world, East to West, and I enjoy my work.

I have just completed a ten day course in the southern Turkish city of Antalya, where the participants learned the English language.
Working with Kaya Firat of BIZ, we took participants with some knowledge of English, and over the days together, from 4pm until 10pm, we helped them, nurtured them, taught them how to speak and converse in English so much better.
Biz Egitim Dansmanik, Antalya, with Phillip Holt, Learning English
Biz Egitim Dansmanik, Antalya, with Phillip Holt, Learning English
I was amazed by how over the time together, peoples confidence grew, that they were more willing to engage in conversation, especially with myself who speaks no Turkish.
There is no magic switch in the brain that will instantaneously take a non English speaking person into a fluent English speaker, there is a need of practise, practise, practise.
There is a need to engage the whole body to speak a language, the tongue, the breathing, the jaw, the muscles, and those that followed the course and participated in the exercises, certainly improved their English.
Should you or your organisation need help in Learning English with NLP contact Phillip Holt by clicking on the email link on the left, or send a comment below.
I love my work.
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Interpretation gone wrong – Ambiguity

Recently a member of Mee Len’s family was diagnosed as having cancer of the liver, which does not have a good prognosis.
The doctor suggested that it would be in his best interest to go to seek expert advice and treatment in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia. This would mean a long car journey of perhaps five hours from Penang to KL (Kuala Lumpa), mostly by a motorway.
As this journey is long, soul draining, one of his sons who lives in KL drove up to collect his father and take him down to stay a couple of weeks whilst tests were done and treatment given. After some rest, they returned to their home here in BM (Bukit Mertajam), Penang. Again being driven back.
Since then a few weeks have past, and another appointment was made for a follow-up check-up in KL, meaning they would have to travel down that motorway again.
The conversation I heard was that they would “follow” their son, who was staying with them at the time, down to KL.
So, in my mind I saw the son driving his car, with the mother and father following behind, in their car
To follow” means from the internet site  “to travel behind, go after, come after“.
From the definition is “To go or come after; to move behind in the same path or direction”.
I was confused, thinking he would not be well enough to drive for five hours, but I was not privy to his health, so said nothing. Perhaps I should have cleared my confusion by verifying my understanding.
Yesterday, they return again to Bukit Mertajam, but caught a train from KL, a journey time of over seven hours.
I was even more confused. Why catch a train when their car is with them in KL? How are they going to get the car back?
When I queried this, I was given a very strange look. Was I stupid? The car is in Bukit Mertajam, not KL.
Then I found out, or informed, that the literal translation in the Chinese language to English of  “to follow“,  is “to go with“.
How often do problems arise, arguments ensue, through misunderstandings, misinterpreting, not really understanding what we have been told or what we have said, “putting our own cat on the mat”?
Oh Poo Poo. Wrong again.
The use of the word “follow” was ambiguous.
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An email reply

This morning I awoke very early again with the first call of the day for prayers from a nearby mosque, and went onto the internet and received the following email from Jean-Daniel Antenau,, about language and reading.

With nothing better to do, I have posted my reply here, so that it may help others or promote a debate on the subject.

Email from Jean-Daniel Antenau, Quote :-

Hi there,
I just came to get some information about NLP. I’m french and went on some site by Phillip Holt, a friend of yours.
This man pretends reading dictionaries at the speed of 30,000 words/min in order to understand the general meaning of any book in foreign language ! Interesting isn’t it ? I was interested.
So I visited his place on internet and the French translation was… at best funny, at worst not understandable !
Then I visited your page : it was the same pathetic story !
Hey ! Ho !  What is this all about ? Just making fun of everything ? Aren’t there more serious businesses to do of your lives in these times ?
Jean-Daniel Antenau


My Reply :-

Dear Jean-Daniel,

Thank you for your input.


I had used a Google tool which translates a web page for you. (see web pages in question,


As I have written, and freely admit, I do not speak any other language other than English. I make no excuse, I have a problem with languages. I believe it is due to the learning of language/s before the age of twelve, the development of the brain during this time, that is the Broca’s area, the Wernicke’s area, and other language-processing areas.


There is also the motivation, the desire to learn other languages. Again, I freely admit, I do not have the motivation to learn another language, and that is no disrespect to your language French, or your culture.  


You can say some people are good a running, so good that they enter and win medals at the Olympics, others have two left feet, and never run, even for a bus.


For me to become an Olympic champion in all the languages of the countries I teach in and visit, I would have to spend a lot of time and practice. Perhaps I am not motivated or willing to do so.


I have difficulties, so I prefer to spend my time studying the human, the brain, learning skills, teaching skills, and how I can best deliver and share these skills to as many people as I can, all over the world.


As I said, I have a problem, I do not speak the languages, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese etc, so I use translators (click to see some of my translators), whom I can trust, or think I can. It is only from positive feedback from people like yourself, that I know if the translation work. In the case of the web pages you mention, your email is the first in five years I have had mentioning the translation problem you have highlighted. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.


At least I have tried to convey or pass-on my skills in PhotoReading, Memory, NLP, Hypnosis Mind Maps to others of other nationalities, cultures, beliefs if they so wish to learn.


Yes there are many people who teach the same skills who speak the native languages of French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese etc, many who have copied my work, or followed the same route as I have to learn directly from the originators themselves, like Tony Buzan, Paul Scheele, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Ormond McGill, Gianni Golfera, and more, and with their blessing or permission, teach these skills.


Yes my work involves laughter, fun, and does I hope my web site, that is in my experience the best way of learning, with emotion, laughter, happiness.


At least you laughed. “Hey ! Ho !”


Why not go and find a French speaking teacher of PhotoReading, and try the system? Thousands of people all over the world have, and have proved it to themselves that PhotoReading a book, a dictionary helps in their understanding.


I have demonstrated this technique often in courses I have given, PhotoReading a book in a language I do not speak, and giving specific answers to questions asked of me. Can you do it? Do you know how to do it? Have you even tried?


I doubt it. I have spent many years practising and doing.


110 years ago, man could not fly by mechanical means, then two Americans, or a Brazilian, or a British person, whichever history books you have read, put together some twine, wood, fabric, placed an engine in it, and flew some 30 yards/meters.


Then man could fly.


Since that time, new developments have been developed, new materials have been introduced, so much so that the Airbus 380 has been created, allowing people to go from one side other the world to the other in one hop.


It is the same in reading, perhaps you were taught at a tender age of three I expect, how to read, word by word, and that is it, that is how far you have got. You are still flying the Wright brothers aircraft The Flyer, perhaps you should upgrade to the A380, learn from a Certified PhotoReading Trainer like myself, who have helped open minded people to get more out of their life, to learn and stop critising others and their beliefs and abilities.


The Wright Brothers first aircraft, The Flyer

Being able to absorb information at such high speed, means people do have more time to spend on the more serious side of modern living.


But like me and languages, if you are not willing to try it, you will never know or learn.


Again thank you for your input, I really do appreciate comments and feedback, good, bad, constructive or whatever. 

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Two Phillip Holt’s

Over the last couple of days, news has come to me that I am in two places at the same time.

How can that be?

There seems to be two of me.

There is the one in my shoes now giving training, and another one here in Istanbul, Turkey, who is teaching hypnosis.

I became confused as I know which one is me, I am in my shoes, and my feet hurt, so I know it is me.

Perhaps my feet hurt because there is someone else getting in my shoes at the same time.

There has always been ‘Little Phillip‘ trainers, people who have been on my courses and copied what I do, and then deliver the same courses, often word for word, even using my same stories or metaphors and jokes, but this is different.

A person calling themselves Phillip Holt, is delivering hypnosis in courses.

The strange thing is this person is Turkish. Surely they must realise that ‘Phillip Holt is not a Turkish name, and the participants will realise that something strange is going on.

Just in case the person wants to copy me even more, he should make his hair grey, grow a beard, age a little, speak English with a British accent, and put on some weight.

Just in case he does not know what I look like this is a picture of me.

The real Phillip Holt

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Helping hand

I had contact from a Turkish lady I had met whilst giving courses in Turkey, and this course Learning English with NLP.

When I first met her, her English was quite poor, she would sit in the corner, her head lowered, and would not say much at all, although her loverly personality shone through.

She is a lady that takes care of her appearance, her looks. Her choice of clothes are well co-ordinated and of high quality. Whereas others would be in jeans and tee shirts, she would not be. She must have taken time in considering what to wear.

Her hair, long and blond, must have taken a long time to do in the morning.

Her makeup was like her clothes, carefully considered, matched with the whole appearance.

I initially thought that she would be a problem, one that perhaps did not really want to learn, was there for another reason. But as the time went by, I noticed that she really did want to learn, and that she was putting into practice what I was teaching, not only that, she was helping others to do the same, not by force, but by example.

I taught the my RAM (click for more) principle from my Memory Course. R to be relaxed, A to give attention, M to be motivated.

She attended all my sessions, including my relaxation sessions, or should I say hypnosis sessions, trying to be first to be able to get the bean bag cushion, or a couple of smaller cushions so she did not have to sit on a chair.

Whenever I spoke, in a session or at tea/coffee break, she hung on every word I said, and I could tell when she was having difficulty understanding, so that enabled me to modify my language content, so that she could understand me.

She knew what she wanted. I know she had a plan, she could see the outcome, she knows where she wants to be.

To continue her learning, she is to attend a course in England, in the south coast seaside resort of Bournemouth, starting in the next few months, and is due to last for six months.

In her messages, she asked for information. What is Bournemouth like, do I know the school she will attend, but especially, do I know anyone that can be available to help her if she needs it?

Well Bournemouth is a popular seaside town, especially in the summer months, but also popular with people at the end of their life, who retire there, as the air and temperature is good and warm most of the time.

Bournemouth in summertime, with steep cliffs to the rear.

Built on cliffs, there is a lot of climbing to do, from the beach with the walks and relaxing sea air, to the well appointed shops and restaurants in the town center, via well kept gardens, with plenty of seat to look at the views and to rest those tired legs.

Although there is a higher than the national average of “old age pensioners” in the town, there is also a growing number of students, which means there is good entertainment, nightlife, disco’s, bars. There is also an out of season influx of business people who will attend conferences in the well appointed hotels.

Like many south coast towns in the UK, schools and colleges have opened to cater for the worldwide appetite to learn English, some are small, some belonging to universities. There are thousands, so I do not know any to recommend or to talk about.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I will not be in England that much as I give courses around the world, and the pending departure to Malaysia. But, I do have a cousin near by, and friends and acquaintances in the area, perhaps one may volunteer just to be there, to give a helping hand.

Of course, I will be always available, albeit at a distance, to help, and if we find ourselves in the same town, I hope we can meet up, and have a drink or two. That is what friends are for.

Good luck Anit (tweety). Contact me if you need anything.

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It is sad to loose a friend

Saadet Kimyon

It is always sad to loose a friend, but especially one with whom one has experienced the ups and downs of life and work.

I have just heard that a fellow teacher/trainer I had worked with in Turkey, both in Istanbul and Ankara has passed away.

Saadet Kimyon, was a girl who had a smile, no matter what the experience she was going through, she always worked to her full potential, offering her participants she was teaching English to, only the best.

It is Saadet I mention in my courses, who had worked in England, near Oxford, for many years, only speaking and teaching in English.

It was when she returned to Turkey with her partner to live and work, that she found that though a native Turkish speaker, her ability to speak in her own tongue, was reduced.

It was through Saadet’s experience of memory usage, and relaying this to my participants in my metaphors, that we can understand that you must “use it, or loose it“.

If we do not practice or do what is taught or what we have learned, be it NLP, Mind Maps, Memory, PhotoReading or whatever, then what we have invested in time and money will be wasted.

But, I have said that whatever you have learned in the past, that memory or learning can be accessed and used again. It may take effort.

So it was with Saadet, she soon spoke Turkish as a native.

Saadet, may you rest in peace.

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Learning from a cold or virus

So OK I am getting better from the cold or virus (virus or bacteria click to read) I developed, with runny nose, sore throat, and a thick head. But, last night it felt as if I had something stuck in the back of my throat, a pocket type thing, hanging from the roof of the back of my mouth.

What was it?

Had I eaten some strange food that got caught, had I scratch the roof of my mouth?

On looking inside the mouth, I saw the uvula the small finger like thing hanging at the back of the mouth, between the tonsils, if you still have them.
                                            uvula tonsils Diagram showing the human mouth.
It was inflamed and swollen. It is highly infected.

It seems that an infection can be caused by a number of things, including dehydration, well I am drinking a lot so it can not be that, smoking, I gave that up 30 years ago and no-one smokes here, or allergic reaction, it could be that as I have no idea what I am eating, or snoring, I know I do not snore even though people say I do, I know they are lying, or a viral or bacterial infection (click to read Virus v Bacteria).

They say the best thing to do is to gargle with salt water. Well I will give it a try.

As I had no idea what the purpose of the uvula is, I researched I found some interesting information. I know why we have legs and arms, but this thing hanging from the top of the mouth, the soft palate?

It seems it is used to stop food going the wrong way down, in other words down our wind pipe, it is also useful for making sounds.
For a few years I had taken participants learning English in Turkey (click on the Category Archives on the left hand panel “English Courses” for more information), who were on a nine day course from 9am until 9pm, and three times a day, I would teach them some skills using NLP, some relaxation and memory skills, and during the sessions I would teach that language was a whole body experience.

It seems that the uvula plays an important part in language and talking.

When making sounds with the air coming from the lungs, the uvula is used along with the tongue, in English to make guttural sounds, to stop air passing through the nose to make sounds like my wifes family name NG. Different languages use the uvula to make different sounds.

Ok another piece of useless information to add to my collection.

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Again Sleep Eludes Me

After finishing a two day training in the Bosch company near Izmir, Turkey, I had not heard from the company who organises my trainings in Turkey as to where I was to stay in Istanbul. I was to return straight after the finish of the course on the 9:15pm Friday flight to Istanbul, and start another course 9am Saturday.
I arrived in Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, and still no message as to a hotel where I am to stay.

I called a friend, and asked for a bed for the night. But now I find myself wide awake at 3am in the morning. I will be in no fit state to start a nine day course. I am just like the previous night, fighting with my internal mind, and no sleep. If only I could talk to someone. 

On top of that, there are a lot of outstanding fees for my training sessions.

This is the last straw.

I cannot carry on working for nothing, and living on the streets.

So I go on the internet to answer my emails. and notice more invitations to join Facebook, a site that people join as a community, to link with other friends.

I am amazed how addictive it has become to many people. It seems to have taken over their lives.

It is the same as MSN chat lines or SMS mobile telephone messages. It seems that people would rather communicate in cyberspace, not to speak face to face with other people, even when they are sitting opposite to them.

It seems that people spend hours on Facebook, not communicating in the real world, but to virtual friends. Perhaps they neglect to do their normal day to day tasks, maybe, their work suffers, or relationships too.

How often are we absorbed in our own world (or cyberworld), and fail to see reality, the real world around us?

How often have we failed consider the people who rely on us for work we must do, commitments we must honour, friends and colleagues we should have paid attention to?

How often have we overlooked those that love us, that are near and dear to us, that want to give their affection, and dream of getting love and affection back?

Perhaps too often. It is only when we loose these loved ones, friends and colleagues that we realise how we have become so obsessed and addicted to the unreal world, of TV, video games and the internet.

Sleep well world. I will now go and play on Facebook.

And, I apologise to the one or two people who will not be seeing me tomorrow.

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Life is just a short road

For most of the day I could not forget Dr. ─░brahim Halil Zarif, a participant over the past few months on courses held in Istanbul, learning English.

I saw a quiet, considerate man, who always had a smile for all.

His life was taken along with his wife, by a gunman, leaving small children to face the rest of their lives without loving parents.

Life is but a stopping place along the road to eternity. We all have different journeys to take, different paths, and it is along the way that we meet others, to learn from them love, kindness and compassion.

Let us that remain to take that final road, pass on and teach to others that love, kindness and compassion, especially the children. 

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English with NLP Class of June 2007

The final day of English with NLP in Istanbul, Turkey. June 2007.