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This is a special time of the year to many peoples though-out the world, Christmas.

So to all my followers, may I wish you Merry Xmas.
It is a time of faith for many, others a time of giving, a time for the family to come together.
This year I fine myself by myself in southern Turkey giving training. But I am not alone, as I am with many people who it feels have become my family for a small time of my life, but will remain firmly as my future life.
This time last year, I had been on occasions Father Christmas or Santa Claus in my home town of Kingston upon Thames in the UK for a number of weeks, collecting for charity under the Christmas Tree of the town center. This year I have not been able to participate in this annual event, and I have missed the build-up, the atmosphere created by the experience, the shops being decked out with Christmas gifts, the streets being lit by magical lights, and the Xmas cards dropping through the letter box. It is not part of the Turkish culture as with other countries.
But, tonight, the hotel (the RIXOS Premium Belek, in Antalya ) I am staying in over the festive season is providing a special Festive Season Meal for all the foreign guests and their children, and I am honoured to be invited to be asked to be Father Christmas to deliver presents to the children.
This will make my day, it will now be Christmas for me, as I will see and experience the wonderment on the faces of the young children as they meet Santa Claus, children coming from many different countries of the world, Germany, Russia etc.
Christmas is for families and children around the world whatever belief, race, colour or creed.
Merry Xmas to you all.
Phillip Holt as Santa Claus, at the RIXOS Premium Belek Antalya
Phillip Holt as Santa Claus
at the
RIXOS Premium Belek Antalya

Tower Block on Fire in Kingston upon Thames

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Today a tower block of flats caught fire in the Madingley Tower on the Cambridge Estate, in Cambridge Road, Kingston upon Thames here in the UK.

At 16:45 today, 12th July 2010, fire broke-out on the 12th floor of the 15 storey block of flats, and quickly spread to the top four floors.
It was reported that twenty fire engines attended the blaze, and so far there are no missing persons and no injuries.

Top 4 floors ablaze of the Cambridge Estate flats,
Kingston upon Thames


Nunney Castle steam train leaves Fishguard Harbour. Alternate video to YouTube.

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In some countries, YouTube is banned or blocked, so my followers cannot view any video I may post using YouTube. 
Thank you for pointing this out to me, especially form my friends here in Turkey, yes I am now back in Turkey to run some courses, NLP Practitioner, Memory Skills, a five day hypnosis course, plus PhotoReading and Mind Mapping, in Istanbul and Gaziantep.

The new Mayor of Fishguard and Goodwick, Bob Wheatley greeted the Nunney Castle steam train. This video show the 1935 steam train leaving Fishguard Harbour station, May 2010.

For those of you who experienced difficulties, I have found an alternate method of viewing the video.


The Red Dragon Steam Train Nunney Castle at Fishguard Harbour

The Red Dragon Steam Train Nunney Castle at Fishguard Harbour

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Why are we so fascinated by the power of steam railway engines?

Should I rephrase the last statement, to, why do I still get great joy being around these powerful engineering  masterpieces?
I had been in the Welsh harbour town of Fishguard , celebrating the “making of the Mayor of Fishguard and Goodwick “, Bob Wheatley, and one of his first official duties was to welcome the arrival of the steam train Nunney Castle, running as the old service, The Red Dragon, from Fishguard Harbour to London Paddington railway station.
The Nunney Castle, number 5029, is a 4-6-0 configuration (see Train Spotting, a very British hobby ), was built in 1934 for the Great Western Railway (G.W.R.) at Swindon. In 1964 it was sold to a scrap metal company where it stayed until 1976, when a preservation society, the Great Western Society, started the rebuilding which continued until 1990 when she returned to service, and since has continued to be worked upon and updated.
Nunney Castle was hauled into Fishguard Harbour station by a diesel local, and was met by the Mayor Bob Wheatley, and prepared for a nostalgic journey, with crowds of onlookers admiring the perfectly painted livery of the G.W.R.

Mayor Bob Wheatley greets the Nunney Castle

The engines fire had been lit four days previously ready for this journey, and her carers hovered over her like bees around a honey pot, polishing and preparing her.
Eventually, she signalled her departure with a whistle and hissing steam.
Nunney Castle leaves Fishguard Harbour 22nd May 2010
I was told the Nunney Castle and her likes would make the Fishguard to London Paddington journey in just four hours, and little bit quicker than my more up-to-date train and mini bus journey which took eight hours.
Fantastic seeing such beauty in motion. 

4-6-0 wheel configuration see Train Spotting, a very British hobby

Robert Wheatley Mayor of Fishguard and Goodwick 2010

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I have not seen so much metalwork being worn for many a year.

The occasion was “The Making of the Mayor” for Fishguard and Goodwick, two towns on the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Fishguard and Goodwick 2010

Councillor Mayor Bob Wheatley and Laiyng, with other dignitaries.


Bob, (Robert) Wheatley, has been elected as Mayor for Fishguard and Goodwick for 2010, and the day was a celebration, the the start of his time in office, and along with his wife, Laiyng Wheatley, the Mayoress, friends family, other dignitaries, councilors and Mayors and Mayoress’s of other local towns, all wearing their chains and robes of office, a service was shared at the local church followed by a reception at the Fishguard Bay Hotel .

Welsh people are a proud people, having warm hearts and a very welcoming nature, and it was a shock for me to be walking through the narrow streets of Goodwick, and every person I meet, said hello to me. In London, I could go days without speaking or greeting a single person. 

The Welsh also have their own language, and as those who know me know, language and me do not agree, I speak only English. Part of the service was sung and spoken in Welsh, and thus for part I was lost.


It was a pleasure to witness my long term friend take the office of Mayor, and present himself adequately, no, in fact handsomely, with the speeches he made during the evening, all made from his heart.

I have know Bob and Laiyng for many years, and their warm hearts, their kindness, their never failing hardwork and sincerity will serve them and the community of Fishguard and Goodwick well for 2010.

I wish them well.

Fishguard Harbour, Wales

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It has been a long journey today, from London to Fishguard in Wales, some eight hours. My train from London was delayed, and we missed the connecting train out of Cardiff to Fishguard. With only 16 passengers wanting to go to Fishguard, the train company, kindly supplied a mini bus, for the passengers to complete the journey and to catch the ferry to Ireland.

Unfortunately, I was stuck in the center of the mini bus, and had no real view of the passing countryside, but the smells of freshly cut hay, farm animals and fresh air took me back to my younger years when my mother and father took me on holidays in the wonderful country of Wales.
Now in the ferry port of Fishguard, I can relax in my room of the Fishguard Bay Hotel, with the french windows open, I can stand on my balcony and look out over the quiet waters.

Now London cannot compete with this for relaxation.

It always rains in London

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It always rains in London.

ALWAYS“. See NLP Meta Modelpresuppositions click.

It always rains in London“,  is a saying I often hear on my journeys around the world. But is it true?

Checking the annual rainfall for London and cities I visit on a regular basis gives the following results :-

                London            585mm        or    23″
                Istanbul           843.9mm     or    33″ 
                Milan                985mm        or    39″
                Colombo        2400mm       or    94″
                Penang           2670mm       or   105″

Perhaps the difference between London and the other cities is that when rain falls it falls very lightly in a form known as drizzle, compared say to Penang were the rain is very heavy, with very large raindrops.

The drizzle in London can fall or last for a long time, compared to Penang when the downpour will be over in a few minutes.

The climate of London is temperate, with temperatures in the summer moderate having only a few days heat waves, and in winter not having very low temperatures, again having only a few days of freezing weather. Compared to Penang’s climate which is tropical all year round, and having a monsoon season of high rainfall. This results in the ground staying wet in London for a long time, compared to Penang where the wet ground soon dries out as the rainwater evaporates to to the high temperature.

I walk every day in London, and it is rare that I need an umberella or coat to keep me dry.

So next time someone says to you, “It always rains in London“, please reply, “Always? How do you know?“, and quote the above statistics.

Oh, it rained yesterday.

Only six days late

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I am now in Istanbul, a hotel I have stayed at many times, the Seminal Otel near Taksim Square. Although they have put some blue lights on the front of the hotel, refurbished the room I am in, it is the same hotel.

After the grounding, the suspension of flights in Europe, I was able to get a British Airways flight out of Heathrow. I was in Club Class, unusual for me, but there was a spare seat next to me, so the flight was not 100% full.

The delay has left me 6 days late starting the Society of NLP Practitioner course, so I expect that we may have lost some of the participants, which is a pity, but something which cannot be helped.

My visit will enable me to catch-up with old friends and make new. I know there will be much news to hear and share.

So a new day starts, and with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, I begin the first day of the rest of my life, even after only 5 hours sleep.


Istanbul’daki NLP Kursu icin Iyi Haber

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                                                                                                                                                   English version 

“Eyjafjallajoekull yanardağının patlaması sonucu Avrupa’nın büyük bir bölümünde altı gündür süren uçuş yasakları sonrasında, hava sahası yeniden ulaşıma açıldı.

Binlerce insan hala gideceği yere ulaşamadı, eve, tatile, işe… Hava ulaşımı sisteminin tamamen normale dönmesinin bugünden, 21 Nisan 2010’dan itibaren 10 gün daha sürebileceği söyleniyor.

Açılan ilk uçuşlardan, Londra – Istanbul uçuşuna bir yer alabildim ve Society of NLP’nin Practitioner kursu Istanbul’a ulaşır ulaşmaz başlayacak.

Detaylı bilgi için  +902123617777 nolu numaradan NLPGrup ‘u arayabilirsiniz.