PhotoReading – Is it Reading?

A comment was posted by Marius (click to see link) from I believe Romania, which said:-
    “In the photo reading I’m sceptically about the possibility to create meanings, understandings
    and links between the new knowledges and the old ones in the short time of readings.”

Firstly, PhotoReading is not reading in the conventional sense, but is a system, a whole mind system, and it has many stages, in fact five.

Let us firstly consider the human mind, how it accepts, absorbs, processes and retrieves information, as I have written in previous blogs. I will provide links where appropriate.

We can look at the work of George Miller and his assumption that the human mind can only accept 7+/-2 pieces of information at any one time, let me add, at a conscious level.   Read blog, click here.

Please note at a conscious level, because just like a camera captures the whole scene onto the film with the opening and closing of the shutter, so in the blink of the eye, the image that enters the lens of the eye, affects the rods and cones, the light receptors, at the back of the eye, which are then passed to visual cortex for processing by the brain.

Here the 7+/-2 principle takes effect, the NLP statement that the human brain deletes, distorts and generalises information, that as an iceberg, we are only consciously aware of what is above the surface level. Yet, the information has entered the brain, and at some level has had an effect on the brain.

Yes, we are not consciously aware of it. The course of PhotoReading teaches you how to access this information, to go below the surface level.

So, there are five stages to PhotoReading, there is the :-

            Prepare  getting yourself and the book or material ready, especially yourself with a good purpose.
            Preview  getting an overview, an outline of the information.
            PhotoRead / page turning  absorbing the information into the inner mind. A page a second.
            Activation  using techniques to access, to bring to the conscious level desired knowledge.
            Rapid Read  to get a greater comprehension by going through the whole book, front to back.

Although the page turning at a page a second, or absorbing 20,000 – 30,000 words per minute (WPM), may take only a few minutes, the whole process will take as long as you require, perhaps three hours, including Mind Mapping (click to see web site) the results, for the purpose you have.

Not only do you learn the processes, but also learn relaxation techniques, to help the brain to absorb, process and retrieve information from the inner mind.

To make an understanding of any received information, in any of the modalities V,A,K,O or G, we have to go on the transderivational search, which accesses previously learned information, or old memory or neuron pathways. From this transderivational search, new information is linked to old learnings, even at the subconscious level.

By going through the processes 4 and 5 of the PhotoReading above, these old and new memory/neuron pathways and links or associations are reinforced.

As a trainer, it is my task to remove skepticism, low esteem, and inappropriate beliefs, to give confidence to do the system and to use it.

In NLP it is believed that if others can do something, then you can too. 

                                                Try it, you might like it.

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