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Traveling to Bahrain and being in this Kingdom off the East coast of Saudi Arabia was a fantastic experience, but I did not see much of this interesting country.

From the vantage point from the roof of the hotel I was staying and giving the training in, I got an impression of the environment. A modern country, still being developed at a high rate, with a high level of foreign workers. Even the police seemed to be foreign, and I was told not good Arabic speakers.

There were parts of the Kingdom of Bahrain I did not see, and thus are not shown here, and I understand that some of those parts are very, very poor, leading to unrest, which I had never heard of.

    Bahrain is a modern country with new buildings  Bahrain is a modern country with new buildings

Very new, modern buildings are being built, extending out from the city center. This one near to an exhibition center seen on the left of the picture. 

                    Not a hill in sight in Bahrain Not a hill in sight in Bahrain

From the roof of the hotel I could not see one hill, Bahrain seems so flat, but I am assured that there is one hill on the Kingdom island.

                                    Flat roof of Middle Eastern homes Flat roof of Middle Eastern homes

The flat roofs of the houses in sharp contrast to the tiled roofs of the UK, but then there is not much need in Bahrain of inverted “V” roofs due to lake of snow and rain.

                                                            A sand footballpitch in Bahrain A good sand football pitch

                                                                                 Not so good football pitch Not so good pitch

A football pitch near to the hotel, not a blade of grass to be seen. I remember playing a game of football whilst I was based in Saudi Arabia on a similar pitch. It was the most difficult game I have ever played in, I seemed to sink to my knees in the sand as I tried to move or kick the ball, which did not bounce or run as it would on grass. We, an expatriate side, lost the match against a Saudi national side.