I will get my own back

Today I am still throwing away loads of stuff. Every day I seem to get rid of such a lot of stuff, and yet I find more and more.

As I was filing my old tax returns, I came across this drawing I did in 1986, and it got me thinking.

I have had some bad news. I have had some bad things happening to me. I have had people taking advantage of my better nature. I have had people not telling me the truth. Loads of Oh Poo Poo experiences.

Yes I feel hurt.

Should I take offense? Should I seek revenge? Should I get my own back?

No. It will only get me even further into a depressed state, enter into the dark abyss.

The drawing made me laugh, to see the funny side of life.

Just accept what comes to us, smile, life goes on. So make out of it what you can.

Good luck and enjoy.  See more jokes at http://blog.ohpoopoo.com/ (click to view)

Drawing by Phillip Holt 1986

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