A visit with Vanessa

This week I was lucky to meet-up with my daughter Vanessa for a couple of days.

We did something I longed to do for a long time, in fact two things, one, to take a guided bus ride around London to see the sights, and two, go on the London Eye.

Although I think I have seen most of London, living and working in the area for some years, I have discovered what I know bit by bit, and perhaps, well I know, missed a lot.

I was well pleased with the quality of service provided by The Original London Transport Sightseeing Tour, which included a river Thames cruise to Greenwich, the place where East meets West, the Greenwich Meridian Line.

Another longing I wanted was to go on the London Eye sitting on the River Thames, the London Eye is a unique, rising high above London’s skyline at 135 metres. Creating the tallest observation wheel in the world.

Having had a great phobia of heights, which was taken away by a good friend and fellow NLPer, John Brown, but I had really never had a good challenge to test it out.

It worked.

he houses of Parliament from the London Eye The houses of Parliament from the London Eye

                            Vanessa Holt on the London Eye Vanessa holt on the London Eye

                                                London Eye Pods high over London London Eye Pods high over London