NLP Now – 21 Days?

Answering the telephone to enquiries of my courses, I am often asked “how many days is the course”?

The same question was asked of a young man in America who had developed a new methodology, and who with a group of people were developing it, playing with it, experimenting more with it, and were finding that you can get some surprising results with it, quicker than results than anyone would have expected.

News got out about this person and his work, and there started to become interest shown from the East Coast to the West Coast. What was this new exciting methodology to help people to achieve excellence?

A group of doctors eager to help their patients to regain their true health and well being decided to contact this young man, and asked if he would teach him and his fellow doctors how to do what he does so well. Of cause he said yes, but he had a problem. He had not given a formal publicly structured course before. What would be the content? How long would the course be?

He asked the doctor how long he would like the course to be. He said that in every year to keep their license to be a practicing doctor, they had to do twenty-one (21) days training.

Our trainer friend thought long and hard about what to do, and then said:-
“I have a course which is 21 days”.

A course was made and successfully delivered in 21 days. Others saw the great work, learnt from it and thought, “wow I can do this”, and copied the content and structure to deliver the same, a 21 daze course.

Some years later this originator was invited to travel the world to deliver his work, and people gathered around him to learn. On one of these courses someone said to our friend, the originator:-
“Tell me, if there is one thing you would like to do with your courses that you have not done yet, what would it be?”

Our friend thought long and hard about what was said and said :-

“Teach the course with what I am teaching in the course”.

And so, the course was restructured, and from 21 days it was reduced to seven (7) days. The results were the same in fact better.

Life evolves, change with it too. Do not be like those others still stuck in a 21 daze course, change now.

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