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NLP-NOW has nothing to do with NLPNOW

Readers and followers of this blog and Phillip Holt should note that the web site has nothing to do with Phillip Holt nor NLPNOW.

The web site must have inserted tags into it’s web site with ” NLPNOW “, plus hidden code within it’s web site so that search engines will rank above and or, both domain names owned by Phillip Holt for over ten years.
Phillip Holt has been trading under the name of NLPNOW for again over ten years, offering courses in NLP, Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis, PhotoReading, Mind Maps, Memory Skills and coaching, in many countries of the world, including the UK.
Phillip Holt takes it as a compliment that Pegasus NLP and it’s owner, Reg Connolly, of has deemed it as a necessity to hijacked the word NLPNOW in an underhand way to gain traffic.