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I had contact from a Turkish lady I had met whilst giving courses in Turkey, and this course Learning English with NLP.

When I first met her, her English was quite poor, she would sit in the corner, her head lowered, and would not say much at all, although her loverly personality shone through.

She is a lady that takes care of her appearance, her looks. Her choice of clothes are well co-ordinated and of high quality. Whereas others would be in jeans and tee shirts, she would not be. She must have taken time in considering what to wear.

Her hair, long and blond, must have taken a long time to do in the morning.

Her makeup was like her clothes, carefully considered, matched with the whole appearance.

I initially thought that she would be a problem, one that perhaps did not really want to learn, was there for another reason. But as the time went by, I noticed that she really did want to learn, and that she was putting into practice what I was teaching, not only that, she was helping others to do the same, not by force, but by example.

I taught the my RAM (click for more) principle from my Memory Course. R to be relaxed, A to give attention, M to be motivated.

She attended all my sessions, including my relaxation sessions, or should I say hypnosis sessions, trying to be first to be able to get the bean bag cushion, or a couple of smaller cushions so she did not have to sit on a chair.

Whenever I spoke, in a session or at tea/coffee break, she hung on every word I said, and I could tell when she was having difficulty understanding, so that enabled me to modify my language content, so that she could understand me.

She knew what she wanted. I know she had a plan, she could see the outcome, she knows where she wants to be.

To continue her learning, she is to attend a course in England, in the south coast seaside resort of Bournemouth, starting in the next few months, and is due to last for six months.

In her messages, she asked for information. What is Bournemouth like, do I know the school she will attend, but especially, do I know anyone that can be available to help her if she needs it?

Well Bournemouth is a popular seaside town, especially in the summer months, but also popular with people at the end of their life, who retire there, as the air and temperature is good and warm most of the time.

Bournemouth in summertime, with steep cliffs to the rear.

Built on cliffs, there is a lot of climbing to do, from the beach with the walks and relaxing sea air, to the well appointed shops and restaurants in the town center, via well kept gardens, with plenty of seat to look at the views and to rest those tired legs.

Although there is a higher than the national average of “old age pensioners” in the town, there is also a growing number of students, which means there is good entertainment, nightlife, disco’s, bars. There is also an out of season influx of business people who will attend conferences in the well appointed hotels.

Like many south coast towns in the UK, schools and colleges have opened to cater for the worldwide appetite to learn English, some are small, some belonging to universities. There are thousands, so I do not know any to recommend or to talk about.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I will not be in England that much as I give courses around the world, and the pending departure to Malaysia. But, I do have a cousin near by, and friends and acquaintances in the area, perhaps one may volunteer just to be there, to give a helping hand.

Of course, I will be always available, albeit at a distance, to help, and if we find ourselves in the same town, I hope we can meet up, and have a drink or two. That is what friends are for.

Good luck Anit (tweety). Contact me if you need anything.

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