Stage Hypnosis course starts

It is 6am, and I am up ready to start after daze of preparations to start my two day Stage Hypnosis course.

Even at this late hour people are joining the course.

I only like a small number of participants, so that I can work on a near 1-2-1 basis, training the new people all the skills they will need to start in a career of Stage Hypnosis if they wish.

Some participants have never been hypnotised before, some are very experienced in the art of hypnosis.

Whatever, many previous participants have gone on to become full stage performers.

It will be good to see some old faces, people who have worked with me before, been on previous courses, work with me on other issues, and new faces.

It will be fun but hard work.

So, thank you for all the good wishes I have received.

Oh, I love my work.

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