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Eye Accessing Cues

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                                        Eye Accessing Cues DiagramEYE ACCESSING CUES

               VC – Visual Constructed
               VR – Visual Remembered
               AC – Auditory Constructed
               AR – Auditory Remembered
               K   – Kinesthetic
               AD – Auditory Digital

Also known as lateral eye movements in neurological terms, eye accessing cues allows the NLP Practitioner to observe how people are accessing different parts of their brain as they think and process information. This will allow us to communicate in the same modality, the same language as the people you observe. It is also a good way of telling if you are being told the truth.

If you ask someone to think of or visualise the face of their mother, they will probably look up to their right. See the diagram above. VR

If you ask someone to think about or visualise a pink elephant, they will probably look up and to their left, as the diagram above. VC

If you ask someone to recall the sound of the school bell, they will probably move their eyes to their right, neither up or down as the diagram shows above. AR

Ask the person to imagine a Martian speaking, (a sound they have never heard), they will probably look to their left, as the diagram. AC

Ask a person what it is like to feel a bar of soap in their hands, they will probably move their eyes down towards their right. K

When people are having an internal dialog, talking to themselves, they will probably look down to their left. AD

The movements will be very slight and an unconscious movement, by asking questions of a person to remember or construct a memory so you can observe their processing modality, V,A,K, will result in the person being very conscious of their own eye movements, so do not let them know what you are doing, just observe.

The movements can change direction, the remembered can move to their left, and visa versa. You will have to calibrate to the eye movements, by asking questions that you know the answer to. There is a theory that left handed people will reverse the pattern, but I have not observed this in all the courses I have run throughout the world.

By observing and modifying the communication you have with people, so that you converse in the same modality, will have a big impact on how they respond to you.


Flight BA118 Bangalore – London. The Joy of Flying

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By the time we had finished the Mind Map course at 6pm, packed-up, un-picked the course, had a meal, it was nearly midnight. My flight was at 6am back to London. That meant an early start to get to the airport, 4am. I still had to pack my suitcase, shower and book out of the hotel.

So, very little sleep.

The Bangalore airport is very small, Gate 1 seeming to be the only International departure point. The buildings appear to be being renovated, but I think like other cities, they will be moving the airport way outside the city boundaries, perhaps adding another hour to the journey.

I remember as a school boy, going on a school trip to visit London’s Heathrow airport, I would expect in the 1960’s. There were field all around the airport grounds, it was in the countryside. Now, as you fly in looking down, the vast amount of housing below, just shows how people move to be near the airport.

This same people now complain of the noise of planes taking off and landing.

Why did they move to the area in the first place? They knew the airport was there. They knew the noise would be there. Why complain? I expect they are glad they are on the doorstep when they want to fly.

So it is with most airports, people move towards the airports to live and work, then complain. Milan’s new Melpensa takes 50 minutes. compared to Linate which is 10 minutes from the city center. Kula Lumpa KLIA takes 1 hour, instead of a few minutes.

OK, the new airports are bigger and have more facilities, but still people drift out to live near the new ones, then complain.

My flight was delayed by over 2 hours, so what, just sit back and relax, do not go to sleep, even if the eyes need to close, you may miss the flight. Oh, I am so hungry, but I can wait for the meal on the flight, no I can’t, I am thirsty too.

I went to the little coffee bar, and get a muffin and tea, only to find out that they are complimentary of British Airways, because of the delay, but they made no announcement. Still that means that they did not spend so much, meaning more profits, and as a share holder of BA, that means more returns on my investment, if they pay anything out that is.

Eventually, we get on board, and I get my window seat, 27K. Strange, not a few hours earlier I had “checked-in” on-line on the internet, and booked seat 16K. I asked why my seat had changed, and I got the answer that they had changed the aircraft. What? Halfway through the outward flight from the UK?

I could not move from my seat during the flight due to the rather large ladies sitting in the two seats next to me, good job I have a strong bladder.

We had two meals during the flight, no choice really, non vegetarian or vegetarian. Yes, I could have ordered a special meal on booking the ticket, but I do not like to make a fuss.


You too can enjoy exotic food on a plane too.

As we took off late that meant we arrived late into terminal 4 at Heathrow. The taxi waiting for me. I can get home and rest.

But then I was charged extra for waiting time of the driver, but he kept me awake on the drive home, as we talked about his home country of Sri Lanka, and my experiences of giving training in Columbo.

Oh the joys of travel. Let me sleep.  

British Airways flight BA119

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The flight from London to India was just another flight. The more I fly the more it becomes like catching a bus or train.

It is good to sit back and observe the personalities and states of the people who take their seats. Why do people insist in bringing into the flight cabin their roll-on bags, why not put them in the hold. OK some airlines have restrictions on the number of bags you can check in, and if the main luggage is over the weight limit of say 25kgs, load the heavy stuff into hand luggage, often that is not check.

I had a friend in Saudi Arabia who would carry his scuba divers weight belt in hand luggage, as this one item would weigh more than his total allowance.

This weight allowance does not take into consideration the weight of the person,  I have in the last few months lost two stone, 28lbs, 12.5Kg, but my baggage allowance does not reflect this. I heard pf a report of a man turning up at check-in, only to find that his baggage was well over weight, and the airline wanted to charge him excess charges, or he was to leave his extra clothes behind. He emptied his bags of his clothes and put them on, wore them. His baggage now was below the limit, it full filed the airlines requirements. Once through security, he took all the extra clothing off and placed them in his hand luggage, and nothing was said.

These extra pieces of hand luggage are never opened during the flight, they are difficult to stow away, heavy to lift up, and stop me putting my coat, computer bag as other people take all the space.

We had two meals on board, being an Indian flight, I suppose I should have expected Indian cuisine, because that was all there was available. My body cannot tolerate too spicy food, I like it, the taste, the heat, but for some reason, my body does not. I could have requested special food, as it seemed the flight attendants had a lot of special meal requests, unlike me who does not like to make a fuss, and goes with the flow. The couple next to me finished their special meal eating with relish, (perhaps they had not eaten for weeks), before my standard meal arrived. I did get a choice, vegetarian or chicken. I like meat.


At 4am in the morning, I just ate another airline meal. I love flying.

English Course – My last day with them

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Today I ended my involvement with the English with NLP course here in Istanbul. Three times a day, I would take the English learning participants for about one hour, to teach skills of NLP to enable them to learn English in a more relaxed and quicker way.

Learn English with NLP, Phillip Holt at NLPGrup Istanbul


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I was frustrated.

I presupposed that certain things, actions, people’s thoughts were as I saw them, understood and believed in my own mind. My cat on the mat or my cat in the tree.

I was asked if I had written an article or blog on how the brain works (to follow) by a member of the course I am giving here in Istanbul, Turkey. I said as yet I had not as I need time to write it, but I would. Quite rightly, the participant asked that he be emailed when I had published it, and others overhearing the conversation also asked to be informed, to which I said “join the blog and SUBSCRIBE on the left-hand side”.

I pointed to the area on my computer screen and the participant entered his email, and pressed SUBSCRIBE.

Nothing happened.

How long had this facility not been working? How many people had failed in the past? Were you one?

I tested other features on the blog, and found errors. Entering any word in the SEARCH facility resulted in always the Paypal screen being displayed which people are sent to, to download The Castle MP3 hypnosis track.

I contacted the supplier of the blog service, and after half an hour, was told that there was a problem, and they had been corrected now.

So Subscribe NOW if you wish on the left-hand sidebar, it now works, please let me know if it does not work for you.

That meant I left the office at 8:30pm, twelve hours after arriving, and with half-an-hours lunch break, the rest of the time being spent training people, presenting, teaching and using my NLP skills to solve participants problems of frustration, lack of confidence and other issues.

Please do not take me wrong, I love my work, I would not do so many hours, put so much effort into my trainings, if that was not so. I get a buzz from seeing people learning, overcoming hurdles, removing barriers, gaining confidence, achieving what they wanted in life, learning a language, and so quickly. I love my work.

But where is my time? I have so much I want to do, learn, accomplish. I plan my day, I use time-management, but still I have not enough time in the day to satisfy my wishes and requirements, as well as the wishes and requirements of friends, colleagues, participants and customers.

I get frustrated.

That frustration brings my state down, you begin to doubt your ability, confidence drains away, you blame other people. Why was there a problem with the SUBSCRIBE button? Why are people late, eating into the lunch break? Why do people want things now?

When you get frustrated, it is a state, as happiness, sadness, joy are too. We create these states ourselves, in our mind.

Just think of a happy time, perhaps a great holiday by the beach, relaxing, with the blue sky, seagulls swooping down into the sea, the waves gently washing the sand as the waves gently break in the shallow water. (click to see video of Sri Lanka or click to see video of the seashore at Rixos Premium Belek).

What happens to you as you picture and experience thoughts in your mind? Do you get a good feeling inside, does your state change? Yes.

Notice your sitting position now. Notice how you feel.

Now, push your bottom into the back of the chair, sit upright, shoulders back. Notice how you feel. Different?

Perhaps we are too quick to blame others for our own state of frustration. “Why did they not do this?” “Why did they not do that?” “Why are they late?”

I should have checked the SUBSCRIBE button myself, like I should have checked the frustration I felt at the time, so to change and correct the situation, change your state to a good happy successful state, and not presuppose it is others problems or fault.

Nude in London

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For an up and coming trip to India to give a training course in PhotoReading (click to visit web) I had to apply for a visa to enter the country.

After arriving in Waterloo station, I walked across Waterloo bridge to Aldwych, and came across this statute.


A nude on Waterloo Bridge

The Castle by Phillip Holt, a hypnotic Journey

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My interest in hypnosis started many years ago, and has taken me on a fantastic journey of discovery of the human mind, and has enabled me to help myself and others to change for the better, to do what we are entitled to do, anything. OK, within the law, our culture, religion, our social setting.

I have worked and studied with the best, Ormond McGill, Jerry Valley, Gill Boyne, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, Michael Breen. I am eternally indebted to their help and teachings.

As I became a hypnotherapist, a trainer of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists), a trainer of NLP, giving and training Stage Hypnosis, I too gained a good reputation, but the one thing that was missing was my voice that participants and clients could take away.

A good friend and colleague Lex McKee (Lex Studios) and I got together in his recording studio and produced the CD The Castle MP3. (Download by clicking here.)

The Castle a hypnotic journey of change by Phillip Holthere or visiting the web site .

The Castle MP3  The Castle a hypnotic journey of change by Phillip Holt

PhotoReading – History

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My involvement with PhotoReading came about from the desire to access and obtain more knowledge, especially from books.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and in accelerated learning, and as a child learned by investigation, pulling things apart, by doing, realising that traditional education was perhaps incompatible to real learning.

Like me, his experience of reading was less than pleasant, and after years of education found he was slow. For me, I had only really read one book from cover to cover, Biggles Flies Again, before the age of twenty.

Question. Why is it that first lesson they stop teaching in schools is reading?

Again like me, he believed that he should read each word, have total understanding and recall, to be a good reader, but at 170 WPM (words per minute), we perhaps only get 70% comprehension.  A speed reading course in 1984 pushed the speed up to 1,300 WPM still with a comprehension level of 70%.

In 1985 Paul was studying and teaching adult learning and human development technologies, and was introduced to Peter Kline and the company IDS/American Express, who wanted accelerated learning and speed reading applications installed. He studied for them how the preconscious mind can absorb vast amounts of information without involvement of the conscious mind, and especially visual information.

Combining his research and knowledge of NLP and accelerated learning. PhotoReading was born, and he obtained on one book speeds of 68,000 WPM at a comprehension level of 74%.

In 1986, Minnesota Department of Education licensed Learning Strategies Corporation as a private vocational school.

Since then, PhotoReading has spread throughout the world, through trainers, licensed like myself, to take the ever developing whole mind system to many countries. For me to China, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, Turkey, Italy and the UK. 

If you want to learn or a have a course in PhotoReading visit my web site or send me a message.

Good reading.

NLP Now – 21 Days?

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Answering the telephone to enquiries of my courses, I am often asked “how many days is the course”?

The same question was asked of a young man in America who had developed a new methodology, and who with a group of people were developing it, playing with it, experimenting more with it, and were finding that you can get some surprising results with it, quicker than results than anyone would have expected.

News got out about this person and his work, and there started to become interest shown from the East Coast to the West Coast. What was this new exciting methodology to help people to achieve excellence?

A group of doctors eager to help their patients to regain their true health and well being decided to contact this young man, and asked if he would teach him and his fellow doctors how to do what he does so well. Of cause he said yes, but he had a problem. He had not given a formal publicly structured course before. What would be the content? How long would the course be?

He asked the doctor how long he would like the course to be. He said that in every year to keep their license to be a practicing doctor, they had to do twenty-one (21) days training.

Our trainer friend thought long and hard about what to do, and then said:-
“I have a course which is 21 days”.

A course was made and successfully delivered in 21 days. Others saw the great work, learnt from it and thought, “wow I can do this”, and copied the content and structure to deliver the same, a 21 daze course.

Some years later this originator was invited to travel the world to deliver his work, and people gathered around him to learn. On one of these courses someone said to our friend, the originator:-
“Tell me, if there is one thing you would like to do with your courses that you have not done yet, what would it be?”

Our friend thought long and hard about what was said and said :-

“Teach the course with what I am teaching in the course”.

And so, the course was restructured, and from 21 days it was reduced to seven (7) days. The results were the same in fact better.

Life evolves, change with it too. Do not be like those others still stuck in a 21 daze course, change now.

KudoSurf Me!

NLP Now – My Journey 1, Decimalisation

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For more than 35 years, I had been in a profession that perhaps was not the perfect one for me. I had worked with computer manufacturers, NCR, Sperry Univac, Texas Instruments, in a presales postsales role. This meant going into a potential customer, advising what the requirements are, recommending a solution, then creating or programming that solution, installing the computer hardware and software, training the customer, and looking after them after the installation.

I also worked for end users on their computers systems, redesigning and implementing new changes in software and hardware. Companies such as Associated Tyre Specialists (ATS), Peter Pan Playthings, The National Coal Board.

What ever needed to be done, I would do it.

It occurred to me that as I was designing the computer system, I was emulating what human being was doing. As they would write down an invoice amount in the ledger books, so I would have to do the same. I would follow a process, the strategy/s of the company’s employee, how they thought, how they processed information in their brain, how they worked.

On 15th February 1971, (is Phillip 94?), the UK went decimalised, they introduced decimalisation. Prior to this date, the UK had a very logical currency system. There were:-

      Pounds, Shillings and Pence
            12 Pennies equaled a Shilling
            20 Shillings equaled a Pound

      so there where 240 Pennies in a Pound.

The British understood the system, the same as we understand feet, inches and miles, pounds and ounces, and we drive on the correct side of the road.

In these early days of computers, there were no packages to run an application such as MS Word, Excel, Explorer, accounting, payrolls, etc. Each individual computer had its’ own programs written for it specific to the requirements, the way the individual company did things, their strategy. It was my job to do the writing of the programs. There were only a few people in the world, like me, who had the capability and knowledge.

The changeover on 15th February 1971, decimalisation, meant that each and every computer program had to be modified to:-

      100 New Pence to the Pound 

Not only that, but the existing values, balances held, would have to be converted :-

      £1.10.6d     equals      £1. 52.5 New Pence

and we had to be correct, any errors could bring a company down, finish them.

My fellow programmers at the computer manufacturer NCR, worked like Trojans, 48 hours a day.
At midnight of Saturday the 14th February, the converstion programs were run, and companies tested and ran their new programs.

All Sunday, we stood by our telephones, waiting for calls asking for help. But, nothing. We had done it.

To be continued.