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Youth Speaks, a Rotary Club Competition

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The annual Senior Youth Speaks Competition, for schools in the Royal Borough, was held in the Methodist Church, New Malden, on the 13th November, and organised by the Rotary Club of Kingston upon Thames.

Pupils, teachers, friends and families of the competing teams, members and friends of the Rotary Club, and The Worshipful Mayor of Kingston upon Thames, Councillor Mary Heathcote, were presented with very high standard and thought provoking speeches by five teams from, Richard Challoner, Coombe Boys, Coombe Girls, Surbiton High and Tolworth Girls schools.

Each team consisted of three members, a chairperson, a speaker, and a vote of thanks, with each being allocated a set time to deliver a speech. Titles of the talks covered many areas, “Time: it’s all relative”, “The Rise and fall of the Dark Night”, “The Olympic Legacy”, “Are We Slaves To Conformity”, and a rather controversial “Duty to our Parents”, where the speaker implied that there could be an answer to the ever increasing grey haired population, euthanasia.

Obviously, a lot of effort and coaching had been put into the preparation for the night, and all credit must be given to the teachers for supporting their teams both before and during the evening, and it was wonderful to witness teams supporting their competing teams.

Three Adjudicators sat marking the teams, June McCullough, Dr, Helen Setright and Dr. David Lawson, and after the talks and as we all helped ourselves to an array of food and drink, mingling and chatting as the Adjudicators deliberated the results.

After the break, The Worshipful Mayor of Kingston upon Thames, Councillor Mary Heathcote and Kingston Rotary Clubs’ President Paul Hickson, presented each team member with a certificate of merit. Then the results were anounced.

Best Speaker Stephen Inns from Coombe Boys School

Best Chairperson Jinal Parekh from Tolworth Girls School

Best Proposer Jordan Agyeman from Coombe Boys School

Special Award for Merit Sam Baxter from Richard Challoner

The winning team which will go forward to the next round of the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland in March 2013, to represent the Royal Borough was Tolworth Girls School.

The Rotary Club Youth Speaks Competition gives the youth practice and confidence for their future life, both personally and professionally in public speaking, something we all may have to do sometime during our life, with the opportunity to have fun, meet new people, win prizes and a chance to participate in the Rotary Club’s Youth Exchange program, where two teenagers will spend a sponsored week with others in either, France, Germany, Poland or the UK, expanding and understanding others’ cultures.

Adult Achievement Awards 2012

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I recently was present at the Kingston upon Thames, Rotary Club’s Adult Achievement Awards, held once a year in the Royal Borough of Kingston’s Guild Hall.

It is so humbling to listen to some of the stories, of those who had experienced difficulties in their life, yet overcame them to attain further education to better themselves.

Here is a small video made from the photographs I took of the evening.

Adult Achiever Awards 2012 from Phillip Holt on Vimeo.

Presentations were given by the Deputy Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston, Barry O’Mahony, Club President Anne McCormack and Rotarian Peter Gray.

Even more on the Special Half Hour Club of BBC Radio 5 Live

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Further to my previous entries of wearing the badge of the Special Half Hour (SHH), for the Richard Bacon program on BBC Radio 5 Live, I wore it with pride in Bahrain at an NLP Master Practitioner course I was giving.

Of course, I left the participants eager to know what was the Special Half Hour, but as in other countries, they will have to tune in to the internet to listen.

Bridadier Abdulla Saif Al.Naimi and Amira A. Rehami with Phillip Holt

Brigadier Abdulla Saif Al.Naimi and Amira A. Rehami with Phillip Holt wearing the SHH badge. Two participants from the Society of NLP Master Practitioner course, Bahrain, June 2009

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