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Superfilm, Gaziantep, learn Mind Maps.

A second visit to Gaziantep in Turkey to deliver courses, also gave me the opportunity to work with and train the management team of Superfilm again, part of the Sanko Group of companies again.

This time we covered memory skills and Mind Maps.

                                                        Mind Maps for Superfilm, Gaziantep Mind Maps for Superfilm, Gaziantep

Many companies around the world have implemented Mind Maps, some who have been trained by myself, like HSBC Bank in China, Global Communications, (Turkcell) in Turkey.

Also, I have taught Mind Maps in many universities, including Sheffield and Brunel in the UK to the students that are eager to increase their learning potential and memory skills.

Mind Maps

Mind Maps

People have often asked me what is a Mind Map as taught in the one day course.

Here is a simple Mind Map of some of the web sites I have under the “C4” classification. “C4” standing for SEE FOR whatever follows, so we have , ,, reading in a clockwise fashion to the last one
sample Mind Map for Phillip Holts web sites

We start off in the middle with a title or subject that they all belong too, each one, a separate subject matter under the heading of the main, branching out like branches of a tree.
Each branch will contain one word if applicable and possible, (not so with “National Guild of Hypnosis“, but this could have been abbreviated to NGH), and will sub divide as we expand the knowledge.

This can be seen with the main branch C4Coaching above coming out of the main heading C4MORE in the center, and then sub dividing into more branches, “1-2-1“, “Corporate” and “Executives“.

These sub branches are words or pictures which will associate ideas, facts in one word, and will lead to many more sub branches or associations.

A Mind Map should be colourful, and can contain pictures or drawings.

Contact me further if you would like more information or join one of my many courses around the world.

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Note:- Phillip Holt is a licensed trainer to Tony Buzan. index

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New Dates, New Trainings, New Beginnings

Today has been a sorting out day, my paperwork, my filing, my future courses, my car.

In the UK, we have to MOT our cars every year. MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport, and is a test of the road worthiness of a car over a certain age, and when complete, a test certificate is issued, allowing you to tax the car, thus being able to use the car on the UK highways.

Everything is computerised. The car has an identification, so the garage, conducting the tests of the lights, body, tires, brakes and emissions, etc, enters the details onto the Department of Transports computers.

I can then go on-line on my computer to the vehicle licensing computer of the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), enter a reference number, that computer checks that the car has the above MOT, and that the car has valid insurance, and before you can blink an eye, my credit card is £230.00 more into debt.

To pay for all this, the test, the license fee and tax, I need to work, and it is with regret that I have to part company with NLPGrup in Turkey as they have not been paying me for my work, although they have been paid by participants and companies.

So today I have been talking to more companies in Turkey and Bahrain for courses in the coming months.

Two companies in Turkey will be representing me, NLP-Time, and Gap Consultancy in the south of Turkey. Visit their web sites by clicking on their names for dates and courses.

In Bahrain I am talking to and will be working with Dr Leila Edwards of The MakeOver Experience, visit their site for more information and dates.

I will look forward working with these for me new companies, to meeting old and new participants and companies.

Like in Richmond Park, the trees have down times, when they have difficulties, the environment is not good, but that down time will be replaced by good times and new good growth, arising from the ashes will come the Phoenix.

Here I come.

Mind Maps NLP PhotoReading

PhotoReading – Is it Reading?

A comment was posted by Marius (click to see link) from I believe Romania, which said:-
    “In the photo reading I’m sceptically about the possibility to create meanings, understandings
    and links between the new knowledges and the old ones in the short time of readings.”

Firstly, PhotoReading is not reading in the conventional sense, but is a system, a whole mind system, and it has many stages, in fact five.

Let us firstly consider the human mind, how it accepts, absorbs, processes and retrieves information, as I have written in previous blogs. I will provide links where appropriate.

We can look at the work of George Miller and his assumption that the human mind can only accept 7+/-2 pieces of information at any one time, let me add, at a conscious level.   Read blog, click here.

Please note at a conscious level, because just like a camera captures the whole scene onto the film with the opening and closing of the shutter, so in the blink of the eye, the image that enters the lens of the eye, affects the rods and cones, the light receptors, at the back of the eye, which are then passed to visual cortex for processing by the brain.

Here the 7+/-2 principle takes effect, the NLP statement that the human brain deletes, distorts and generalises information, that as an iceberg, we are only consciously aware of what is above the surface level. Yet, the information has entered the brain, and at some level has had an effect on the brain.

Yes, we are not consciously aware of it. The course of PhotoReading teaches you how to access this information, to go below the surface level.

So, there are five stages to PhotoReading, there is the :-

            Prepare  getting yourself and the book or material ready, especially yourself with a good purpose.
            Preview  getting an overview, an outline of the information.
            PhotoRead / page turning  absorbing the information into the inner mind. A page a second.
            Activation  using techniques to access, to bring to the conscious level desired knowledge.
            Rapid Read  to get a greater comprehension by going through the whole book, front to back.

Although the page turning at a page a second, or absorbing 20,000 – 30,000 words per minute (WPM), may take only a few minutes, the whole process will take as long as you require, perhaps three hours, including Mind Mapping (click to see web site) the results, for the purpose you have.

Not only do you learn the processes, but also learn relaxation techniques, to help the brain to absorb, process and retrieve information from the inner mind.

To make an understanding of any received information, in any of the modalities V,A,K,O or G, we have to go on the transderivational search, which accesses previously learned information, or old memory or neuron pathways. From this transderivational search, new information is linked to old learnings, even at the subconscious level.

By going through the processes 4 and 5 of the PhotoReading above, these old and new memory/neuron pathways and links or associations are reinforced.

As a trainer, it is my task to remove skepticism, low esteem, and inappropriate beliefs, to give confidence to do the system and to use it.

In NLP it is believed that if others can do something, then you can too. 

                                                Try it, you might like it.

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Another trip to Turkey

Today I have finalised my plans for my next trip to Turkey to give training in NLP, Mind Maps and Memory skills.

The dates – should you wish to attend – will be:-

            NLP Practitioner (Society of NLP)   11th – 17th August 2007.
            Mind Maps                                      18th August 2007.
            Memory Skills                                 19th August 2007. 

More details can be found on the NLPGrup web site

I love my work, as I meet so many people, and together we go on a journey of discovery of how we as humans interact with and communicate with the world around us, and how we interact with ourselves. Yes interact with ourselves, with our inner mind and our conscious mind.

As we take the journey, changes happen, they have to, as every experience we encounter will have influence upon the way we understand the world, how we interpret what is happening to us, meeting new people, seeing new sights, hearing news sounds, tasting new tastes.

For some it will be a new journey, like taking an overnight bus trip to far of lands, taking a cruise ship across the oceans, or catching a flight to different countries and cultures.

Some will come across experiences that will amaze them, some will come across experiences that will shock them. It is these experiences that enrich our lives, they give us the learning to be able to cope with our future life, to see things in perspective about our previous life.

I love taking this journey with the participants, as it is like helping someone to cross a road, we also have to cross the road with them.

For me the journey we will take is a well trodden one, I have done it so many times, and it is a joyous journey, one that I also enjoy finishing, because I know I will feel good at the end.

Just like my flight to Istanbul on Friday, the journey may be difficult. There will be procedures I will have to go through, booking-in, security, there may be turbulence in the flight, the food may not be to my liking, and I do not know who or what will be waiting for me at Istanbul Antaturk airport.

One thing is for certain, the clock will continue to tick, time will not stop. The time in Turkey as I write this blog may be 12:00 mid day, people may be eating their lunch, but here in London it is only 10:00 in the morning, I have only just had breakfast.

Time as we perceive it, is only relative to our own place in space. We must learn to enjoy what we have now, for do we know what is at the end of our journey?

Let us plan for a good outcome on our journey together.

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Business Matters TV program in Sri Lanka

In 2003 I travelled to Columbo in Sri Lankato give courses in NLP, PhotoReading, Mind Maps, and was asked to take part in a TV program called Business Matters, hosted Parakrama Dissanayake.

The podcast TV progam lasts about ten minutes and will take a little time to download depending on internet speed. Enjoy.

For those wishing to take part in future courses in Sri Lanka, please visit the web site or contact Maxwell de Silva or Hemantha Wickremasinghe on SRI LANKA 011 2345257.

Memory Mind Maps NLP PhotoReading Travels Videos

Preview of a TV program with Phillip Holt in Sri Lanka

In 2003, I appeared on Sri Lanka’s TV program called Business Matters with Parakrama Dissanayake, talking about NLP, PhotoReading, Mind Maps and how to achieve excellence.

This is a preview, whilst I load the whole program.


Download podcast now (click).

Hypnosis Memory Mind Maps NLP PhotoReading Recommendation Turkish

A Recommenn in Turkish ( Türkçe ) for the courses I do by Mine Balik

A recommendation from Mine Balik for some of the courses I do in Turkey.

Mine has translated some of the Meta Model (Click to view) into Turkish, Türkçe, on this site.

Thank you.


Mind Maps Recommendation Turkish

Recommendation for Phillip Holt’s Mind Maps Türkçe – Turkish

Sahika Alkan

A recommendation for Phillip Holt’s training in Mind Maps. Türkçe – Turkish

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Coaching Memory Mind Maps NLP PhotoReading Recommendation Stage Hypnosis Turkish

A Recommendation by Elif Canan Onat

An interesting talk about myself, Phillip Holt, by the Turkish broadcaster and University lecturer E lif Canan Onat.

Elif has requested that I remove this Youtube entry.

I always think I am normal. To me I am anyway.

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