If something is going to happen it will, or the fact is we are drawn together, people, article or matter in some way.

In a previous blog article War of the Worlds – H.G. Wells, Jeff Wayne I wrote:-

Synchronicity. The release of human possibilities. Breaking free of limits. It will happen if it should happen.

C.G. Jung describes synchronicity as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the possibility of chance is involved.”

I had planned an article which I published this morning 21st July 2007 at 0100 hours, 1 o’clock in the morning, or 1am titled To empty my Brain where I write about Slingbox, Skype and the new internet TV service Joost. The article had been written for some days, but the timing to publish was not right until this Saturday morning. I had set the publication date in the software.

As people will know, I love new technology, new ideas, and I have to be there first, try it out, use it, I want to learn, I can see applications for these new ideas to solve some problem, or to help me in some way.

Internet TV is an area I have played with for sometime. I am away from home a lot in different parts of the world, and to relax in strange beds and rooms, to relax and switch my brain off is often difficult. To read if I have time or especially watch TV, is one way for me to relax and switch off.

Foreign TV is very often frustrating, especially as I do not know the language, or do not understand the program content, what is happening. That is where Slingbox and Joost come in, it enables me if I have free internet access, I refuse to pay the high costs of hotel internet access, to watch British, English language TV.

The yesterday afternoon, Friday, I received from the BBC an invitation to join their Beta testing of a new service they are soon to launch on the internet, called BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer will be a service which enables enrolled subscribers to download a range of BBC television programmes to the PC from the last seven days. BBC iPlayer Beta is currently open to a limited number of people in a closed environment, although it will launch in Open Beta to the public on July 27.

It is strange that they contact me.

How did they know of my interest?

Are they watching me?

Strange how we are drawn together. It happens to me such a lot.

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