Robert Wheatley Mayor of Fishguard and Goodwick 2010

I have not seen so much metalwork being worn for many a year.

The occasion was “The Making of the Mayor” for Fishguard and Goodwick, two towns on the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Fishguard and Goodwick 2010

Councillor Mayor Bob Wheatley and Laiyng, with other dignitaries.


Bob, (Robert) Wheatley, has been elected as Mayor for Fishguard and Goodwick for 2010, and the day was a celebration, the the start of his time in office, and along with his wife, Laiyng Wheatley, the Mayoress, friends family, other dignitaries, councilors and Mayors and Mayoress’s of other local towns, all wearing their chains and robes of office, a service was shared at the local church followed by a reception at the Fishguard Bay Hotel .

Welsh people are a proud people, having warm hearts and a very welcoming nature, and it was a shock for me to be walking through the narrow streets of Goodwick, and every person I meet, said hello to me. In London, I could go days without speaking or greeting a single person. 

The Welsh also have their own language, and as those who know me know, language and me do not agree, I speak only English. Part of the service was sung and spoken in Welsh, and thus for part I was lost.


It was a pleasure to witness my long term friend take the office of Mayor, and present himself adequately, no, in fact handsomely, with the speeches he made during the evening, all made from his heart.

I have know Bob and Laiyng for many years, and their warm hearts, their kindness, their never failing hardwork and sincerity will serve them and the community of Fishguard and Goodwick well for 2010.

I wish them well.

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