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Waves of relaxation

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I love moving water, especially the sea.

What wondrous sights, of animals, people, things appear as my imagination runs riot, in the never to be seen again formations of waves washing the beaches.

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On a training trip to Sri Lanka, I relaxed, by watching the sea.

The Streets are Paved with Gold

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What a lovely day in the UK. Sunny, warm, summer like, the trees are in full bloom, and leaves rapidly opening on all the trees.

Blossom adorn the trees with such beauty, the streets are rich with colour, rich with gold.

Cherry Blossom in Norbiton Hall gardens
Cherry Blossom in Norbiton Hall gardens

I walked down to the bank in the town center of Kingston upon Thames, my daily exercise, and to those that have worked with me, I played with my sausage, Phillip’s Sausage.

As I played with my sausage, making it bigger and smaller, I was amazed at the sights, sounds, smells I observed, and my inner feelings made me feel good.

It was then that I noticed a penny laying on the pavement. I picked it up. Not 100 meters further, there was a five pence piece laying on the pavement.

Where do these coins come from?

I save these coins, and put them into a jar upon my return home. I wait until I have £100 (Pounds Sterling), and then I buy a National Savings Premium Bond.

The British government has for over fifty years been offering these bonds at £1 each. They do not pay interest, but when you want to get your money back, you sell them back to the Government. You do not loose money. Yes I know about inflation, but it is only a pound.

Every and each month the nice Premium Bond people use Ernie the computer, to place all the bonds into a draw, and Ernie picks random bond numbers as winners of money.

So all the money that people throw away become a bond, and yes I have won.

So the streets where you live are paved with gold. It is there. Use all your senses, you have been missing a lot.


Those who have never seen my sausage or Phillip’s Sausageshould attend one of my courses, I will show you. 

Lottery tickets only go into one draw, then you loose your money. Tax? 

Mocking Birds Dancing and life on the Galapagos Archipelago

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My travels have taken me not quite to the four corners of the world, but not far off. Recently we made a visit to Peru, with an extension trip to the Galapagos Archipelago.

These ten island just south of the Equator, being of volcanic origin are situated some hundreds of miles off the Ecuador coast, in the middle of the Pacific, and offer an experience of beauty, with animals not showing any fear of man, we become the watched, the outsiders in another world.

This is the place where Charles Darwin in the early 1800’s, sailing in his boat the Beagle, came upon his Theory of Evolution. It was on these islands that he saw fauna and wildlife not seen anywhere else on the earth, where life had adapted to the surroundings and environment.

With not much rain, built of volcanic rock, the landscape was like a moonscape, not having much green vegetation, it was a privilege to be within and part of this world. I had seen more colonies of seals off the coast of the UK or Peru, bigger flocks of flamingo’s – thousands in a lagoon south of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, to the handful in Galapagos, but never had I been so close to nature.

In the early morning heat, we walked on a pristine beach, which only hours earlier had been visited by turtles, pulling themselves up from the sea to lay their eggs in the sand. On the rocks or lava flows, the cold blooded Iguana looking like dragons, warmed themselves in the sun, ready to dive into the sea to eat sea-weed (Ulvae).

Tracks left by turtles returning to sea after laying their eggs in the Galapagos Islands
in the Galapagos Islands
Cold blooded Iguana looking like dragons in the Galapagos IslandsCold blooded Iguana looking like dragons
on the Galapagos Islands

To walk with the giant tortoises protected in the Darwin Research Center, hearing how man by introducing other species to sustain their food supplies, had put at risk the sub species, and how the locals and authorities where trying with success to remove these unwanted “invaders”.

on the Galapagos Islands

Bird life was rich, with birds nesting on the pathways marked out and strictly adhered to by all visitors to preserve the rich unique life on the Archipelago. The Blue Footed Booby was a must to see, seen nowhere else but here.

Blue Footed Booby
on the Galapagos Islands

We walked on the beach with the seals, who had no fear of man, we respected that this was their world, we were being allowed to share with them these special islands, and it is not our place to change their world. The seals were as much interested in us as we were with them, and it was them that came to us to smell, look at and to feel us, the invaders.

Seals on the Galapagos IslandsSeals on the Galapagos Islands
  Wildlife shows no fear of humans on the Galapagos IslandsWildlife shows no fear of humans
on the Galapagos Islands

We watched dancing Mocking Birds on the sand – click here to watch – performing some ritual, maybe of courtship or of territorial meaning.

Mocking Birds on the Galapagos Islands

It is at times like this, when one realises that we humans are also evolving, making changes, adapting to our world. Sometimes we enter into another world, country, way of life, civilisation or culture, and as history has proven, changed it to our ways with disastrous results, by putting our Cat on the Mat, religion, culture, beliefs into the mix.

Are we right to put our Cat on the Mat

Man can make a choice. With NLP, we do not make changes, although changes are made to people, but we give people choice. By giving people new strategies, being able to take control of their own states, people can make their own pathways, do things in new ways.

When I work with people, I try not to say this is right or this is wrong, I give them choice.

We are correct in allowing wildlife of the Galapagos Archipelago to be undisturbed as much as possible, to evolve as they wish without the destructive power of man.