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A presentation at GAGIAD, Gaziantep, Turkey

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I invited to give a talk at GAGIAD, or the Gaziantep Young Businessman Association, and was greeted at the door by their Chairman, Mr. Yaşar Erturhan and his wife.

My talk on the night would cover the topic of NLP for a couple of hours, and I hoped I covered interesting subjects that they could use in their business growth, including feedback, anchoring and being able to summon strength and power at will with Mustapha.
Helped with translation by Mehpare owner of GAP Consultancy, the evening slipped by so quickly, but even so, I enjoyed meeting some of the driving force of Gaziantep’s commercial life.

Phillip Holt with Mehpare Kileci at a talk at GAGIAD Phillip with Mehpare at a talk at GAGIAD

Phillip setting-up Mustapha with a member of GAGIAD   Phillip Holt setting-up Mustapha with a member of GAGIAD

At the end of the evening I was presented with a wooden plaque, inlaid with mother-of-peal with brass edging, as a momento or keepsake of the evening. It still sits on show in my home reminding me of a great night.

A momento or keepsake for Phillip Holt of the evening with GAGIAD
A momento or keepsake of the evening with GAGIAD

Stage Hypnosis in Turkey

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I have often been asked by participants and friends in Turkey to give a stage hypnosis show, and perhaps give a course, as I do in the UK, over two days.

I think this time is near, and with my friends at NLP-Time or NLPGrup in Istanbul, and as we have done with GAP Consultancy in Gaziantep, we may be putting on a “private show” for ex participants and friends.

Don't look me in the eyes
Don’t look me in the eyes

This will be an opportunity to meet old friends and discover new ones and ideas, whilst having a fun time together.

Business Matters TV program in Sri Lanka

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In 2003 I travelled to Columbo in Sri Lankato give courses in NLP, PhotoReading, Mind Maps, and was asked to take part in a TV program called Business Matters, hosted Parakrama Dissanayake.

The podcast TV progam lasts about ten minutes and will take a little time to download depending on internet speed. Enjoy.

For those wishing to take part in future courses in Sri Lanka, please visit the web site or contact Maxwell de Silva or Hemantha Wickremasinghe on SRI LANKA 011 2345257.

Kadikoy. Another day. Care needed.

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It is still cold and raining here in Istanbul, with the high cold wind making “white horses” on the Bosphorus.

The TV crew arrived nearly two hours late, to film only a few minutes, I am very careful on what I say. A few months ago, an article appeared in a Turkish national magazine, which although not mentioning names, implied me as a trainer of NLP and a hypnotist could walk into a bank and robe them of their money.

Why am I so poor?

Also, they implied that women were easy pickings for me, so be careful. At 95, I do not have the energy to do such things, plus certain persons would murder me, and I do not like pain.

Some four years ago, I was approached by a TV production company. They asked if I could teach someone with no knowledge of hypnosis within two days to become a stage hypnotist (see, and on the second night, that person would perform in front of a live audience a stage hypnosis show. Not only did I do it, but along with another twelve people. The course has been held twice a year since, producing many successful hypnotists.

Although I asked the TV production company what was the outcome they wanted from the program regarding stage hypnosis, the good points or the bad, they said an unbiased view. The program was broadcast with the title The Darker Side of Stage Hypnosis. With nearly twenty hours of filming captured, less than ten minutes was shown.

By editing, showing what is good for them, the press can bias the news to suit themselves. How was it that during the Gulf War, the British was for the invasions, yet that little stretch of water called the English Chanel gave the French a different view of being against the war. We are brainwashed.

So I was very careful what was said. Let us see the outcome next Sunday at 10am on Turkish Expo TV.