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An email reply

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This morning I awoke very early again with the first call of the day for prayers from a nearby mosque, and went onto the internet and received the following email from Jean-Daniel Antenau,, about language and reading.

With nothing better to do, I have posted my reply here, so that it may help others or promote a debate on the subject.

Email from Jean-Daniel Antenau, Quote :-

Hi there,
I just came to get some information about NLP. I’m french and went on some site by Phillip Holt, a friend of yours.
This man pretends reading dictionaries at the speed of 30,000 words/min in order to understand the general meaning of any book in foreign language ! Interesting isn’t it ? I was interested.
So I visited his place on internet and the French translation was… at best funny, at worst not understandable !
Then I visited your page : it was the same pathetic story !
Hey ! Ho !  What is this all about ? Just making fun of everything ? Aren’t there more serious businesses to do of your lives in these times ?
Jean-Daniel Antenau


My Reply :-

Dear Jean-Daniel,

Thank you for your input.


I had used a Google tool which translates a web page for you. (see web pages in question,


As I have written, and freely admit, I do not speak any other language other than English. I make no excuse, I have a problem with languages. I believe it is due to the learning of language/s before the age of twelve, the development of the brain during this time, that is the Broca’s area, the Wernicke’s area, and other language-processing areas.


There is also the motivation, the desire to learn other languages. Again, I freely admit, I do not have the motivation to learn another language, and that is no disrespect to your language French, or your culture.  


You can say some people are good a running, so good that they enter and win medals at the Olympics, others have two left feet, and never run, even for a bus.


For me to become an Olympic champion in all the languages of the countries I teach in and visit, I would have to spend a lot of time and practice. Perhaps I am not motivated or willing to do so.


I have difficulties, so I prefer to spend my time studying the human, the brain, learning skills, teaching skills, and how I can best deliver and share these skills to as many people as I can, all over the world.


As I said, I have a problem, I do not speak the languages, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese etc, so I use translators (click to see some of my translators), whom I can trust, or think I can. It is only from positive feedback from people like yourself, that I know if the translation work. In the case of the web pages you mention, your email is the first in five years I have had mentioning the translation problem you have highlighted. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.


At least I have tried to convey or pass-on my skills in PhotoReading, Memory, NLP, Hypnosis Mind Maps to others of other nationalities, cultures, beliefs if they so wish to learn.


Yes there are many people who teach the same skills who speak the native languages of French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and Chinese etc, many who have copied my work, or followed the same route as I have to learn directly from the originators themselves, like Tony Buzan, Paul Scheele, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Ormond McGill, Gianni Golfera, and more, and with their blessing or permission, teach these skills.


Yes my work involves laughter, fun, and does I hope my web site, that is in my experience the best way of learning, with emotion, laughter, happiness.


At least you laughed. “Hey ! Ho !”


Why not go and find a French speaking teacher of PhotoReading, and try the system? Thousands of people all over the world have, and have proved it to themselves that PhotoReading a book, a dictionary helps in their understanding.


I have demonstrated this technique often in courses I have given, PhotoReading a book in a language I do not speak, and giving specific answers to questions asked of me. Can you do it? Do you know how to do it? Have you even tried?


I doubt it. I have spent many years practising and doing.


110 years ago, man could not fly by mechanical means, then two Americans, or a Brazilian, or a British person, whichever history books you have read, put together some twine, wood, fabric, placed an engine in it, and flew some 30 yards/meters.


Then man could fly.


Since that time, new developments have been developed, new materials have been introduced, so much so that the Airbus 380 has been created, allowing people to go from one side other the world to the other in one hop.


It is the same in reading, perhaps you were taught at a tender age of three I expect, how to read, word by word, and that is it, that is how far you have got. You are still flying the Wright brothers aircraft The Flyer, perhaps you should upgrade to the A380, learn from a Certified PhotoReading Trainer like myself, who have helped open minded people to get more out of their life, to learn and stop critising others and their beliefs and abilities.


The Wright Brothers first aircraft, The Flyer

Being able to absorb information at such high speed, means people do have more time to spend on the more serious side of modern living.


But like me and languages, if you are not willing to try it, you will never know or learn.


Again thank you for your input, I really do appreciate comments and feedback, good, bad, constructive or whatever. 

Özel Sanko Okulları or Sanko School in Gaziantep, Turkey

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17 Ekim Cuma günü saat 20:00’de Phillip Holt ilköğretim 2. kademe – lise  öğrenci ve velilerine yönelik “Ailece Sınava Hazırlanıyoruz” konulu paylaşında bulunacaktır

Tonight I have just returned from giving a two hour seminar at Özel Sanko Okulları or Sanko School in Gaziantep, Turkey.

The seminar attracted some 250 attendees, from teachers, parents and pupils and covered memory and learning skills for the preparation and passing of exams.

After a full days training in NLP, and a quick meal, Mehpare who translates for me and myself had a great night delivering the contents, and it was fantastic to see and get the feedback from the attendees.

A day with Tony Buzan

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Spending a day with great presenters is always a pleasure for me. It is how I have learned to be what I am, to develop my style of training and presenting, and certainly I know and recognise, I have a different style than others.

My style works for most participants, not all, as all presenters, they will have those that love them, and those that hate them. That is human nature. That is why you have those that follow Richard Bandler and those that follow John Grindler (co-founders of NLP), those that follow Manchester United and those that follow Manchester City (football teams).

A large group of participants had gathered in the Savoy Place, in London, to learn from Tony Buzan, Mind Maps, Memory and how and why we can achieve great things with the workings of our brains. This course, the first of a new series in the UK, will be run I hope many times, for if you can, it is worth attending and learning with Buzan.

Also at the Savoy Place, were other people I have come across during my journey of learning of human potential, Dominic O’Brien (ex World Memory Champion), Philip Chambers (World Mind Map Champion), Raymond D. Keene. OBE (International Chess Grandmaster), Hilde Jaspaert (International presenter and trainer), and participants from my own courses around the world.

No matter who you meet, where you go, what you see, what you hear, what you touch, what you smell or taste, (NLP modalities), your life will be enriched and changed, as new neuro pathways are made, new memories encoded, new experiences you can draw upon as you go on a Transderivational Search, to process and understand experiences.

Karan Beri, a fantastic memory for dates and time.

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Whilst working in Bahrain, I had the privilege to be with and work with Karan Beri and his mother Gopika Beri.

Karan Beri receiving his certificate from Phillip Holt in Bahrain 2008 Karan Beri receiving his certificate in Bahrain 2008

Karan has the usual social difficulties of the typical autistic savant, but this did not stop him entering into the World Memory Championship held in Bahrain in 2007, organized by Tony Buzan and Dominic O’Brian. I know that Karan hopes to enter this years WMC to be held again in Bahrain this year. I hope I can be there to support him, and see him on my future courses in Bahrain in October and November.
Karan now aged 21, was the only Bahraini to enter the 16th World Memory Championship in 2007, and entered at the last moment with his special memory for dates and numbers, and won special mention by the organisers for his abilities.

I was amazed by Karan’s ability to give the day of the week of any date, from the past or future, in the blink of an eye, and his ability to recall what he was doing or what was happening on a particular day of his life. Even when I asked what we were doing at a specific time during our training, and he could recall what I was teaching.

Karan having failed his high school exams, went on to enter India’s National Open School to pass his exams. He has gone on to become a success in his hotel management hospitality studies at the Baisan Institute of Hospitality and Hotel Management, through his shear determination.

Karan has even overcome his problems of autism to earn a wage and to appear in advertising campaigns.

Supported by his lovely mother and father, I felt very close to Karen during the training, as he did all I asked of him. I hope our time together will have added to his abilities and his love of numbers and calculators.

News in the Trade Arabia – Middle East business information

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My visit to Bahrain resulted in a number of press releases, news paper articles, and visiting newspaper photographers.

One release came from the Trade Arabia – Middle East business information web site.

Trade Arabia - Middle East business information
Click here to see the article.

Expert tips to polish learning skills
Manama: Wed, 14 May 2008

Phillip Holt

Internationally acclaimed trainer Phillip Holt is returning to Bahrain for 10 days of dynamic and enjoyable accelerated ‘superlearning’.

Phillip is a Master and Trainer in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), PhotoReading and MindMapping, accredited by the Society for NLP, Tony Buzan and Paul Scheele, the originators of these powerful tools for boosting brain power.

He works with World Memory Champions and  regularly appears on television and in the media and is sought after as a trainer across the world, running courses in his native UK, where he is director of NLP.

Phillip previously visited Bahrain in February when his first PhotoReading course was sold out in advance and received extremely positive feedback from all of the 31 participants, who included a variety of business people, doctors, professionals and students.

“The course was excellent” said Dr Jinan Darwish, a paediatrician. “Well organised and well-presented and executed.” 

“Phillip is an excellent trainer,” agreed Dawiya Nassir, a policy adviser. “It was very interesting. He really inspired us and made us believe that we can do it!”

A teacher who attended the course said “I learned a lot from Mr Phillip Holt, not just PhotoReading. His course gave me the motivation to start a new degree soon and I will be able to read as many books as I need.”

Student Katerina Al Qarainees said that the course was very enjoyable and beneficial.

“I can now learn not to cram a whole load of work before an exam but Photoread that book and extract relevant information in the exam.” 

Another student, Nevin Isaac Mathew said: “I really loved this course!”

Translator, Nadia Kazim, described the course as “Amazing… the first credit goes to our lovely instructor. I am sure it is going to add a radical change to my life.”

“I’m really not exaggerating if I say that this course doesn’t have any weak or boring aspects,” she said.
The course teaches innovative ways to read faster and with better recall and concentration and is certified by Paul Scheele, founder of PhotoReading and Director of Learning Strategies Corporation, the US, who originated this highly acclaimed ‘whole mind’ system that teaches how to:

PhotoRead the printed page at rates exceeding a page per second; Accelerate learning by reading in ways that are flexible, active and purposeful; Tap the reserve capabilities of the non-conscious mind; Integrate information for personal and professional benefits using ‘activation’ techniques, such as rapid reading and MindMapping.

The two-and-a-half day PhotoReading course will be held on Thursday (May 15) from 4.30-9pm and on Friday and Saturday, from 9 – 6 each day at the Elite Suites Hotel in Sanabis. It will be followed by a two-day intensive Memory Power and MindMapping course at the same venue on Monday and Tuesday, from 9-6 daily.

Holt will be teaching a two-part course for children aged 7-14. Superlearning for Kids starts on May 18 and has already sold out and has a waiting list for the next course.

Children will learn how to maximise their potential and creativity with accelerated learning, memory and reading skills using techniques developed by the genius of the world’s leading exponents of mind power.

Phillip Holt works with best-selling author ‘Mr Memory’ Tony Buzan, the originator of MindMapping and author of numerous best-selling books on memory and learning, and with Gianni Golfera, who has been described as “the man with the biggest memory in the world”.
TradeArabia News Service


I would like to thank all the participants and organisers for their help and input allowing me to train in Bahrain, and look forward to meeting you all again soon.

Mind Maps and Memory in Bahrain

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I have been teaching and providing Mind Mapcourses as a Buzan Licensed Trainer (BLI), for a number of years, for both corporate clients such as HSBC Bank (Shanghai), Global Communications (Turkey), Superfilm (Turkey), private 1-2-1 clients, educational such as schools and universities, and public courses.

Also I have been giving courses for memory, based on the World Memory Champions, and the work of Gianni Golfera, again providing for clients as above.

Both courses are given individually lasting for one day each, but I found that by combining the two courses into one course, the results are far stronger, and the participants gain more benefit from them.

And so it was in Bahrain. I ran a Mind Map and Memory course, organised by MakeOver Experience (click to view courses in Bahrain), with a mixed participant list ranging from twelve years of age to old-uns like me, with outstanding results.

They were able to recall lists of random words (40+), told them once only, not only from beginning to end, and backwards too. Lists of numbers with ease. I was even more surprised when on the next day after the end of the course, some participants who are attending my current course were repeating the lists to astonished people.

Oh I love my job. Sometimes.

Phillip Holt runs a Memory and Mind Maps course in Bahrain

Quantum Leadership, Istanbul. Kuantum Liderlik.

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Phillip Holt at Kuantum Liderlik (Quantum Leadership), Istanbul, May 2008
Phillip Holt at Kuantum Liderlik (Quantum Leadership), Istanbul, May 2008

After four days of courses in Milano, (PhotoReading and Mind Maps), finishing Sunday evening, I had to be up early the next morning, 4am, to get the early morning flight to Istanbul to give a talk at the Kuantum Liderlik (Quantum Leadership) seminar.

I had hoped that my talk had been rescheduled to late afternoon, and looked forward to a shower and rest as I was driven from the airport to the Conrad Hotel, Istanbul, where the seminar was being held. But no, I was met at the entrance to the hotel by a lovely smile and told I was due on at 1:30pm, first after lunch.

Oh Poo Poo (Watch out for a new web site coming soon.) At least I had some food prior to preparing for my slot.

Although I missed the morning speakers, I decided to keep my talk light and informative on the requested talk on Mind Maps, using examples produced on iMindMaps software, (download free trial version below).

It was a great privilege to be able to share the stage with great speakers as Anthony Galie, R. Şanal Günseli, Professor Stefano D’anna, Gordon M Bethune and the lovely Ege sisters, fashion designers and founders of Dice Kayek.

To end my talk, I was asked if I could demonstrate PhotoReading, as I had shocked a couple of the organisers on my ability to absorb vast amounts of words in seconds.

Professor Stefano D’anna had launched in Turkish his book, “La Scuola degli Dei“, the Turkish name is “Tanrılar Okuluor the English name is “School of Gods“, and whilst on stage, I borrowed a copy from one of the audience, and flipped through the book PhotoReadingat speeds greater than 20,000 – 30,000 wpm.

The book was is Turkish, and it is known that I only speak about ten words of the Turkish language, counting from 1 to 6, and a few more words, but I did PhotoRead the Turkish/English, English/Turkish dictionary, and my belief system knows that I will be able to understand the gist (meaning) of the book.

I had the impression that the book was something about a man, a dreamer, perhaps in the USA, supported by a woman, like pillars, but these pillars were lost, maybe by the loss of the woman, perhaps his wife, as he overcame all odds, plus more.

I asked if anyone had read the book, and if so, was I close? A few people who had read the book in Turkish put their hands up and said I was very close.

Remember I do not read or speak Turkish, nor had I read or seen the book or met Professor Stefano D’anna before the seminar. It even surprised me.

At great day and stay for me at the Conrad Hotel Istanbul.

The Conrad Hotel Istanbul with dolmush mini bus
Conrad Hotel with dolmush mini bus

See the seminar flyer

Mind Maps in Milano

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As part of my trip to Milan in Italy, I gave a one day course in Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps.

As a BLI (Buzan Licensed Instructor) for many years, I enjoy giving this course, laying the foundations and reasons for people needing to use Mind Maps, in business life, for education, for normal personal reasons.

It comes as no surprise that people use similar systems, having had read a book, or being taught by an unlicensed trainer who does not really understand the concepts or reason behind Mind Maps, or does not know the different computer packages available, or when or how to implement Mind Maps.

Mind Maps in Milan with over 40 participants Mind Maps in Milan with over 40 participants

So having again another 40 people on the course in the Concorde Hotel in Milan, and guiding them through the process, gave me great happiness, especially seeing the results of my work and theirs.

An example of a computer Mind Map using iMindMap by Phillip Holt
An example of a computer Mind Map using iMindMap

Download your free trial iMindMap - Free Download  Download your free trial

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Daze (days) of rest

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It was a long trip back to the UK from Gaziantep in Southern Turkey with very little sleep. The delay, this time due to radar problems at Ataturk airport. I think I had about three hours sleep before catching the flight back to London.

Now I must prepare for my next trip and training in Italy this Thursday, for PhotoReading and Mind Maps, in association with Gianni Golfera, and then early Monday morning, a flight to Istanbul to give a talk at the Quantum Leadership Conference, or in Turkish, Kuantum Liderlik.  Plus, I have to catch-up on post and messages that have built-up over the last few weeks.

It is good to look back on the good times I had over the last trainings, and have much to write about but no time to do it in.

I doubt if the hotel I am booked into in Milano has free internet, unlike the hotels of Turkey, so for the next few days I will post no blogs. 

Sorry folks. Or do I hear “thank you”.

PS. If you want to tryout the software iMindMaps for free, click on the picture.

iMindMap - Free Download

A seminar soon in Turkey, Kuantum Liderlik.

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Today I received an email containing a flier for a seminar to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, organised by Asemble, for the 5th May 2008, in the Conrad Hotel Istanbul.

Although written in Turkish I think it says “One of the most expensive speaker of the world Gordon M.Bethune in Turkey!!!

Looking down the flier, is non other than me. Yes, I will be making a presentation at the same seminar, along with Antony Galie, R. Şanal Günseli and Professor Stefano D’anna.

The seminar title is QUANTUM LEADERSHIP

Kuantum Liderlik, 5th May 2008, Conrad Hotel Istanbul

My talk is scheduled to be on Mind Mapping and will include :-

            The application of Mind Mapping in business life.
            Mind Mapping applications for people in order to reach their goals and dreams.
            Mind Mapping techniques for leaders in order to impress and manage their group.

I will look forward to meeting old friends at the seminar along with new.

Translation of the above flier reads :-

“We are trying to implement many new disciplines to increase profitability in the business world, and maintain an everlasting company. In this seminar we will find the way to our roots. We will share the secrets of creating our future from today.”


  •     Quantum Leadership.
  •     How to become an everlasting company.
  •     Are you and your company ready for the next twenty years?
  •     Positive leadership in reaching goals
  •     Quantum leap.
  •     Mind mapping.

See the article of the seminar (click).