Stage Hypnosis

Over the years I have met some wonderful stage hypnotists, and have had the honour to work and be trained by many of them, including, Paul McKenna, Ormond Magill, Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee and Paul Goldin.

From their input I have become a Stage Hypnotist myself, appearing on TV and stage.

From this knowledge I give a Course on Stage Hypnosis, a course I love, and one that has run now for a number of years.

I have recently completed a course in Istanbul on Stage Hypnosis, and it was a wonderful experience for me to be amongst participants who may never put a live show on stage, but who were eager to learn new skills and hone their hypnosis skills.

Practice hypnotic inductions for the stage hypnosis course in Istanbul.

Oh it is so cold, some of the stars of the show feeling the cold weather, Istanbul.

Stars of a hypnosis stage show in trance following the hypnotists instructions, Istanbul.

Keep up the good work, I am sorry we could not have more on the course. Next time come to Istanbul to learn Stage Hypnosis.

The next Stage Hypnosis course will be held in London,  Saturday and Sunday, 20-21 September 2008.

You can book and pay for your place on the web site  

More information telephone UK  (+44) 08451306213 .

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