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Relaxing in Antalya

My travels are not only work, although I do tend to fly into a country and immediately start training, and on the last day catch the next flight available to my next destination, so not much time for sightseeing, so it is good to have reasonable accommodation to rest my head and body.

Here in Antalya I have stayed in many hotels over the years, including the 7 star Rixos Premium Hotel in Belek, and the hotel I am now in is pleasant and comfortable, the Grida City Hotel. OK, not a 7 star, but the staff are very pleasant to me, and I sleep well.
Although quite a walk from the sea front, and situated on a busy road, I can relax and work in their garden under a cloudless sky, to  prepare myself for more courses I am scheduled to give. PhotoReading Friday 8th – 10th April 2011.

View from the Grida City Hotel, Antalya

Antalya, Southern Turkey

The beach on an April evening in Antalya, Turkey