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Oh Poo Poo My Mission

Again (see previous blog click here), no matter where I go in the world, things happen. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Like we all do, I say words to myself with my internal voice, I talk to myself, especially when things go wrong.


We all do it. 


Sometimes I say the wrong thing to people, I use the wrong words in my courses, especially when I ask a participant, perhaps when hypnotised, to do something and and they do not respond, I say words in my inner mind that I cannot write here. 

One word I say is “SH-T“. 

I cannot say that word out loud. So I now say “Oh Poo Poo. 

My mission is to get the world to say Oh Poo Poo 

It makes you smile. 

The aggression goes out of the situation. 

The bad feelings go. 

You can deal with the situation.


Please tell the world, and send me your Oh Poo Poo experiences, either by sending an email , or by posting in the guestbook, and help others to smile through their Oh Poo Poo’s.

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