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The hottest day of the year?

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It has been said today on the news that it will be the hottest day of the year in the UK, and I have missed some of it.
                                                                    The Sun with a smile and sunglasses

Yes, I am back, in the UK, and I slept twelve hours, catching-up on sleep after a number of days of hard work, relaxation, fun, laughter in Turkey. The last weekend being a two day course on Stage Hypnosis. Come back soon to see picture.

Now my head is spinning through too much sleep, and I will have to get my body and mind back into shape.

I wonder if I will hear from the people who I have worked with now I have left an even hotter Turkey?

Manuals and Scripts

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In my courses, be they an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner, PhotoReading, Mind Maps, Memory or any of my courses, it is rare that I give handouts or manuals, as I wish to teach the participants implicitly, that is that they know how to do what I am training by doing,  by physically doing the exercises and what I teach.

I do not give out scripts say for the hypnosis, as I want participants to be themselves, to react to their clients and use the appropriate inductions and words that fit the moment.

Too often I have seen and heard hypnotists using scripts verbatim, even “hypnotists” who have the script written down and laminated, reading directly from something that was written maybe fifty years ago by someone else.

They fail to be responsive to the clients needs, give feedback to what is happening to the client, what is happening in the environment.

Yes there is a structure to what I teach, in the process, in how one element of the course leads, links into and is associated with other elements.

I remember one course in particular, where a participant had a list of everything, every element that they thought I should be covering in my training. As I taught the elements, the participant would cross it off their list. At breaks, this participant would say to the other members of the course :-

            “Oh, Phillip has now covered this on my list, but he has not done that.”

It took me a while to understand why I was being asked if I would be covering this or that, when in fact I had. This person had obtained “their training content list” from another training provider coming from another licensing organisation, which provided a very much condensed course, giving a manual for participants to read at home.

They failed to realise that this other organisation’s structure of training was different to mine, and that the “content names” had been changed to make their course seem original and unique to them.

It was when I obtained “their training content list,” and went through what we had covered already, that the rest of course participants realised that they had been taught more than the so called list had written down.

And so it is with scripts and manuals. People can rely too much on them. They should be used as a guide only, and the speaker or provider to be themselves, not someone else who wrote a script fifty years ago.

I recently attended a training where the participants were asked to read from a script as they worked on exercises with fellow trainees.

Oh how wooden and false the language used was.

Oh how much information or feedback that the “client” was giving was missed, because the giver, the reader had their face buried in the script.

Lastly, how many manuals or scripts are ever looked at again after a course or training? Mostly they are left under the bed.

I do give out manuals when appropriate along with sample scripts, for example within the stage hypnosis course, PhotoReading etc., but for reference only.

I train my participants how to do what I am teaching from their heart, by actually trying out what I am teaching in the course, learning by doing.

But for those that want an out-line script, I will be publishing them soon. Return here to my blog for more information or subscribe to the blog on the left, for regular updates.

Stage Hypnosis in Turkey

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I have often been asked by participants and friends in Turkey to give a stage hypnosis show, and perhaps give a course, as I do in the UK, over two days.

I think this time is near, and with my friends at NLP-Time or NLPGrup in Istanbul, and as we have done with GAP Consultancy in Gaziantep, we may be putting on a “private show” for ex participants and friends.

Don't look me in the eyes
Don’t look me in the eyes

This will be an opportunity to meet old friends and discover new ones and ideas, whilst having a fun time together.

An Evening of Stage Hypnosis in Gaziantep

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It has been a long run of training in Turkey, and I am on my way back to the UK. Sitting here in the departure lounge, I find that the flight has been delayed by another hour from Gaziantep to Istanbul.

Oh Poo Poo. (click to understand)

But I can reflect on a great night I had in Gaziantep, where I was invited to a meal with participants. Over twenty attended and I gave them their first experience of stage hypnosis. (click to learn stage hypnosis)

It was great fun for all, especially those “stars” who stepped forward to be the show.

Getting the stars into hypnotic trance. Plus Zafer on the floor.  Getting the “stars” into hypnotic trance. Plus Zafer on the floor.

                                                        Keeping each other warm with hypnosis.  Keeping each other warm.
            She would not leave the stage, her shoes were glued to the floor.    She would not leave the stage, her shoes were glued to the floor.

People needed for a TV program

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Today I have been approached by a TV company, who would like to invite people interested in hypnosis and stage hypnosis to a recording and the posibility of participating.


Location, London, UK. Mid November 2007.

If you would like more details, please email me at .

I will be leaving for Turkey to give some NLP, Coaching, Memory and Mind Map courses, so I may not reply by return.

Eye Accessing Cues

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                                        Eye Accessing Cues DiagramEYE ACCESSING CUES

               VC – Visual Constructed
               VR – Visual Remembered
               AC – Auditory Constructed
               AR – Auditory Remembered
               K   – Kinesthetic
               AD – Auditory Digital

Also known as lateral eye movements in neurological terms, eye accessing cues allows the NLP Practitioner to observe how people are accessing different parts of their brain as they think and process information. This will allow us to communicate in the same modality, the same language as the people you observe. It is also a good way of telling if you are being told the truth.

If you ask someone to think of or visualise the face of their mother, they will probably look up to their right. See the diagram above. VR

If you ask someone to think about or visualise a pink elephant, they will probably look up and to their left, as the diagram above. VC

If you ask someone to recall the sound of the school bell, they will probably move their eyes to their right, neither up or down as the diagram shows above. AR

Ask the person to imagine a Martian speaking, (a sound they have never heard), they will probably look to their left, as the diagram. AC

Ask a person what it is like to feel a bar of soap in their hands, they will probably move their eyes down towards their right. K

When people are having an internal dialog, talking to themselves, they will probably look down to their left. AD

The movements will be very slight and an unconscious movement, by asking questions of a person to remember or construct a memory so you can observe their processing modality, V,A,K, will result in the person being very conscious of their own eye movements, so do not let them know what you are doing, just observe.

The movements can change direction, the remembered can move to their left, and visa versa. You will have to calibrate to the eye movements, by asking questions that you know the answer to. There is a theory that left handed people will reverse the pattern, but I have not observed this in all the courses I have run throughout the world.

By observing and modifying the communication you have with people, so that you converse in the same modality, will have a big impact on how they respond to you.


The War of the Worlds – H.G. Wells, Jeff Wayne

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“No-one would have believed…………”

There are a few things in life that inspire me. Music. People. Places. Objects.

When I have those moments, those times, I know they are special. I will hold on to those, forever.

In music, there are very special tunes, songs, arrangements, that have captured my imagination, and after one hearing, they have stayed with me.

My college days at the Stafford College of Commerce in Wednesbury, when we, Philip Green, Paula Dawes et al, went into a coffee bar in Walsall, spending 6d (six old pence, read story, click here), to play The Animal’s House of the Rising Sun. It lasted the longest time, that was value for money.

When I first started work, say 1968, with the National Coal Board Computer Power in Cannock in the Midlands of the UK, the shift system we worked allowed me and my colleagues to have breaks of four days. One of these breaks I went camping with Pete to Barmouth in Wales, and sitting on a wall outside a pub, the sound of Mike Oldfield’s, Tubular Bells rang out. The haunting melody is in my mind now.

Simon and Garfunkel’s, Bridge Over Troubled Water was played in a house Pete and myself rented in Pelsall at the time, and I would entertain girlfriends in the front room. It was not my LP record, I never had a record player or LP’s, but the songs created a great atmosphere for romance. Well it worked for me.

Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise, was a song I heard driving my VW Beetle up the A52 from Bottesford to Grantham in the East Midlands one morning, and it made my hair stand up on my arms. It still does today, as I listen with such joy at the arrangement.

James Last, and his unique big band sound. Sitting in the front room of the first house I purchased at 13 Cox Drive, Bottesford, having created a stereo sound system from bits and pieces of equipment before the days of commercially available equipment, and trying to sit in the precise position between the giant homemade speakers so I could hear the dueling between the various instruments of his orchestra. I was later able to hear James Last live at Leicester’s De Montford Hall. Wow.

Around 1979, my life was influenced by another collection of words, songs and music.

Based on the story of H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds, Jeff Wayne created a musical master piece. 

I can loose myself in the story as narrated by Richard Burton, sung by David Essex, Phil Lynott, Julie Covington, Justin Haywood, as the Martians invaded Earth, not in America as the movies suggest, but in the UK, the area I live, Woking, Horsell Common, et al.

The music creates images in my mind so real, as Peter and the Wolf, (click to read), I see the Martian’s machines as they rape the earth and humanity on their way to London, the sinking of the ship HMS Thunderchild, the eventual destruction of the Martian’s with the red weed. See the blog NLP now – Our Minds Eye (click to read).

I went into Central London, and as always playing with Phillip’s Sausage, I saw that Jeff Wayne was to appear in Virgin’s Megastore, a massive CD music store in London’s Piccadilly Circus, signing copies of his latest release of War of the Worlds. 

                                                      Phillip with Jeff Wayne, London 2007

It was in Istanbul, walking up Taxim Hill after having a meal with my translator Asuman Yildirim that as I passed a previously unseen store, (D&R), my attention was drawn to the corner of the window, and there was the Collectors Edition of the War of the Worlds, something I never knew existed. I had to buy it.

It was at the beginning of the year when I purchased a newspaper I never really buy, that I opened the pages and there was an advertisement for Jeff Wayne’s live performance in London’s O2 Arena in December 2007 (click to visit). I had to book a seat. To book, visit

“No-one would have believed…………” that such things can happen, that we are presented with opportunities, chances, possibilities, but we are.

Synchronicity. The release of human possibilities. Breaking free of limits. It will happen if it should happen.

C.G. Jung describes synchronicity as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the possibility of chance is involved.”

        2 CD selection     Highlights        Collectors Edition