Again Sleep Eludes Me

After finishing a two day training in the Bosch company near Izmir, Turkey, I had not heard from the company who organises my trainings in Turkey as to where I was to stay in Istanbul. I was to return straight after the finish of the course on the 9:15pm Friday flight to Istanbul, and start another course 9am Saturday.
I arrived in Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, and still no message as to a hotel where I am to stay.

I called a friend, and asked for a bed for the night. But now I find myself wide awake at 3am in the morning. I will be in no fit state to start a nine day course. I am just like the previous night, fighting with my internal mind, and no sleep. If only I could talk to someone. 

On top of that, there are a lot of outstanding fees for my training sessions.

This is the last straw.

I cannot carry on working for nothing, and living on the streets.

So I go on the internet to answer my emails. and notice more invitations to join Facebook, a site that people join as a community, to link with other friends.

I am amazed how addictive it has become to many people. It seems to have taken over their lives.

It is the same as MSN chat lines or SMS mobile telephone messages. It seems that people would rather communicate in cyberspace, not to speak face to face with other people, even when they are sitting opposite to them.

It seems that people spend hours on Facebook, not communicating in the real world, but to virtual friends. Perhaps they neglect to do their normal day to day tasks, maybe, their work suffers, or relationships too.

How often are we absorbed in our own world (or cyberworld), and fail to see reality, the real world around us?

How often have we failed consider the people who rely on us for work we must do, commitments we must honour, friends and colleagues we should have paid attention to?

How often have we overlooked those that love us, that are near and dear to us, that want to give their affection, and dream of getting love and affection back?

Perhaps too often. It is only when we loose these loved ones, friends and colleagues that we realise how we have become so obsessed and addicted to the unreal world, of TV, video games and the internet.

Sleep well world. I will now go and play on Facebook.

And, I apologise to the one or two people who will not be seeing me tomorrow.

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