The Castle by Phillip Holt, a hypnotic Journey

My interest in hypnosis started many years ago, and has taken me on a fantastic journey of discovery of the human mind, and has enabled me to help myself and others to change for the better, to do what we are entitled to do, anything. OK, within the law, our culture, religion, our social setting.

I have worked and studied with the best, Ormond McGill, Jerry Valley, Gill Boyne, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, Michael Breen. I am eternally indebted to their help and teachings.

As I became a hypnotherapist, a trainer of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists), a trainer of NLP, giving and training Stage Hypnosis, I too gained a good reputation, but the one thing that was missing was my voice that participants and clients could take away.

A good friend and colleague Lex McKee (Lex Studios) and I got together in his recording studio and produced the CD The Castle MP3. (Download by clicking here.)

The Castle a hypnotic journey of change by Phillip Holthere or visiting the web site .

The Castle MP3  The Castle a hypnotic journey of change by Phillip Holt

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