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The Meta Model looks at the language patterns we make, which are made at the surface level (click to read) to recover the deleted information.

Predicates are process words indicating how and what representational systems we are using.

When we process information we will represent or code the information internally using our senses which are known as our representational systems or rep system.

The main rep systems are Visual (V), Auditory (A), Kinsaesthetic (K), with the other minor two, Olfactory (O) and Gustatory (G). Also we have Auditory Digital or Internal Dialog, people talking to themselves.

When we communicate this stored internal information we will use process words, verbs, adverbs and adjectives to identify the rep systems we are using to process the information. These process words are know as Predicates.

By understanding what Representational Systems people are communicating in, we can gain Rapport and communicate better.

Predicates can be further recognised when used in conjunction with Eye Accessing Cues (click to view).




Bright, Dim, Colour, Black and White, Focused, Far, Near, Clear, View, Look

Loud, Soft, Hear, Sounds, Sing, Tell, Tone, Faint, Harmonious, Listen, Talk

Feeling, Feel, Hot, Cold, Cool, Firm, Weight, Light, Heavy, Touch
I see what you say. I hear what you say. I get a feeling of what you are saying.
He looked after us. Clear as a bell. I have a feeling for it.
Look here do you understand me? It is music to my ears. To get to grips with.
Show me what you mean. We are on the same wavelength. He is a pain in the neck.
I understand, I get the picture. That sounds right to me. Do it one step at a time.
Everything went blank. He voiced his opinion. He seems under pressure.




Smell, Perfume, Odour, Fishy, Fragrant, Pungent, Smoky, Whiff

Sweet, Spicy, Juicy, Flavour, Salty, Bitter, Taste

Understand, Decide, Know, Perceive, Learn, Consider
This does not smell right to me. I am getting a flavour for this. I understand you.
It smells fishy, there is something wrong. It was a bitter pill to take. I have to decide what to do.
I get a whiff something is not correct. She seems a tasty girl. I must consider all my options.
What you said sounds fishy. What he did to me left a bitter taste in my mouth. I want to learn to do this.
She smelt good to me. It makes my mouth water. I think you are correct.
There was a pungent odour that was not right. I want a sweet meal tonight. I know I can do this.

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