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Two Phillip Holt’s

Over the last couple of days, news has come to me that I am in two places at the same time.

How can that be?

There seems to be two of me.

There is the one in my shoes now giving training, and another one here in Istanbul, Turkey, who is teaching hypnosis.

I became confused as I know which one is me, I am in my shoes, and my feet hurt, so I know it is me.

Perhaps my feet hurt because there is someone else getting in my shoes at the same time.

There has always been ‘Little Phillip‘ trainers, people who have been on my courses and copied what I do, and then deliver the same courses, often word for word, even using my same stories or metaphors and jokes, but this is different.

A person calling themselves Phillip Holt, is delivering hypnosis in courses.

The strange thing is this person is Turkish. Surely they must realise that ‘Phillip Holt is not a Turkish name, and the participants will realise that something strange is going on.

Just in case the person wants to copy me even more, he should make his hair grey, grow a beard, age a little, speak English with a British accent, and put on some weight.

Just in case he does not know what I look like this is a picture of me.

The real Phillip Holt