PhotoReading – History

My involvement with PhotoReading came about from the desire to access and obtain more knowledge, especially from books.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and in accelerated learning, and as a child learned by investigation, pulling things apart, by doing, realising that traditional education was perhaps incompatible to real learning.

Like me, his experience of reading was less than pleasant, and after years of education found he was slow. For me, I had only really read one book from cover to cover, Biggles Flies Again, before the age of twenty.

Question. Why is it that first lesson they stop teaching in schools is reading?

Again like me, he believed that he should read each word, have total understanding and recall, to be a good reader, but at 170 WPM (words per minute), we perhaps only get 70% comprehension.  A speed reading course in 1984 pushed the speed up to 1,300 WPM still with a comprehension level of 70%.

In 1985 Paul was studying and teaching adult learning and human development technologies, and was introduced to Peter Kline and the company IDS/American Express, who wanted accelerated learning and speed reading applications installed. He studied for them how the preconscious mind can absorb vast amounts of information without involvement of the conscious mind, and especially visual information.

Combining his research and knowledge of NLP and accelerated learning. PhotoReading was born, and he obtained on one book speeds of 68,000 WPM at a comprehension level of 74%.

In 1986, Minnesota Department of Education licensed Learning Strategies Corporation as a private vocational school.

Since then, PhotoReading has spread throughout the world, through trainers, licensed like myself, to take the ever developing whole mind system to many countries. For me to China, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, Turkey, Italy and the UK. 

If you want to learn or a have a course in PhotoReading visit my web site or send me a message.

Good reading.

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