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La Salsiccia di Phillip, Phillip’s Sausage

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It was whilst delivering the final day of the NLP Practitioner course in Vicenza, Italy, that I realised that the participants had remembered what I had taught them on my last visit.

Not only had the remembered “Antonio” (“Fred” or “Mustapha“), but “Oh Poo Poo” and “Phillip’s Sausage“.

FaceBook group has been created just for “Phillip’ Sausage“, called La Salsiccia di Phillip, so sign up now.


la salsiccia di Phillip

la salsiccia di Phillip

The Phillip's Sausage

Phillips Sausage

If you do not know what is Phillip’s Sausage, you will have to come on a course. Visit web site

PhotoReading Training in Brighton

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 The training courses I give, take me to many differing places and countries, staying in a varied array of hotels.

The last two days saw me giving a PhotoReading course in the South of England city of Brighton.

Like many of the UK seaside resorts, they have seen better days, but Brighton is perhaps one of the better placed towns, offering historical places of interests such as The Lanes, the Brighton Pavilion, two piers although one is burnt out, and lots and lots of people enjoying the social and educational facilities.
The course was held in the Old Ship Hotel located on the seafront, the creaky floors, and shaking old lifts add to the character of this old hotel. My room overlooked the seafront, giving me the chance of an early morning wake-up call, as the seagulls screech at each other. But why did they turn off the heating at midnight? My room was in the roof space I think, and it became really cold meaning I had to search for more coverings to keep me warm.

The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton.
The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton seafront

The view of Brighton Pier and seafront from the balcony of my room in the Old Ship Hotel    The view of Brighton Pier and seafront from the balcony of my room in the Old Ship Hotel
The view of Brighton Pier and seafront from the balcony of my room in the Old Ship Hotel.

More trainings follow in the next few days, so no rest for me. 

But I love my job, so contact me if you want me to give a course or talk in your country.

A recommendation for PhotoReading

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It is always good to get feedback from participants as to the content and my performance as the trainer, taking them through NLP, PhotoReading, Speed Reading, Memory, Mind Maps, or Hypnosis.

Here I have a recommendation about PhotoReading for those wanting verification of the value of the course.

A seguire vi e’ una testimonianza  di un corsista, riguardante la Foto Lettura, per coloro i quali richiedono una una verififica su quanto la frequenza al corso possa valere. 

Real Chocolate Cakes

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Today was my special day, although at 95 who cares?

Actually it has been a surprise to me how many people do care with wishes for my birthday I have received from around the world.

Thank you all.

Here in Milan, Italy, I have been conducting a PhotoReading and Mind Map course, It was after lunch that I was greeted with the Happy Birthday song, and taken to the back of the room, to be presented with two chocolate cakes.


Two Chocolate Cakes
Two Chocolate Cakes for my birthday 2009

The girls on the PhotoReading and Mind Maps course, Milan        The boys on the PhotoReading and Mind Maps course, Milan
The girls and boys on the PhotoReading and Mind Maps course, Milan 2009

PhotoReading and Mind Maps in Rome

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It was very tight in getting to the PhotoReading and Mind Map course in Rome last weekend. I had half an hour to spare upon reaching the hotel venue, the nH (formally the Jolly Hotel) Leonardo Da Vinci, until the start of the course in fact many participants were already waiting.

But, I was in state, sleep was not good on the overnight flight from Gaziantep Turkey, were I had finished a course the previous evening.

Some 23 participants attended the PhotoReading and Mind Map course in Rome, which gave a fantastic atmosphere. I believe there will be even more in Milan in a couple of days.

PhotoReading and Mind Maps, Rome

PhotoReading and Mind Maps, Rome

I am now travelling up towards Milan for the next PhotoReading and Mind Map course. More of that soon, as internet access is costly in hotels in Italy, 5 Euro for half an hour.

I am off again

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Having only just returned this week from Italy where I was giving a training in NLP for a group of eager Italians in Bologna, I find myself packing again to go to Gaziantep in Southern Turkey.

This trip will take me to Turkey, Istanbul, Gaziantep, for an NLP Practitioner course and a Coaching course, then on to Italy to give PhotoReading and Mind Map courses in Rome and Milan. My return to the UK towards the end of March, will see me giving the Stage Hypnosis course in London. So I have a busy month ahead.
I love my work, although I get very tied, I meet so many people, and in a way, give them the opportunity to look at and try new ideas, bring out the excellence that they seek.
But, sometimes I feel like a ship passing in the night, visiting through many ports, perhaps going un-noticed to some who are not looking, but like the ship, leaving its’ cargo, I leave information and knowledge for those who stay behind, so they are free to use what I deliver to them, to use as they see fit.
I hope my visits leave a good memory, so that the knowledge will open their eyes and free them to do what they wish to do, as I sail my ship to another port with a cargo of knowledge.  

NLP, PhotoReading, Memory and Mind Map Courses in Malaysia

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Great news.

We have now finalised dates for this months (January 2009) courses in Malaysia.
I conduction with a company in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia, we will be offering the following courses :- Please note that this partnership never happened, and NLPNOW seek other partners.

PhotoReading      – 13-15 January 2009 (2.5 days)
Mind Maps            – 16
January 2009
NLP Practitioner — 7 days from 18th January –
24 January 2009.

For details of the courses and to book please visit the web site of NLPNOW, click on the links above, or telephone
NLPNOW (Malaysia) +60174491308 (mobile)

Please note that the above partnership never happened, and NLPNOW seek other partners.

More on Jean-Daniel Antenau’s email

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Further to the article and reply in the comments section of the blog to Jean-Daniel Antenau’s email. (click either to read)

Some people may not know what PhotoReading is. The PhotoReading Whole Mind System allows the practitioner or PhotoReader to absorb information at 20,000 – 30,000 WPM (words per minute), into the sub conscious mind. At a conscious level the PhotoReader  is not aware of what they have read, although they may get a feeling, some emotions resulting from this early stage.. This is at the “fast page turning” stage.

It is once the information is absorbed, the page turning, into the inner mind, into the sub conscious mind, that the PhotoReader will activate the absorbed information, which will require normal “input” to gain access to this information, to the purpose and level wanted.

My job as an International Trainer of PhotoReading is to give the participants the skills, confidence and support to do the whole process, the Whole Mind System

Some participants want miracles, and expect the information contained within the whole book/s to be in their consciousness, the knowing mind, to be aware of in just a few minutes of turning pages. No, PhotoReading requires work.

A great Italian I work with, Gianni Golfera (click to visit his web site), a man with a great memory, who teaches his skills to the world, and he can remember 256 books, word for word, he has the skills to do that. But, he has had to learn those skills, strategies, he has to work at it. Gianni also PhotoReads when required and is appropriate for his purpose.

I personally do not have the time or desire to argue with, convince people, change their mind about if PhotoReading works or does not work when delivering a course. For some people it is appropriate and works, for others it not appropriate. If it is my own sponsored or arranged course, I will refund their money on the first day should the participant feel that the course is not for them.  If people come with the attitude that PhotoReading will not work, then that is their belief. So be it.

An “example” of PhotoReading can be seen on YouTube (click to view) when Darren Brown PhotoReads the Oxford English Dictionary and gives correctly specific words which are contained on a page and line picked at “random”  by a person.  This program is filmed in the British Library which is said to contain 16 million books. Out of these 16 million books this person is asked to pick one at “random”, which Darren Brown then PhotoReads and answers specific questions.

I would like to say that I love the work of Darren Brown, but he is a Mentalist, an Illusionist, a Magician, he has studied NLP, hypnotism, psychology. Darren is a showman. There is a lot of video editing in this clip, lots of off screen work, with loads of misdirection given to the librarian on and off camera. Darren Brown openly admits that he is using “magic tricks” to make his programs.

Real PhotoReading? No.

Does the American David Copperfield or the British Paul Daniels really make an elephant disappear? No. But some people believe he really has. (click here to see video)

Is Darren Brown debunking PhotoReading? Who cares if the real system works, and it does, as so many of participants off my courses and from other trainers courses have proved around the world.

My next courses will be held in Italy (early March, Rome and Milan contact Gianni Golfera), Bahrain (dates to be confirmed), Turkey (dates to be confirmed for Gaziantep and Istanbul). Email me for dates.

An email reply

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This morning I awoke very early again with the first call of the day for prayers from a nearby mosque, and went onto the internet and received the following email from Jean-Daniel Antenau,, about language and reading.

With nothing better to do, I have posted my reply here, so that it may help others or promote a debate on the subject.

Email from Jean-Daniel Antenau, Quote :-

Hi there,
I just came to get some information about NLP. I’m french and went on some site by Phillip Holt, a friend of yours.
This man pretends reading dictionaries at the speed of 30,000 words/min in order to understand the general meaning of any book in foreign language ! Interesting isn’t it ? I was interested.
So I visited his place on internet and the French translation was… at best funny, at worst not understandable !
Then I visited your page : it was the same pathetic story !
Hey ! Ho !  What is this all about ? Just making fun of everything ? Aren’t there more serious businesses to do of your lives in these times ?
Jean-Daniel Antenau


My Reply :-

Dear Jean-Daniel,

Thank you for your input.


I had used a Google tool which translates a web page for you. (see web pages in question,


As I have written, and freely admit, I do not speak any other language other than English. I make no excuse, I have a problem with languages. I believe it is due to the learning of language/s before the age of twelve, the development of the brain during this time, that is the Broca’s area, the Wernicke’s area, and other language-processing areas.


There is also the motivation, the desire to learn other languages. Again, I freely admit, I do not have the motivation to learn another language, and that is no disrespect to your language French, or your culture.  


You can say some people are good a running, so good that they enter and win medals at the Olympics, others have two left feet, and never run, even for a bus.


For me to become an Olympic champion in all the languages of the countries I teach in and visit, I would have to spend a lot of time and practice. Perhaps I am not motivated or willing to do so.


I have difficulties, so I prefer to spend my time studying the human, the brain, learning skills, teaching skills, and how I can best deliver and share these skills to as many people as I can, all over the world.


As I said, I have a problem, I do not speak the languages, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese etc, so I use translators (click to see some of my translators), whom I can trust, or think I can. It is only from positive feedback from people like yourself, that I know if the translation work. In the case of the web pages you mention, your email is the first in five years I have had mentioning the translation problem you have highlighted. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.


At least I have tried to convey or pass-on my skills in PhotoReading, Memory, NLP, Hypnosis Mind Maps to others of other nationalities, cultures, beliefs if they so wish to learn.


Yes there are many people who teach the same skills who speak the native languages of French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese etc, many who have copied my work, or followed the same route as I have to learn directly from the originators themselves, like Tony Buzan, Paul Scheele, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Ormond McGill, Gianni Golfera, and more, and with their blessing or permission, teach these skills.


Yes my work involves laughter, fun, and does I hope my web site, that is in my experience the best way of learning, with emotion, laughter, happiness.


At least you laughed. “Hey ! Ho !”


Why not go and find a French speaking teacher of PhotoReading, and try the system? Thousands of people all over the world have, and have proved it to themselves that PhotoReading a book, a dictionary helps in their understanding.


I have demonstrated this technique often in courses I have given, PhotoReading a book in a language I do not speak, and giving specific answers to questions asked of me. Can you do it? Do you know how to do it? Have you even tried?


I doubt it. I have spent many years practising and doing.


110 years ago, man could not fly by mechanical means, then two Americans, or a Brazilian, or a British person, whichever history books you have read, put together some twine, wood, fabric, placed an engine in it, and flew some 30 yards/meters.


Then man could fly.


Since that time, new developments have been developed, new materials have been introduced, so much so that the Airbus 380 has been created, allowing people to go from one side other the world to the other in one hop.


It is the same in reading, perhaps you were taught at a tender age of three I expect, how to read, word by word, and that is it, that is how far you have got. You are still flying the Wright brothers aircraft The Flyer, perhaps you should upgrade to the A380, learn from a Certified PhotoReading Trainer like myself, who have helped open minded people to get more out of their life, to learn and stop critising others and their beliefs and abilities.


The Wright Brothers first aircraft, The Flyer

Being able to absorb information at such high speed, means people do have more time to spend on the more serious side of modern living.


But like me and languages, if you are not willing to try it, you will never know or learn.


Again thank you for your input, I really do appreciate comments and feedback, good, bad, constructive or whatever. 

A chocolate cake

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After nine and a half days of training, back to back, and as we finished the PhotoReading course, the hotel had a surprise for us.

The management of the Nippon Hotel in Istanbul, wheeled in a chocolate cake.

Ah, sheer bliss, just what the doctor ordered, it warmed the cockles of my heart.

With great ceremony, I invited Deniz my translator to cut the cake with me, which she did begrudgingly, as I think she thought that only newly married couples cut a cake in such a way. Bless. But, she was part of the training team and deserved to cut the cake too.

Participants, organisers and Deniz and myself shared the cake. Well actually, there was a lot left over. I never saw what happened to that.

Phillip Holt and Deniz Merdizan cutting a chocolate cake after a course in Istanbul
Phillip Holt and Deniz Merdizan