Beauty is only Skin Deep

Was today a waste of time?

For some time now, I had been asked to attend an exhibition at London’s ExCel Exhibition and Conference Center, and I could not make my mind up if the subject matter was appropriate for me.

In the end, I decided to go to Professional Beauty London, which is, quote, “the ideal place to meet therapists, nail technicians, hairdressing and beauty salon owners, tanning salons and freelance / mobile therapists looking to source new suppliers and benefit from great deals”.

Well I do therapy, so why not, I may learn something, and it was a chance to be with a colleague.

I should have known it was not for me as soon as I got on the DLR train, it was full of excited young girls, obviously from a college going to the exhibition. But, I had come this far, being delayed by slow trains and cold, I may as well continue, and anyway I had made arrangements to meet someone there.

As soon as I got inside the hall, my suspicions were confirmed, this was not for me, but I did stay long enough to fight my way around the crowded aisles, of eager young girls, some in their health and beauty uniforms, their name badges hanging around their necks, craning to see the latest hair extension stand, the many nail specialists, the waxing treatments, the spray bronzing equipment, and other painful looking treatments on show.

At 95 (ho ho, I am not really 95) years of age, I do not think makeup will help me become more attractive or look any younger. I did not see any hair extensions in gray, and I have enough hair on my head to keep me warm, so I do not need a wig. My nails would look rather strange with flowers or birds painted on the, and I do not like pain so I am happy with having hair on my legs and my other private parts, and would not like waxing.

My friend was totally absorbed by the experience and enjoying every minute, but all I could think of was each hair being pulled off my leg, oh the agony.

I made my excuses and left, leaving those others behind, buying, learning, absorbing information relative to them, and perhaps some of those attending could pick-up some tips on becoming beautiful, because they needed help in their make-up application.

Me I am happy on my journey, how I look, and what has been given to me, as people can take me as I am, and yes I did see some well made-up females, in English we say that they “looked the bees knees“, looked really great.

But then I thought, I wonder what they are really like, what is their personality like, would I get on with such a person?

How would they compare to the little tubby girl next to her, with no make-up, spots on the face, hair askew, and with hairy legs?

Um, beauty is only skin deep.

The exhibition was the same, on the surface and on paper it looked good, but when I got involved, it was not for me. For others it was the greatest adventure they had taken, it was for them.

Sometimes we take a road that keeps promising us the world, happiness, security, wealth, and we get taken in by promises and hold on with expectation, but we eventually find that road is not for us, no matter how it is made-up to look good, and then we have to change direction. If not, it will lead to heartbreak and unhappiness, be it a job, a relationship, a holiday or an exhibition.

I am happy on my journey, doing what I do, who I am and how I look. But that is my Cat on the Mat, my view of the world, and in my world I am warm and cuddly.