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Some people may not know what PhotoReading is. The PhotoReading Whole Mind System allows the practitioner or PhotoReader to absorb information at 20,000 – 30,000 WPM (words per minute), into the sub conscious mind. At a conscious level the PhotoReader  is not aware of what they have read, although they may get a feeling, some emotions resulting from this early stage.. This is at the “fast page turning” stage.

It is once the information is absorbed, the page turning, into the inner mind, into the sub conscious mind, that the PhotoReader will activate the absorbed information, which will require normal “input” to gain access to this information, to the purpose and level wanted.

My job as an International Trainer of PhotoReading is to give the participants the skills, confidence and support to do the whole process, the Whole Mind System

Some participants want miracles, and expect the information contained within the whole book/s to be in their consciousness, the knowing mind, to be aware of in just a few minutes of turning pages. No, PhotoReading requires work.

A great Italian I work with, Gianni Golfera (click to visit his web site), a man with a great memory, who teaches his skills to the world, and he can remember 256 books, word for word, he has the skills to do that. But, he has had to learn those skills, strategies, he has to work at it. Gianni also PhotoReads when required and is appropriate for his purpose.

I personally do not have the time or desire to argue with, convince people, change their mind about if PhotoReading works or does not work when delivering a course. For some people it is appropriate and works, for others it not appropriate. If it is my own sponsored or arranged course, I will refund their money on the first day should the participant feel that the course is not for them.  If people come with the attitude that PhotoReading will not work, then that is their belief. So be it.

An “example” of PhotoReading can be seen on YouTube (click to view) when Darren Brown PhotoReads the Oxford English Dictionary and gives correctly specific words which are contained on a page and line picked at “random”  by a person.  This program is filmed in the British Library which is said to contain 16 million books. Out of these 16 million books this person is asked to pick one at “random”, which Darren Brown then PhotoReads and answers specific questions.

I would like to say that I love the work of Darren Brown, but he is a Mentalist, an Illusionist, a Magician, he has studied NLP, hypnotism, psychology. Darren is a showman. There is a lot of video editing in this clip, lots of off screen work, with loads of misdirection given to the librarian on and off camera. Darren Brown openly admits that he is using “magic tricks” to make his programs.

Real PhotoReading? No.

Does the American David Copperfield or the British Paul Daniels really make an elephant disappear? No. But some people believe he really has. (click here to see video)

Is Darren Brown debunking PhotoReading? Who cares if the real system works, and it does, as so many of participants off my courses and from other trainers courses have proved around the world.

My next courses will be held in Italy (early March, Rome and Milan contact Gianni Golfera), Bahrain (dates to be confirmed), Turkey (dates to be confirmed for Gaziantep and Istanbul). Email me for dates.

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