NLP Now – The META MODEL Cause and Effect


The Meta Model looks at the language patterns we make, which are made at the surface level (click to read) to recover the deleted information.

Cause and Effect is the implied implication that one thing has a direct effect on another, by doing one thing it will cause another thing to happen, but there is no evidence to support or demonstrate that statement.
Words that may be heard with a Cause and Effect statement could be:-

            “makes, because, then, since, so”

An example of a Cause and Effect statement:-

            “It is your fault she left you because you did not like her chocolate cake.”

This could be challenged by:-

            “What makes you think that she left me because of her chocolate cake?”


            “You do not love me any more because you do not buy me flowers.”


            “Why do you believe me not buying you flowers means I do not love you? You suffer from hay fever.”

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