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Be prepared, and Sure and Steadfast

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I was never a Boy Scout, but I do like their motto, Be Prepared. I was in the Boys Brigade, the ones that wore the long trousers, with their motto, Sure and Steadfast.

Tomorrow is an early start when I travel to Rome to give another PhotoReading and Mind Maps course.

Despite telephone calls, salesmen trying to sell me things and services, trying to understand people and the messages they are really telling me whilst telling me something else, being led down the garden path by others and being aware enough not to let it happen, catching-up on my administration work, I have been able to get all my “stuff” ready for my trip to Rome.

My teaching aids are ready, my suitcase is packed, my shoes are clean, I have checked-in on-line for the flight and picked my seat, and the taxi is booked to pick me up at 5:30am.
I am prepared, and I am sure that I will be steadfast in my delivery of the courses.

PhotoReading and Mind Maps in Milan Italy

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I am now back in a raining Kingston upon Thames in England after four days in Milano, Italy, giving a PhotoReading and Mind Maps course.

Held in the Concorde Hotel we had twenty nine participants in a warm, sunny, strangely shaped long room, which added to the warm and friendly atmosphere.

PhotoReading and Mind Mapping, Milan, Italy, October 2009

Thank you all for the effort you put into the four days, your hard work, fun, enthusiasm, eagerness to learn new ideas, techniques, only helped me to give you even more. It is when I get feedback from the participants, plus chocolate cake, that love my work even more, to face challenges and new ideas with relish.

We got through six books each participant brought into the PhotoReading course, with articles, and learning, and I am always amazed how people can talk with authority about their individual books.

I am sure that all of you will put to good use the knowledge gained, to be able to read more very quickly to get what you need from written material with PhotoReading, and to use Mind Maps to remember and recall so much more information.

I know we will meet again, maybe this week in Rome, visit web site for Photoreading and Mind Maps courses in Italy, or even if we only meet on the internet like Facebook.


PhotoReading and Mind Mapping, Milan, Italy, October 2009

Carpe Diem. My work starts off again in earnest

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There are some situations one can plan for, and some we can not.

Sometime times we plan ahead for what we presuppose will occur. It could be for a business meeting, a presentation, a meal with friends, a date with a loved one, a wedding, our health, our future.

How often does what we plan happen as we planned for it to happen? Rarely, as so many outside forces influences the outcome, beyond our control.

Not even Darren Brown, a mentalist, a magician, an illusionist, a hypnotist, a person who has studied NLP, and has now become a television personality performing the most amazing feats at this time on TV weekly, can predict the future. A couple of weeks ago on “live” TV he predicted the results of all numbers drawn in the UK Lottery. How did he do it? Well, as I said he is a mentalist, a magician, an illusionist, a hypnotist, a person who has studied NLP, and an illusionlist.

I remember being on a TV program by Granada and Discovery TV, Extraordinary People, commenting on another performer Jess Rose, and his performance was amazing, yet predicable. That is to say, I still do not know how Darren Brown does what he does so well.

I too do not know what will be happening in the coming weeks.

I will be in Milan, Italy, from Thursday till Sunday, presenting a PhotoReading and Mind Mapping course at the Concorde Hotel, and the following week in Rome giving the same courses to another set of participants.

I have a plan of what I am going to do, what I am going to teach and present to them, and I am preparing and planing the trip.

Already, things are not going to plan.

I have heard my normal translator will not be with me, and who will be my new person, I have no idea. I have no idea of how good they will be, or have they worked with me before.

My laminating machine I use to prepare a handout has finally gone to the scrapheap in the sky, halfway through producing the final product.

I have hoped to have heard from people so I can plan for future dates, but the telephone stays silent.

Poo Poo happens and will always happen.

Am I disheartened? No.

Slightly unhappy? Yes.

Poo Poo happens, so there is only one way forward, accept it and get on with solving the problem with joy and fun.

Both my sister-in-law and her husband in Malaysia have cancer of the liver and stomach. The prognosis is not good, in fact the end is very near.

The husband has given up, and has done for some time. Yes he is very ill, but he does not help himself, expecting other people to do the fetching and carrying, his wife has taken the same attitude.

It is a big struggle to get the sister-in-law to do things for herself, not to give up. To get out into the garden to see the beauty of the flowers, to listen to the songs of tropical birds, to hear and watch the ever changing heavy tropical rain storm.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Enjoy the day. We do not know what will happen.

So, I am looking forward to starting my next tour of many countries, meeting new people and old friends and challenges.

I am planning ahead, but will have to make adjustments, like going to buy a new laminater, which I can do with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.

So where ever you are in this small world of ours, enjoy what we have now. Be kind to yourself and to others. What you give out, you will get back.


Playing with Phillip’s Sausage

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I was playing with my sausage today whilst I went for my daily constitutional.

Every day I go for a walk, get the exercise, to get the heart beating, and to get out of the home.

As I walked through the town center of Kingston upon Thames, I say it, just there on the footpath, a £20 note.

It was mine.

As I approached the area I picked up the £20 note, I had noticed the usual throng of Sunday shoppers, visitors and other people just out for a walked, and no-one else saw the money just there. It was only after I bent down to pick the £20 up, did a woman notice and smile at me as we passed each other.

I often find money having been thrown away or dropped, and as my previous article outlined, the streets of London are paved with gold.

Today, I struck gold.

A £20 note found.

Can you do from just reading?

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I am asked often, during courses, when people make inquiries, asking questions, what books do I recommend for them to read to learn this or that.

I am often at a loss what to say, as there are so many books available, in fact we are overwhelmed by written material, and every man and his dog seems to have written a book.

What information do they need?

What do they wish to achieve?

What will they put the knowledge to do?

No one book will contain all the knowledge on a subject, there will be a bit in this book, a bit in that book, even the Encyclopaedia Britannica only skims the truth, the full facts about our world, for as we research and discover new facts, new theories, new ideas, so what was written becomes incorrect, old and out of date.

I devour books. This week alone I have brought ten books. Some books are on the training subjects I give, NLP, memory, phobias, fears, stop smoking, weight loss, and more. Some are fiction, recommended by Andy Tuck, the General Manager of Borders book shop in Kingston upon Thames, as I said to him I was enjoying reading the complete and unabridged novels of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

We can all learn so much from books, as long as we realise that the book was written by another human being, who has their own understanding on the world, on the subject matter, and are they correct?

Reading Sherlock Holmes, I came across a passage in The Hound of the Baskervilles, which could sum up what I have just said, as Sherlock Holmes was supposed to have a brilliant mind, as he says:-

“Certainly, though I cannot guarantee that I carry all the facts in mind. Intense mental concentration has a curious way of blotting out what has passed. The barrister who has his case at his finger end, and is able to argue with an expert upon his own subject, finds that a week or two of the courts will drive it all out of his head once more…….”

Another aspect of learning from books, is getting the knowledge into the brain, but will this enable us to do the thing physically we have just learned.

Take riding a bike. Say you have no knowledge of riding a bike, you have seen people doing so, but never ridden one yourself.

So you go to the bookshop, buy a book, Learn to ride a bike in a day, and read and understand the concepts, the procedures, the mechanics of riding a bike.

Would you be able to ride a bike?


Reading gives us knowledge, but does not teach our body how to do it.

Doing something is a whole body experience.

We have to get the knowledge into our brain.

We have to get our body to act upon the instructions from our brain. In the case of riding a bike, how to keep balance on two wheels, How to push one leg down on the peddle with the correct amount of pressure, whilst allowing the other leg to rise, and at the same time steer the bike by moving the handle bars, which also will help the balance.

So I have ten books to get through, to extract knowledge, and then enact upon the knowledge for the purpose I want. That is the beauty of PhotoReading, being able to absorb 20,000 – 30,000 WPM, a page a second. Once it is in my mind I will have to activate that knowledge, to put into action what I have now in my mind, to do it.

Reading alone will not make us the expert who can do, we have to practice, to do it, to experience it. That is why I ask people to do the courses I teach, not just read about them, as in my courses we do.

PhotoReading, Feedback from Gaziantep. Fotografik Okuma

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From my last course on PhotoReading (Fotografik Okuma) in Gaziantep in Southern Turkey, (click to see pictures), a participant Şule Can, came in with five books I ask all attending to do, each of about 300 pages, One of these books she had read, and the other four were on a subject she did not know but wanted to know about, or the four books should be on a related subject.

Şule came with four books on the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Şule Can PhotoReading

is the ability to absorb 20,000 – 30,000 WPM (Words Per Minute), that is about a page a second, and involves a process which is taught over a two and a half day course. It is a course I have taught all over the world, China, Sri Lanka, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy and the UK, so many people know how the process works.

PhotoReading is not reading word for word, although certainly we do do that, but only when required to gain specific information, and as I said, to absorb information into the inner or subconscious mind and not the conscious mind.

That last sentence means that after the page turning, turning the pages over at a page a second, we would probably not know what we have read, what is that content of the book or article. Even after over ten years of PhotoReading, I still have this experience, it is only after we start to activate the information, that is to start to gain access to that inner, subconscious mind, that we know we know.

Şule trusted what I said, and as we activated, gained access, the information from the four books on the last day, although she was talking in Turkish, I knew she was speaking with authority as observed all the participants.

Since then Şule has sent this feedback to Mehpare Kileci of GAP Danışmanlık who organises the courses in Gaziantep and Southern Turkey.

Quote:- English

“Yesterday I was chatting with my colleagues at work. We were talking about arguments and fights between siblings. All of a sudden, I started to link the reason of this matter to our ancestries, same same things had happened during the Ottoman Empire etc… It was -as Phillip said- a “bllluuugh!!!” effect. Me and talking expertly about history!!!??? When I realised that, my husband was looking at me, smiling. Thank you very much you two!”

Quote :-  Türkçe

Bugün sabah kahvemizi içerken şantiyede çok güzel bir olay yaşadım. Bu geri bildirimi size hemen vermek istedim. Konumuz kardeş kavgalarıydı. Ne alaka diyeceksiniz fakat ben genlerimizden girdim ve bir Osmanlı Tarihi profesörü gibi(.)??) aynı Phillip in dediği gibi (böğgg) yaparcasına tarihten örnekler vermeye başladım… Hayatta bilmediğim konularda konuşmayan ben, kısa bir tarih özeti yaptım sabah sabah….
Baktım eşim Hasan da hayran hayran bana bakıp kafasıyla onaylıyor ve bana göz kırptığında ne yaptığımın farkına vardım. Ben ve tarih sohbeti; harikaymış!
Size ve Phillip’e tekrar teşekkür ediyorum.”


Oh I love my work.

If you would like to organise a course in your country, please contact me by email or telephone +448451306213 or Skype or Gizmo me by clicking on the button on the left.

* bllluuugh!!!  :- To talk without thinking with authority, words just pour out of our mouths, it is as if we already knew the subject.

Famous in Gaziantep – GAP Danışmanlık’dan Zihin Haritaları Ve Fotografik Okuma Eğitimleri

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This article appeared on the web site of medyantep.

GAP Danışmanlık’dan Zihin Haritaları Ve Fotografik Okuma Eğitimleri

GAP Danışmanlık
dünyaca ünlü eğitimcilerle mesleki ve kişisel gelişim eğitimleri düzenlemeye devam ediyor. Bu hafta Gaziantep’e gelen dünyaca ünlü eğitimci Phillip Holt; Zihin Haritaları (Mind Maps) ve Fotografik Okuma (Photoreading) eğitimleri veriyor.

1960’ların sonlarında Tony Buzan tarafından ortaya çıkarılan zihin haritaları günümüzde, zihinlerini daha etkin kullanmak isteyen, gencinden yaşlısına kadar milyonlarca insan tarafından kullanılıyor.

Zihin haritaları
, yol haritalarına benzer bir biçimde:
 Geniş bir alana / konuya yukarıdan bakmayı,
 Doğru karar almayı, nerelerden geçtiğinizi ve nerelere gideceğinizi görmenizi
 Büyük miktarlarda veri toplayıp bunları tutmayı
 Yeni ve yaratıcı yollar göstererek problem çözümüne katkıda bulunmayı sağlıyor.

Zihin Haritalama tekniği; bakması, okuması, üzerinde düşünmesi ve hatırlaması eğlenceli bir teknik. Gözü ve beyni uyararak dikkatini çekiyor ve hem resmin genelini hem de detayları aynı anda görmeyi sağlıyor.

Zihin Haritalarının Uygulanması

Zihin haritaları, hayatın herhangi bir öğrenme ya da düşünme gerektiren çoğu alanında uygulanabiliyor. Kişisel olarak: planlama; yapılacaklar listeleri; projeler; iletişim; organizasyon; problem analizi ve çözümü bunlardan bazıları. Ayrıca öğrenme sürecinde hatırlama, not alma, not oluşturma, raporlama, denemeler, sunumlar, sınavlar, düşünme ve konsantrasyonda da etkili. Zihin haritası, çalışmayı, işi ve düşünmeyi daha zevkli hale getiriyor.

Photoreading eğitmeni Phillip Holt dakikada 25.000 ila 30.000 kelime absorbe edebiliyor. Diğer bir deyişle bu saniyede bir sayfa anlamına geliyor. Holt, ayrıca Buzan Merkezleri’nin “Zihin Haritaları” ve I-Mind Mapping bilgisayarlı zihin haritalama konusunda lisanslı eğitmeni.

Gaziantep’de son 3 yıldır Gap Danışmanlık’ın organize ettiği eğitimleri vermekten memnuniyet duyduğunu belirten Phillip Holt, fobilerin, sigara içme, fazla yemek yeme gibi istenmeyen alışkanlıkların ortadan kaldırılmasına yardımcı birebir seanslarla da hizmet veriyor.

03 Haziran 2009 meydantep

PhotoReading in Gaziantep, Turkey

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Another course come to an end, and the PhotoReading course in Gaziantep in Southern Turkey, (click to read feedback) was an especially fulfilling one for me, as we had fun, we learned so much together, and the participants all gained knowledge from the 5 books they PhotoRead during the three days we had together. It was as if they had spent perhaps months of study, as I listened to the feedback as they described the contents of their books that they had no knowledge of prior to coming on the course.

Some of the Photoreaders page turning on the PhotoReading course in Gaziantep, Souther Turkey.

We had a lovely girl of eleven years old, Zeynep, who held her concentration on the course the whole time, participated in all the exercises, which gave her wonderful results on the last afternoon, even amazing the adults who helped her and each other during the activation stage.

The course was for Turkish people, unfortunately, I speak no Turkish, well perhaps I can count from one to six, and know a few words like “aşkim” pronounce “ashcum“, I need translators like Mehpare Kileci of Gap Consultancy who organises and promotes my courses, to efficiently and accurately translate my training which I deliver in English. I have been very lucky in finding such people, who sit by my side and work from 9 in the morning till 6 at night. I admire their abilities and their tenacity in putting up with me.

Being that I deliver all my courses, no matter what country I am in, it means that English speaking participants can also join the course. And so Gianfranco Pozizzi, an Italian who is working for a short period of time with Gap Consultancy to teach Italian, joined the PhotoReading course.

Gianfranco Pozizzi working on Mind Maps and PhotoReading

Gianfranco brought with him five books written in Italian to learn PhotoReading, and one exercise I love to teach is to get a participant to swap a book which they have already read and understand with another participant who likewise has read and understands their book. I ask that the persons receiving the book should not have read the book or know the subject matter it contains.

Non of the Turkish participants had any knowledge of the Italian language, so I stepped in.

I have been teaching and training in Italy for over ten years, and my knowledge of the Italian language is slightly better than Turkish, I can count to ten and order a cup of tea with milk. But, I have PhotoRead the Italian-English-Italian dictionary, and by belief is that this information is in my inner subconscious mind and is available to me, plus my belief that I am a good PhotoReader enabled me to work with Gianfranco.

He took my book written in English by Owen Fitzpatrick on time management and I took Gianfranco’s to PhotoRead. This was on day two of the course, and we did not activate, or start asking questions until day three.

When I started telling Gianfranco about his book, the book I had PhotoRead, the book which I had had in my hands for perhaps twelve minutes, his mouth dropped. I had to smile to myself inside, because once again, I was able to take a book in a language I cannot speak, in a language I cannot read, but have had exposure to, and was able to know the contents.

I was even able to give Gianfranco Italian words which were important within the context of the book and which were within the book, but I did not know the meaning of.

What a convincer for Gianfranco and others on the course as he relaid what had happened after the exercise to the participants. I just hope that the book I had given him, which he was able to tell me about, will make a difference in his life to manage his time better.


Participants on the PhotoReading Course in Gaziantep explaining their four books on Mind Maps and Syntopic Reading

Oh I love my work. It is just a pity I had a bad tummy on the last day. Never eat salads in a foreign country. Oh big Poo Poo.

Photoreading Participants Gaziantep June 2009

Contact Gap Consultancy for more courses.

PhotoReading, Feedback from Gaziantep. Fotografik Okuma (Click to read)

Ailece sınava hazırlanıyoruz

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Phillip Holt, beynin bir şeyi üç kez öğrenmesi gerektiğini, eğer üç kez tekrar edilirse o konunun hatırlanacağını söyledi.

Dünyaca ünlü NLP uzmanı, zihin haritaları ve  hızlı okuma teknikleri alanında lisanslı eğitmen Phillip Holt, beynin bir şeyi üç kez öğrenmesi gerektiğini, eğer üç kez tekrar edilirse o konunun hatırlanacağını söyledi.  

Özel Sanko Okulları’nın veli ve öğrencilerine yönelik ikinci kez düzenlediği  ‘’Ailece Sınava Hazırlanıyoruz’’ konferansına katılan Holt, hatırlamak ve daha verimli ders çalışma becerileri  konuları üzerinde durdu.

Her bireyin beyin kapasitesinin  dünya hafıza şampiyonu Tony Buzan’ın beyin kapasitesiyle aynı olduğunu, farklılığın beynin kullanılma biçiminden kaynaklandığını vurgulayan Holt hafızanın kullanımı için nesneleri hayal edip onu resme dönüştürmenin önemini belirtti.

Verimli öğrenme ve hatırlamanın tekrarlamalarla mümkün olacağının altını çizen Holt ‘’Beynin bir şeyi üç kez öğrenmesi lazım, eğer üç kez tekrar ederseniz hatırlarsınız’’ dedi.

Holt  düzenli uykunun öğrenilenin özümsenmesi için şart olduğunu, rahatlama tekniklerini bilmenin ise stresi azaltacağı için öğrenme ve hatırlamayı kolaylaştıracağına dikkati çekti.

Holt, sunumunun ardından dinleyicilerin sorularını yanıtladı.

As in the Gaziantep Telgraf

Mind Maps and PhotoReading in Turkey

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Today, Sunday I am off again. An early start to catch one of the first flights of the morning from Heathrow airport, I hope Turkish Airlines give a better offering than the non meal Alitalia served on my last fight with them on Monday, because I will need my breakfast..

The trip to Southern Turkey, the town of Gaziantep with Gap Consultancy, will be for Mind Maps and PhotoReading, courses I love to run, but the trip will be for only five days, then back to London.

A quick stopover both inbound and outbound via Istanbul will not allow me time to go into the city, just to stay in the airport, but perhaps the next time, my next trip, then I can meet old participants and friends in that great city.

But here’s looking to seeing and meeting all my friends, past participants, new participants and the great eating places with a wonderful array of foods, some I have never experienced before.