Great Italian food

It is not that I like Italian food above any other countries food, or that I would seek Italian food before English, Chinese, Indian etc.

For a start the Italians eat too much grass, or salads, for my liking, also I find the breakfast rather limiting, but then I do like a full English breakfast of bacon, fried eggs, sausage, mushrooms, fried tomato, fried bread and baked beans, washed down with a cup of tea with milk.

But I do love Italian food, especially the ice cream from Jack Frost in Milan, (click for directions), for me the best I have ever tasted and a must to visit on my many trips to the City of Milano.
It is their pizzas that I also love.
There is so many different toppings to choose from, that I am sure I could visit a pizzeria every day of the year, and still have a different choice to make.
I can order a pizza in any other country I visit, especially the UK, and know that later I will suffer from acid indigestion. In Italy, I have no problems, well just one.
My main problem with an Italian pizza is that it is so large, hanging off the plate on all sides. No wonder I cannot loose weight.

An enormous Italian pizza in Bologna, by Phillip Holt
An enormous Italian pizza in Bologna

Oh by the way, I have not had a full English breakfast for many years, rather eating a healthy cereal meal, but still with and English cup of tea with milk.

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