Father Christmas on his Sleigh

Not only this year was I Father Christmas at the Rotary Club’s Christmas Tree in Kingston upon Thames, but also for one night I was Santa on the sleigh driven through local neighbourhoods correcting donations door to door to go into funds to help local charities and people.

Phillip Holt as Santa on his Sleigh with the Rotary Club of Kingston upon Thames
The night started with the temperature a little cold and no wind, but as the night progressed, the wind started and got stronger, and the rain came down, but it did not dampen the spirits of the fellow Rotarians knocking on doors for the annual collection.
Young and old came to their doors, stood at their windows to wave at Santa.
Some children came to the sleigh to talk to Santa, to ask him to leave a special present for them on Christmas Day.
It was not until we finished the evening and we were packing up, that I noticed how cold it was and have heavy the rain was.

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