Nobody loves me

One of the worse aspects of my job is the time I have to spare between my training courses and presentations.

Due to cancellations in Turkey of an NLP course, (sorry folks), I find myself back in the UK, all alone, nobody to speak to, just the salespeople on the telephone, trying to sell me advertising space, new windows, home and car insurance, or the cashier waiting to take my money.

Oh Poo Poo, nobody loves me.

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So, I have to do my own washing, shirts, socks, underwear.

I have to strip the bed, Wash the sheets.

After washing, I have to iron.

I have to prepare my meals. Well actually I have been cheating, getting talk-aways.

I have to clear up after myself, unpack my suitcase, make the bed, do the washing-up, vacuum and dust.

I have had too much time to reflect on what could have been.

It is all too much, I just want to cry.

So, I have time to myself. Great.

I have played with electronics, to get Slingbox to output to a normal television anywhere I am in the world, allowing me to watch my English home TV.

I have been able to catch-up on reading and research on new subjects.

I have had time to become a Master Trainer of Tony Buzan’s iMindMaps.

I have had time to go into a retreat, to reevaluate myself.

I have had time to check my health out, to have my smiley eyesight reviewed.

It is not all that bad, it is the way I look at my time.

Perhaps somebody does love me?

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