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Learning English with NLP

My travels giving courses, talks and presentations, takes me to many countries around the world, East to West, and I enjoy my work.

I have just completed a ten day course in the southern Turkish city of Antalya, where the participants learned the English language.
Working with Kaya Firat of BIZ, we took participants with some knowledge of English, and over the days together, from 4pm until 10pm, we helped them, nurtured them, taught them how to speak and converse in English so much better.
Biz Egitim Dansmanik, Antalya, with Phillip Holt, Learning English
Biz Egitim Dansmanik, Antalya, with Phillip Holt, Learning English
I was amazed by how over the time together, peoples confidence grew, that they were more willing to engage in conversation, especially with myself who speaks no Turkish.
There is no magic switch in the brain that will instantaneously take a non English speaking person into a fluent English speaker, there is a need of practise, practise, practise.
There is a need to engage the whole body to speak a language, the tongue, the breathing, the jaw, the muscles, and those that followed the course and participated in the exercises, certainly improved their English.
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I love my work.