Weatherseal Windows, do you think I am stupid?

Back in January 2008 I wrote a blog about Weatherseal Windows titled Did I upset you? Unwanted telephone calls. I was receiving telephone call after telephone call after telephone call, trying to sell me more replacement windows, a patio door or a conservatory. Very useful for the flat, especially as it is on the 2nd floor.

Today they started again. A telephone call.

The caller with a French accent, told me that I was due a rebate on the windows that were installed in 1999.

After nine years? I asked.

That was because they placed a sign outside when they were installing the windows, and from that Weatherseal Windows had four recommendations, and thus I was entitled to 5% commission.

Well I know no sign was place anywhere, and no photographs were taken by Weatherseal Windows, and I certainly would not recommend Weatherseal Windows.

But no, the salesman was adamant that I was entitled to 5% commission, and that I would get a letter in the next week confirming this.

Come on Weatherseal Windows I was not born yesterday. What’s the catch.

All the salesman wanted me to do was if in the next few years I wanted anymore work done, a patio, a conservatory, new door, please PLEASE consider Weatherseal Windows.

OK I would consider you Weatherseal Windows if I wanted to put a conservatory half way up the side of a building.

Being nice I did not say that, but on being asked if there was something I might consider in the future, I thought why not a garage door. I have not got a garage, but perhaps in the future I may get one for my Mazda RX7 car.

He admitted that they did not make garage doors, but perhaps I could have a normal door plus a patio door.

Are you stupid Mr Weatherseal Windows salesman?

OK I said.

Then I was asked, had I seen the brown Weatherseal Windows vans in the area today?


Well they are in the area, and they would like to visit me this afternoon to give me a quote.

        “Sorry I am going out NOW.

Then this evening?

        “No, I will not be back until 11pm.

We will be with you at 9am tomorrow then.

        “No I will be catching a 6am flight.


Then you are not eligible to the 5% commission.” and the telephone went dead.

Weatherseal Windows take me off your data base, I do not like your sales tactics, trying to get a salesman into my home.

Oh I am getting grumpy in my old age.