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NLP Practitioner PhotoReading and Mind Maps Courses

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Today I had a telephone conversation with a gentleman in the UK about taking/participating in NLP courses, and the vast numbers of trainers offering trainings. Could I advise him? How he could become good at NLP? what was the correct path to take?

My strategy has been to go to the originators, the developers, those that hold the intellectual rights to the technologies I want to learn. See articles of my journey of learning, click. I do not want to learn from someone who has read a book, heard from someone else, or who has plagiarised someone else’s work. I respect others knowledge, give credit when required, and seek official accreditation to teach their work as a licensed or certified trainer. 

I told him that if he could, why not attend a course given by Richard Bandler himself on NLP, there would be many hundreds of people on the course, which the gentleman did not like, he wanted a smaller participant number.

Why not come to Turkey? The courses are much cheaper. Accommodation is very much cheaper and flights are very cheap.

What a great idea. Come to Turkey to attend the next Certified, Society of NLP Practitioner course, given by my good self, here in Istanbul.

I am running a number of courses in the next few weeks, in conjunction with NLPGrup.

      Society of NLP Practitioner        9 July – 15 July      
      PhotoReading                              30 June – 1 July                        

      Mind Maps                                    8 July                           

Others are following over the next few months.

All courses are given in English, I speak only English, and there is translation into Turkish.

Call me on Skype VoiP,  contact name NLPNOW,

My Turkish mobile number (Turkey) 05384068230

Email me, or visit my website

Contact NLPGrup on (Turkey) 0212 31 77 77, or visit their website

Films That Influence Me

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Like music, (click for more) certain films have had a great influence on my life, and I enjoy watching time after time. I never grow tired of them.

Call me sentimental, (mental), but the Olivia Newton-John film Xanadu hits all the right buttons. In this cult movie, Olivia Newton-John portrays Kira, a Greek muse who attracts a painter dissatisfied with his career.

This musical follows the romance and the fulfillment of dreams, to the creation reality out of dreams with the dance hall called Xanadu, with the help of a retired musician played by the ever smiling Gene Kelly.

The movie includes such pop hits as Magic, Party All Over the World, I’m Alive and the title song Xanadu, played by the ELO – the Electric Light Orchestra.

My first exposure to Xanadu was in Saudi Arabia, buying cassettes of LP/CD’s to listen to, as there was nothing else to do in the early 1980’s, no cinemas, pubs, clubs, TV to watch. The music gripped me, it told a story, it was only years later that I came across the movie.

Another movie close to my heart is the black and white film called the Dambusters. This movie tells of the real life wartime story of the RAF (the British Royal Air Force) having to attack dams in Germany, to disrupt the Germans manufacturing industries, to bring the war closer to an end.

It tells the story of the dedication of the air crews, in training and to give their lives so others can live, it tells how Barnes Wallace, despite being ridiculed, worked out how to achieve the outcome needed, and that failures were a learning curve. Read the article on NOP click here.

The BBC created a radio series back in the 1970’s called The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams. Unusually this radio series was then transformed into a TV series of the same name, and the book followed. A few years ago, a new movie was produced, but sorry to say not as good as the TV series. For a start the original robot Marvin was replaced, although, the real Marvin did play a cameo part. Marvin say one of the most outstanding statements for me:-

   “I’m so depressed, I have the brain of a planet, and all they ask me to do is open the door, I’m so depressed.” 

It is in the movie that we can see that the human brain always needs completion, if you ask it a question, it will always try and find the answer, if you give it the answer it will try and find what the question was.

42 is the answer.

The Wizard of OZ, the 1939 film starring Judy Garland, tells the story of a young girl trying to get home with her pet dog Toto. The only way back is to visit the Wizard of Oz. She meets friends on her journey, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion, and together they have adventures and challenges which they overcome. When they meet the Wizard, it is then we realise we all have the same powers to meet our own challenges and adventures.

The latest film is What the Bleep Do We Know. A beautiful animation, film and documentary, telling the story of a woman going through a crisis, but coming to a realisation, that we must see things from a different perspective.

Very heavy on NLP, this film needs to be watched a couple of times to get the inner meaning, but it brings together all I teach in my courses.

The above films have a deeper meaning, a metaphor which we can all learn from.

Sentimental old me.

Eye Accessing Cues

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                                        Eye Accessing Cues DiagramEYE ACCESSING CUES

               VC – Visual Constructed
               VR – Visual Remembered
               AC – Auditory Constructed
               AR – Auditory Remembered
               K   – Kinesthetic
               AD – Auditory Digital

Also known as lateral eye movements in neurological terms, eye accessing cues allows the NLP Practitioner to observe how people are accessing different parts of their brain as they think and process information. This will allow us to communicate in the same modality, the same language as the people you observe. It is also a good way of telling if you are being told the truth.

If you ask someone to think of or visualise the face of their mother, they will probably look up to their right. See the diagram above. VR

If you ask someone to think about or visualise a pink elephant, they will probably look up and to their left, as the diagram above. VC

If you ask someone to recall the sound of the school bell, they will probably move their eyes to their right, neither up or down as the diagram shows above. AR

Ask the person to imagine a Martian speaking, (a sound they have never heard), they will probably look to their left, as the diagram. AC

Ask a person what it is like to feel a bar of soap in their hands, they will probably move their eyes down towards their right. K

When people are having an internal dialog, talking to themselves, they will probably look down to their left. AD

The movements will be very slight and an unconscious movement, by asking questions of a person to remember or construct a memory so you can observe their processing modality, V,A,K, will result in the person being very conscious of their own eye movements, so do not let them know what you are doing, just observe.

The movements can change direction, the remembered can move to their left, and visa versa. You will have to calibrate to the eye movements, by asking questions that you know the answer to. There is a theory that left handed people will reverse the pattern, but I have not observed this in all the courses I have run throughout the world.

By observing and modifying the communication you have with people, so that you converse in the same modality, will have a big impact on how they respond to you.


The War of the Worlds – H.G. Wells, Jeff Wayne

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“No-one would have believed…………”

There are a few things in life that inspire me. Music. People. Places. Objects.

When I have those moments, those times, I know they are special. I will hold on to those, forever.

In music, there are very special tunes, songs, arrangements, that have captured my imagination, and after one hearing, they have stayed with me.

My college days at the Stafford College of Commerce in Wednesbury, when we, Philip Green, Paula Dawes et al, went into a coffee bar in Walsall, spending 6d (six old pence, read story, click here), to play The Animal’s House of the Rising Sun. It lasted the longest time, that was value for money.

When I first started work, say 1968, with the National Coal Board Computer Power in Cannock in the Midlands of the UK, the shift system we worked allowed me and my colleagues to have breaks of four days. One of these breaks I went camping with Pete to Barmouth in Wales, and sitting on a wall outside a pub, the sound of Mike Oldfield’s, Tubular Bells rang out. The haunting melody is in my mind now.

Simon and Garfunkel’s, Bridge Over Troubled Water was played in a house Pete and myself rented in Pelsall at the time, and I would entertain girlfriends in the front room. It was not my LP record, I never had a record player or LP’s, but the songs created a great atmosphere for romance. Well it worked for me.

Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise, was a song I heard driving my VW Beetle up the A52 from Bottesford to Grantham in the East Midlands one morning, and it made my hair stand up on my arms. It still does today, as I listen with such joy at the arrangement.

James Last, and his unique big band sound. Sitting in the front room of the first house I purchased at 13 Cox Drive, Bottesford, having created a stereo sound system from bits and pieces of equipment before the days of commercially available equipment, and trying to sit in the precise position between the giant homemade speakers so I could hear the dueling between the various instruments of his orchestra. I was later able to hear James Last live at Leicester’s De Montford Hall. Wow.

Around 1979, my life was influenced by another collection of words, songs and music.

Based on the story of H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds, Jeff Wayne created a musical master piece. 

I can loose myself in the story as narrated by Richard Burton, sung by David Essex, Phil Lynott, Julie Covington, Justin Haywood, as the Martians invaded Earth, not in America as the movies suggest, but in the UK, the area I live, Woking, Horsell Common, et al.

The music creates images in my mind so real, as Peter and the Wolf, (click to read), I see the Martian’s machines as they rape the earth and humanity on their way to London, the sinking of the ship HMS Thunderchild, the eventual destruction of the Martian’s with the red weed. See the blog NLP now – Our Minds Eye (click to read).

I went into Central London, and as always playing with Phillip’s Sausage, I saw that Jeff Wayne was to appear in Virgin’s Megastore, a massive CD music store in London’s Piccadilly Circus, signing copies of his latest release of War of the Worlds. 

                                                      Phillip with Jeff Wayne, London 2007

It was in Istanbul, walking up Taxim Hill after having a meal with my translator Asuman Yildirim that as I passed a previously unseen store, (D&R), my attention was drawn to the corner of the window, and there was the Collectors Edition of the War of the Worlds, something I never knew existed. I had to buy it.

It was at the beginning of the year when I purchased a newspaper I never really buy, that I opened the pages and there was an advertisement for Jeff Wayne’s live performance in London’s O2 Arena in December 2007 (click to visit). I had to book a seat. To book, visit

“No-one would have believed…………” that such things can happen, that we are presented with opportunities, chances, possibilities, but we are.

Synchronicity. The release of human possibilities. Breaking free of limits. It will happen if it should happen.

C.G. Jung describes synchronicity as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the possibility of chance is involved.”

        2 CD selection     Highlights        Collectors Edition

The Future as told by a Fortune Teller.

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Yesterday I heard from a friend who had their fortune told, and said that there was a mention about me, they could tell by the way the fortune teller described the person. It implied I was or will be ill.

I believe in many things that cannot be proven 100% at this time could be true, or should I say, I have an open mind about ideas, thoughts, technologies, methodologies until they can be proven wrong.

Take for example Remote Viewing, Physique Spying, that the American’s undertook and practiced for many years. Before working with Joe McMoneagle, perhaps the number one remote viewer some years ago, it was just a story, a myth, but I had an open mind. Learning from him, proved to me that such a thing can be achieved. With a friend, Nickie Walker as a runner, we demonstrated for a TV program that Remote Viewing does work.

How about fortune telling?

Is it mind reading? (See the Meta Model)  It could be.

Is it seeing into the future? (See the way the brain works to follow) It could be.

Is it a confidence trick, where the reader, the fortune teller is calibrating to the sitter, reporting back any feedback that is given by noticing eye accessing cues, body movements and language patterns.? It could be.

Because of the way we as humans process information at the surface level, missing out the deep structure, by using the model of Miller that we only take 7 +/- 2 pieces of information, by knowing that to understand we go on a transderivational search into our past experiences, by knowing that we delete, distort and generalise information, by knowing that we put our cat on the mat, we only hear what we want to hear, what which suits us. We fit what is being told to us into our Map of our World or in NLP terms, The Map is not the Territory, our understanding.

We also tend to believe what others say to us. If someone say to us, “you do look sick,” the chances are that you will begin to feel ill, and if enough people tell you that, then it must be true. If someone tells you after a holiday that “you do look great”, and others say the same, then that will influence you, it must be true.

Should you listen to others, fortune tellers, soothsayers, oracles?

There was once a great leader who was at war with the world, expanding his territory, and he went to an oracle to foresee the future. Should he go to battle with the enemy or not? He was told that there would be a great battle, and there would be a great victory. So he assembled his army and attacked his neighbours.

He lost. He failed to get all the facts about the future battle, he did not ask who would win, he believed what he wanted to believe that he would be the winner.

Perhaps the fortune teller can tell us about the future as it could be. I believe that the future is in our hands. It is up to us to take that information, and use it to our advantage, make changes that will make it happen, or changes to prevent it happening.

Look below the surface level, chunk down to look at what could be true and act upon it now.

Hypnosis – Peter Pan and Never, Never Land

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“When I close my eyes, I will go to sleep, and when I wake up, I will not know what has happened”.

I call this statement, going to “Never, Never Land“, just like Wendy and her brothers in Peter Pan.

Peter Pan in Never Never Land is not HypnosisV,A,K,O,G, vision, auditory, kinesthetic (feeling), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste), – so that the subject can focus on the voice of the hypnotist to the exclusion of all others.

They will hear more, they will feel more, and with their eyes open they will see more. Why yes, you can be in a hypnotic trance with eyes open. You have seen people and done it yourself, staring at one spot or item, or no particular thing.

“You cannot hypnotise me.”

“I have been told not everyone can be hypnotised”.

It is true. No one can hypnotise you unless you are willing to be. But, every person can be hypnotised to enter some state of relaxation or trance. Where people fail to enter into a trance is not that they cannot be hypnotised, but they were unwilling to be hypnotised, or that the hypnotist was not flexible or adaptable enough to help the subject enter a state of relaxation and trance.

Trance or hypnosis is a state. It is just like the state you enter into just prior going into sleep.

We, as humans, go through many states during our day. These are normally broken down into Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta states. Beta, is where we are totally awake being fully absorbed, active, running, jumping. Alpha is where we are more concentrating, absorbed, studying. Theta is where we are perhaps daydreaming, totally relaxed, entering into a sleep like mode. Delta, is deep sleep, a sleep where we dream, where you will notice eye movements below the eyelids called REM (Rapid Eye Movements). All these states can be measured by the changes in the brain waves.

We all drift in and out of these states all day, and others influence us to go into these states by their talking, their communications with us.

Can you remember being at school listening to the teacher in that boring subject? For me it was history. My eyes would get heavy, I would yawn, the second hand on the clock would begin to slow down, my mind would wonder off, thinking about other things. Why? The teacher’s method of imparting information sent me into an altered state.

I remember as a small boy, my mother calling me in a soft singing voice, “Phillip”. I knew that she was baking a cake, and that she was calling me to lick the bowl of the cake mix, I became relaxed, skipping into the kitchen, with a big smile on my face. Yet she would call me another time in a low loud voice, “Phillip John“. I knew I was in trouble, I entered a fear state, and it was time to hide, not to get a smack, to be told off, as I must have done something wrong.

Have you ever read a story to a small child at bedtime, or remember the time when you were a small child and had a story read to you? What happened? Sleep was induced; the child went into a deep relaxed state of sleep. Was the story read in a provocative manor, in an aggressive way? No it was read in a soothing, quiet, soft voice.

We all influence others states in what we do, what we say, as they do with us. So congratulations, you yourself are a hypnotist. You did not know?

Have you ever thought who else may be a hypnotist? What about, film producers? You have watched firms where you laughed so hard, your sides ached, you have watched films where you were frightened, and I know you have watched films where tears have come to your eyes. What about actors on stage? I am totally absorbed by Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on stage in the London Palladium theatre, or The Phantom of the Opera. My state changes as scene by scene is enacted.

If you wish to experience a deep trance, Download my CD or MP3, visit the blog The Castle, or click on the left hand side panel link.

Hypnosis – A Natural State

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It is been said that hypnosis can be described as:-

the loss of the multiplicity of the foci of attention

In other words, in hypnosis we focus on one particular thing, for example the hypnotists voice to the exclusion of all other distractions, the swinging of a watch, the flames of a fire, or counting sheep.

Counting Sheep to relax or sleepWhen in a trance, say looking or watching a film on the television, our focus of attention is locked into the TV screen. Have you ever been watching and being totally absorbed in a film, then someone has spoken to you, and you never heard them? They had to speak to you twice or more to get your attention.

Have you ever been or seen someone daydreaming? Your mind is somewhere else, perhaps thinking about a forthcoming holiday, or fanaticising about something, making castles in the air. In that state you have missed something happening around you.

Have you ever been watching television, and the program has been boring, you had no interest in the subject, and your mind wondered off, and you missed a section of the program.

Then you have been in a trance.

Trance is a naturally occurring state of mind that we all go into many times a day. And yet, you are in control at all times. Should anything happen, you can deal with it.

Give it another name, meditation, mesmerism, daydreaming, yoga. They are all the same, perhaps at differening levels of relaxation.

Hypnosis – What is it?

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Phillip Holts eyes“What do you understand hypnosis to be?”

The answers I get vary every time, from, “I do not know“, to many weird, wild and wonderful explanations.

I also get many emails, requesting information, a typical one for example being: –

“I have been interested in hypnosis for a long time, but not really stage hypnosis, just hypnosis where I can control people and tell them what to do. I’ve looked through many books but they haven’t helped. All that they are, are Self Hypnosis and I want to hypnotize people. Please help me.”

Probably the first thing I say to people is that there is no such thing as hypnosis, it does not exist, it is just a name given to a natural occurring state in which we all go into many time a day.

You have probably traveled on a train or, on a regular journey, going to work or school, or just going about your business. You have seen the same trees pass you by, the same buildings many times. Have you ever traveled on the Underground, the Metro? Through the darken tunnels, where everything looks the same?

And, as you travel along you start to think about what you are going to eat, what you are going to wear that night, for a party, or that holiday you are going to take. Then, you look around and wonder what station you are at, or what junction you have just past.

Yes, of course you have.

You have been in a trance. Yet, you were in full control. If you were driving and an emergency had arisen, for example a child had walked out in front of you, or a car had pulled out without seeing you coming, you would have taken the appropriate action, you would have been in control.

So you would be in a hypnotic state.

I ask the questioner, if I requested you to go outside into the street now, a shout at the top of your voice a quotation from The Bard, William Shakespeare’s Richard III,

“A horse, a horse, my Kingdom for a horse”.

Would you do it?

No I doubt it.

And if I asked you at the same time, to stand in the middle of the street and take all your clothes off, would you do it?

No, you would not. It would probably be too cold for you.

So, in a hypnotic trance it is the same, you would not do anything, that is against your beliefs, your culture, your religion, you are in complete control.

It is a myth that you are under the control of the hypnotist, perpetuated by movies, for example The Manchurian Candidate, where the spy master telephones the normally placid clerk in an office, and says the magic words, “the clock strikes three“, and the clerk’s eyes mist over, he stares out into deep space, opens his briefcase, takes out a Colt 45 gun, walks out of the office into the street, and shoots the victim dead, then the clerk awakens, and stands there wondering what he has done.

Many Government agencies have tried to achieve such states, but they have failed with hypnosis. What they have achieved, is to get people to do things through brain washing, a (technique, which is outside the scope of this work), has been used in the past, and even today, by some countries to control their populations and individuals, by organisations and by religion. We only have to look at certain organisations today, where individuals blow themselves up for their beliefs, killing others for no other reason but the belief that they will enter the gates of heaven. Was those beliefs placed inside their heads by hypnosis? No, simply by brain washing them to believe over a period of time.

Brain washing? That is another subject I have researched and maybe write about some other time. Read article.

Two versions of film have been made of The Manchurian Candidate, the first in 1962 with Frank Sinatra, the send in 2004 with Denzel Washington and based on the 1959 book of the same name by Richard Condon.