NLP Practitioner, VICENZA, Italy

I love my work, and it was an honour to accept an invitation to be part of the training team of NLP Italy to present an NLP Practitioner course in Vicenza.

My journey had started in the UK at 4am to catch the early morning flight, BA2596, to Italy, I was tired, but I knew I would be able to sleep in the afternoon once in the hotel in Vicenza. My two day session did not start until the next day.

I arrived early in Verona, a town I had previously given courses in over the past few weeks. See entry My trip to Verona as a tourist. I was to be picked-up and taken to the venue, the Jolly Hotel Vicenza by Raffaele Tovazzi, at 1:30pm, so I had quite a wait.

Jolly Hotel Tiepolo, Vicenza

On arrival in Italy, I decided to travel into Verona town center, and sit in the town square next to the Arena.

The weather was warm, and the locals sat talking in small groups on the public benches, lovers arm in arm, families just being together. People would come and go, and it seemed to be a very social atmosphere. I joined them, sitting enjoying the morning sun, just observing the interaction between people, the tourists being amazed at the ancient buildings. It was a few hours of pure relaxation which I have not done for a long time.

Verona Arena Square

Eventually, I thought that really I should get some exercise, and get some lunch, as I was to be picked-up at 1:30pm.

Sitting in the restaurant, again just observing life passing me by, I had a telephone call, Raffaele was already in Verona, and as I was to be in the hotel the course was to be held, would I do that afternoons session.

Why not?

It was the start of a fantastic two and a half days. Superbly assisted and translated by Raffaele and Elena Martelli, we weaved our way from subject to subject of the NLP Practitioner requirements. We had messages asking me to change the plan of what I was to teach, so the other coming trainers could cover the subjects themselves. No problems I was on cloud nine, I was in the flow, I was enjoying the interaction between the participants, my translator Elena and myself.

Phillip Holt with Elena Martelli

The participants were a joy to work with, as they were so responsive, initially taken aback I think my style of training compared to the first trainer they had. But, this would only help them, seeing and working with different trainers to understand NLP even better.

So thank you participants, you helped me provide you with the training I wanted for you, and remember, you must practice, and try new things, new ideas, as you never know you might like it.

NLP Practitioner course Vicenza, September 2008

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