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The 2nd radio interview in the series

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In a series of radio programs, I talk about some of the courses I do, plus I will be giving tips and insights over the coming weeks.

Here is the second of the series. Unfortunately I do believe some people cannot view the widget to hear the show on my blog, if this is you, please click here.

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Your comments and feedback would be appreciated.

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PhotoReading in Antalya, April 2011

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It is always a joy to finish a course, organized by BIZ in Antalya, especially PhotoReading, when the participants have absorbed six books over the short weekend, plus had learnt so many other aspects of reading, and had given a talk on the four related books that brought in with them for ten minutes, as if they were an expert.

It is amazing to listen to them talk about the four books’ subject matter with such authority, especially when they knew nothing about the subject prior to starting the weekend PhotoReading course.
In one group, we had a school teacher that acted like an examiner, firing questions to each of the participants as they gave their presentations, only to be answered in a coherent way. The trouble was that when it was her turn to give a presentation, the other participants fired equally difficult questions to her, but with laughter and with good humour even her questioners were answered.
I take great satisfaction in helping participants through the course, which often gives rise to self doubts as to ability, to old beliefs that there is only one way to read, and that is word by word.
When the end of the course comes, often participants do not want to leave the venue, having had such an eye opening experience. But eventually they do, leaving me alone in my hotel room, to begin to relax, reflect on the course, and prepare for the next days work.
I love my work.
Phillip Holt in Antalya with PhotoReading Participants,
Antalya, PhotoReading Participants, April 2011

How clever is the human brain?

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On a recent PhotoReading course in China, I came to the section of teaching the “soft-eyed” vision look using what I call Phillip’s Sausage.

A participant said they could not see Phillip’s Sausage, and I tried every trick I knew to help them, getting a rare “Yes“, but then a “No it is not there” answer.
Both of us was getting frustrated, but keeping calm, not stressed, I searched for an answer.
The participant happened to say to me, “I am seeing you with my left eye” and then, “I am seeing you with my right eye“.
What?” How can someone at one time see with one eye and then the other, without closing an eyelid?
Then playing with my own Sausage, I noticed that the eyes where not quite aligned, they were not pointing in the same direction when looking at me. I then remembered a great British comedian Marty Feldman. (1934-1982)
Marty Feldman had a very funny eye movement that he used to his advantage as part of his comic routine.
Marty Feldman
Now, my participant was nothing as bad as the above picture, but it got me wondering, if one eye is looking at me and sending the image to the visual cortex, what is happening to the image being seen by the other eye, as that too is being received by the brain, the visual cortex?
Was the brain being selective as to which information was being processed from which eye?
The answer had to be yes. That is why I was being told that I was being seen firstly by the left eye and then by the right eye.
This attribute or condition is called Strabismus. Sometime known as lazy-eye or crossed eyes.
If the eyes cross inwards towards the nose it is known as Esotropia, and if the eyes point outwards as the picture of Marty Feldman above that is called Exotropia.
The condition is caused by the muscles of the eyes not working together, and the weaker eye’s image is often completely dismissed by the brain, a condition known as Amblyopia.
It is a common problem, and teated at an early age can be corrected, at a later age it could need surgery to correct the muscles, so often we see children with patches over the good eye, which makes the muscles of the weaker eye stronger having to work harder.
I now realised the issue as to why the participant could not see Phillip’s Sausage, and was able to put the person at ease, and enable me to relax, as Phillip’s Sausage is not deterrent to prevent you learning and being a success at PhotoReading.
Now I am impressed by the power of the human brain, and to be honest jealous of the person’s ability to control which eye they can see from.

Relaxing in Antalya

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My travels are not only work, although I do tend to fly into a country and immediately start training, and on the last day catch the next flight available to my next destination, so not much time for sightseeing, so it is good to have reasonable accommodation to rest my head and body.

Here in Antalya I have stayed in many hotels over the years, including the 7 star Rixos Premium Hotel in Belek, and the hotel I am now in is pleasant and comfortable, the Grida City Hotel. OK, not a 7 star, but the staff are very pleasant to me, and I sleep well.
Although quite a walk from the sea front, and situated on a busy road, I can relax and work in their garden under a cloudless sky, to  prepare myself for more courses I am scheduled to give. PhotoReading Friday 8th – 10th April 2011.

View from the Grida City Hotel, Antalya

Antalya, Southern Turkey

The beach on an April evening in Antalya, Turkey

Istanbul’da NLP Practitioner Kursu

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                                                                                                                                                         English version

Türkiye’deki herkese güzel bir haber; Istanbul’da 17 Nisan 2010 tarihinden itibaren 7 gün sürecek bir Society of NLP Practitioner kursuna daha başlıyoruz.

Türkiye’yi uzun yıllar ziyaret ederek, Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep, Antalya başta olmak üzere birçok bölgede Society of NLP standartlarında NLP Practitioner ve Master Practitioner kursları verdim.

Society of NLP’nin lisanslı eğitimeni olarak uzun yıllar Richard Bandler’ın ekibinde çalıştım ve doğrudan kendisinden eğitim aldım. Bu nedenle, benim katılımcılarım da NLP’yi Bandler’ın öğrettiği şekilde öğrendiklerini biliyorlar.

Malcolm Gladwell kitaplarında, bir kişinin belirli bir konuda ya da disiplinde uzman olabilmesi için o konuyu 10,000 saat öğrenmiş olması, içinde olması ya da kullanmış olması gerektiğini söyler. Katılımcılar bu zamanı benimle birlikte alacağından emin olabilir.

Yakın zamanda yine kurucularından PhotoReading, Zihin Haritaları (Mind Maps), Hafıza (Memory) ve Hipnoz (Hypnosis) eğitimleri de veriyor olacağım. Dolayısıyla umarım Istanbul’da görüşürüz…

17 Nisan 2010 tarihinde Istanbul ‘da yapılacak NLP Practitioner kursuyla ilgili daha detaylı bilgi için web sitesini ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

PhotoReading in Milano, March 2010

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A recent course in PhotoReading  just finished in Milano.

The participants, PhotoReading, Milano, February 2010

I am always pleased to see old faces I know on the course who return for free, to reconfirm, to practice the techniques taught on the course. It is a chance to make the learning even stronger.

But no course would be the same without the chocolate cake, and sure enough a cake arrived.

The chocolate cake, PhotoReading, Milano, February 2010

Thank you all.

see “Old Friends

Old friends

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Still traveling to Italy to give courses, it is always great to see old faces, friends I have made on previous courses, and yes I can call them friends, as we seem to make a bond.

One such person is Donatella Fazzino, a lovely girl, whom I have met many times on NLP courses and PhotoReading and Mind Maps, her smiling face, her eagerness to learn, and her friendship was a joy for me.

Oh and Donatella, your driving was not that bad.

Donatella Fazzino and Phillip Holt Milan 2010

What a difference a day makes

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Although I have traveled to Milan in Italy, I have not ventured from the Concorde hotel where I am giving PhotoReading and Mind Mapping iMindMap courses, it is an enjoyable time,as I take participants from unconscious incompetence towards unconscious competence.

The participants visibly get more confidence and better with each hour, and the difference after a nights sleep is very evident.

It has not only been the participants who have changed but also the weather.

Arriving early Thursday morning, to a little snow in the air, to cold rain on Friday and Saturday, this Sunday morning there is not a cloud in the sky. Now for Rome tonight.


View from the Concorde Milano

Synchronicity, I found another lost friend

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In his book Synchronicity, Joseph Jaworski tells his story, his journey of life, and he describes the coincidences that occurred for example meeting and marrying his wife, how things are actually connected, or as C.G. Jung’s book title says, “Synchronicity, An Acausal Connecting Principle“.

Synchronicity is defined as a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the probability of chance is involved. (Jung – Synchronicity, An Acausal Connecting Principle).

I had to return to the Penang Adventist Hospital to pick-up my results from a CT Scan and on the return journey home, we diverted to a new shopping complex on the island of Penang, the Queensbay Shopping Mall, the largest and best in Penang giving wonderful views to Penang’s Bridge. (click for other views)

Penang Bridge in the far distance (Jambatan Pulau Pinang in Malay), among the longest bridges in the World.

Parking the car in the open air potholed earthen car park, it was a joy to walk into a modern cool air conditioned complex and the first shop that caught my eye was Borders (MY). My favourite bookshop in the UK which had closed down just before Christmas, here in PenangBorders (MY) are very much in business.

Borders book shop
Queensbay Mall, Penang

I am sorry, but I had to visit the store. The set-up, the layout, the whole shop had the same atmosphere as those that had closed the doors only a month ago in the UK.

It was like meeting a long lost friend, I was excited, overjoyed, like a child in a toy shop.

Wondering around the bookshelves I felt at home, the sections were the same, and I kept my eyes open for anything of interest, especially for books published by Prion, who bring together books of a nostalgic literature, Biggles, Sherlock Holmes, King Solomons Mines, books I should have read when I was a boy.

It was like putting on my favourite pair of shoes.

I did not find any books by Prion, but out of the whole shop of Borders (MY), three books jumped out at me from the book shelves, I was drawn to them. It was as if a hand from above had led me to these books above any other books in the shop, they caught my eye, they stood out. They did not have any eye catching features, they were just books, but they had something special for me.

Was I using Phillip’s Sausage? I wonder?

Why was I drawn to one book in particular?

This book may save my life. This book has given me a deeper understanding of a subject that I will write about soon, enough knowledge that I can talk with the experts, to be able discuss the subject, and, understand what they are talking about.

Thank goodness for PhotoReading.

Synchronicity happens to me all the time. Why was I to go to the Queensbay Shopping Mall? Why was I sitting in the waiting room in the Penang Adventist Hospital? Why did the Doctor in Gaziantep with Bells Palsy attend my NLP course and after 32 years of zero (0) movement in one side of her face now have 80% muscle movement and control?

As Jaworski says, “the world is not fragmented but fundamentally connected”. We should open our eyes and awareness to see the world as one of relatedness, of interconnections, and not as individuality, as separate thingness.

PhotoReading and Mind maps in Rome

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Now back in the UK having to wash my shirts and re-polish my shoes after four days in Rome giving a PhotoReading and Mind Mapping course.

Some of the participants on the PhotoReading and Mind Maps course, Roma, Oct 2009

Over twenty people attended the courses in the old Jolly now the NH Leonardo Di Vinci hotel in Via dei Gracchi, 324, Roma, and included some previous attendees, ready to practice PhotoReading and Mind Mapping.

Working on their PhotoReading and Mind Maps, Rome 2009 

Now I must rest and then prepare for Milano next weekend for an NLP Master Practitioner.

It is a good job I love my job.