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NLP Now – My Journey 4, Richard Bandler

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After my awakening to stage hypnosis with Paul Goldin in Peterborough, I continued in my career in computing, spending nearly six years with Texas Instruments as software manager in the Middle East, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was at the time of the real start of PC’s (Personal Computers), the early 1980’s. The first PC to land on my desk on a hot sunny day in Jeddah, early 1983, I said this thing will never catch on.

Having had learned that nothing is for life, all about us changes, and we too have to change, I returned to the UK, to continue my career. But nobody wanted me.

Nobody loved me.

From being an expert who could do anything with a computer, being headhunted, to a situation where I was unemployed was a very hard time. I was too old. Computing is a young man’s business.

I found work, but it was not enjoyable. I joined the ever increasing band of consultants, self employed, ex computer boffins. I became an expert in the replacement window, doors, and flat glass industry for computer software, machine integration and optimisation. I had many small companies as clients that I ran their computer installations, buying computers, installing them, training staff, repairing.

I was not happy. Nobody loved me.

I came to believe in Synchronicity, a  word that Jung used to describe the “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” Events that links mind and matter. If something will happen it will happen. More will be discussed later.

I hardly ever buy the British newspaper the Daily Mail to read, but on this one rare occasion, I did and the pages opened-up to an advertisement, Learn Hypnosis in Depth.

Why did the newspaper open at that page? Why were my eyes drawn to the advertisement? Synchronicity?

Not only that, but one of the named trainers was a TV personality from stage hypnosis, Paul McKenna

I had to do this course.

During this course I had many doubts as to my ability to enter into trance, I was good at hypnotising, but I decided to sit back for the ride and learn.

I listened. I watched. I practiced. I experienced.

I noticed that the trainers were using a different language pattern in English that I had up until then never used, a different tonality, and it seemed to work. I asked what this was, what were they doing, and was told that it was NLP. I had never heard of NLP, but my background in investigating systems made me curious, I needed to find more out.

Paul was in the following weeks giving an NLP Practitioner course, co-training with Michael Breen and the co-founder of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.

The seeds had been set, and were beginning to sprout, to blossom into a mighty oak.

I stated my journey, a new road of discovery, which has had many twists ad turns, lumps and humps, but I have kept my foot down, and enjoyed every moment, meeting may people especially the originators, great thinkers of our time.

Join me on my journey, I have plenty of room.

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see previous, to be continued day by day

Svengali and The Manchurian Candidate

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In his book of 1894 called Trilby, George du Maurier created a fictional character called Svengali.

Svengali transforms Trilby into a great singer using hypnosis, but she cannot perform without his help in entering a trance state.

The character of Svengali was painted as a person with evil intent, a person who persuaded others to do what he wanted, to be extremely domineering, to be frightened of. This stereotype character has persisted to this day in the minds of the public against stage hypnosis and hypnotists.

The book Trilby has been filmed several times, perhaps most recently in 1983, perpetuating the myth. 

Another film that set up hypnosis’s bad name and idea in the cinema and the public, is the The Manchurian Candidate filmed in 1962 staring Frank Sinatra, and in 2004 with Denzel Washington. This film brought the idea that hypnosis has power into the political arena. Filmed at the height of the Cold War between the East and West,  the film suggested that the victim had been programmed to kill a leading American politician.
This idea that people can be made to do things against their will have been tried by many people, organisations and governments, and all have failed as being too unreliable.

In his book Brainwashing, The Secret History of Mind Control,  Dominic Streatfeild investigates the history of now published papers of the CIA, into the authorised projects of the 1950’s, Bluebird, Artichoke  and the notorious Mkultra. All types of mind control failed, including drugs and especially hypnosis.

Brainwashing is not hypnosis, there are special skills and techniques, especially researched and used by the Communist Russia, from the work of Pavlovian Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov and his dogs).

The Moscow Show Trials (1936 -38), Sergei Mrachovsky, Lev Kamenev, Richard Pickel, Edouard Holtzman and Yuri Paitakov demanded to be found guilty of implausible crimes against Stalin. The USA Dewey Commission found these trials to be “frame-ups”.

Ten years later, a Cardinal Mindszenty was “taken apart” by Soviet interrogators, by what the Daily Mail headlined, “Mindszenty: Drug? Third Degree? Hypnosis?”. In a secret document of 10th February 1949, it was stated that Mindszenty had been probably persuaded to confess by less subtle means. One of his workers Dr. Zakar had been beaten half dead and paraded in front of Minszenty, who had immediately buckled and confessed. The Daily Mail headline was “journalistic embroidery”.

In Korea, on 13 January 1952, USA airforce pilots Enoch and Quinn were shot down over North Korea. On 16 May the two men made extraordinary confessions to Chinese interrogators that they had been deploying biological weapons, including cholera, anthrax typhus and plague over Korea. Nine months later Colonel Schwable also shoot down and captured, made similar confessions, shortly followed by confessions of another thirty-five capture pilots.

There was a problem, no bacteriological weapons were in use in Korea, the confessions were false.

This was Brainwashing.

Not only did the Russians try different techniques to alter peoples minds, but so did other nations, including the CIA, the British Intelligence Services, MI5, MI6, MI9, MI19 and A19,  under Cyril Cunningham, all investigate brainwashing, altering peoples mind.

All dismissed hypnosis as next to useless, unreliable. 

You cannot make someone do something against their will, culture, beliefs, religion unless they want to.

NLP Now – My Journey 3, Stage Hypnosis

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My life in computers continued, moving from one manufacturer to another, NCR, Sperry Univac, to end users, as new ideas were being created, I was often “head hunted” to move and work on them. My mother certainly did not like the number of employments, jobs I had had, she had been brought-up in the days when you had a job for life.

It is now said with todays technology, the way we are creating new systems, strategies, ideas, that if we do not retrain, re-educate, update our knowledge every six months, we will become unemployable. The package of courses I offer redress this issue with Accelerated Learning Skills. See

I moved o the wonderful town of Peterborough, to work for a toy manufacturer Peter Pan Playthings, creating a new computer system to integrate all aspects of the company’s business. It was a good time and a bad time. I lost my daughter Vanessa through divorce, but doors opened for me with many ideas, possibilities, chances, adventures.

After a grueling day in the office I would immerse myself as a Member of Rotary International, or go to The Key Theatre in Peterborough. The Key Theatre is a delightful small theatre offering a variety of stage acts, sitting by the side of the quiet river Nene in a lovely green park, one can switch off, relax.

One day, a Paul Goldin, was doing a one man show, and his poster showed him in a pose of Du Maurier’s character, Svengali a fictional stage hypnotist. I went to see him each night of his five day run.

At the outset I was disgusted, seeing people doing things on stage “against their will”. But, as the nights progress, my inquiring mind wanted to find out more, how did this work, why?

On the last night, I went up on stage to experience the procedure myself.

It was here that I learned that you cannot make anyone do something against their beliefs, culture, religion unless they are willing to.

I need to find out more, but it would be another ten years belore I had the chance.

NLP Now – My Journey 2, Hypnotherapy

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So by 15th February 1971, we had reprogrammed all our customers, and there had been no telephones or problems. We RELAXED.

So happy and impressed were the management and directors of NCR with the smooth decimalisation process, that they called us all down to the UK headquarters near Baker Street, (famous for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson) in London.

I this big hall we sat looking up expectantly for the arrival of out esteemed leaders on the stage. They walked in, and took one look at us, and called for doctors, to examine us.

Due to the long hours, the stress, worry, the responsibility, we were diagnosed with depression, anxiety, fatigue, you name it we all had it, and the doctors asked us to open our mouths and we were feed, the Prozac, the uppers the downers, and we were sent away to our own doctors for treatment.

I hate using drugs, as happened yesterday with my migraine (see article). I saw an advertisement for a hypnotherapist practicing in my then home town of Nottingham. This surely is the better way.

I lay out on the couch in his third floor “office”, and closed my eyes as he talked to me and ramble on and on, saying nothing of any importance. 

What was going on?

Why was I not with Peter Pan in Never Never Land? 

Why hadn’t the lights gone out?

Surely I should have gone asleep, to be awakened “cured”?

Why did I know that the bus going passed three floors below was the number 19 to Mansfield with 6 passengers on board?

I was disappointed. This stuff cannot work surely? I did not go back.

Strange thing was, I did not need any tablets after that visit.

My mind was awakened to the power of hypnosis. (see web

To be continued.

A Bad Head Day – Migraine

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Today I woke up full of enthusiasm, ready to do so much.

I had a shower, and was about to start on another project when I knew I was about to start another migraine.

Today I took for really the first time a migraine tablet, Rizatriptan 5mg to knock to attack out at the start.

I went to bed, and started to listen to the radio, BBC Radio 5 live, it was the F1 race from Bahrain.
As I listened, I could not work out what was going on. Logically somewhere I my brain I knew it was the F1 race, and from Bahrain. But where was Bahrain? What was F1? I knew I knew the answer but it was not there, I could not answer my brain.

I heard the word Ferrari, but what did the word mean, but I new it was a racing car, but I did not, and David Coulthard, who was he? But I knew.

My brain really slowed down. It took a long time to answer a question.

My heart rate slowed down to 48 beats per minute, the average for a man being 74, or 70 for a woman. Since my angioplasty and taking tablets including Atenalol, my heart rate has slowed to 58 BPM.

After three hours I was able to function again, feeling tired, and a little slow, I am able to write my blog here, helping perhaps others to understand migraines.

At the age of 17, I was diagnosed as suffering from migraine, and had many tests to try and seek the cause of these debilitating attacks, skull x-rays, EEG’s, blood, eyes tests, allergy tests, you name it, nothing was found that caused them. I was getting them every week.

As I got older they became less frequent, until I believed they had all but disappeared at about 28. I will discuss the age of 28 in a later blog.

Over the years I have learned that I will know when a migraine will start, I will get impaired vision, part of what is in front of my eyes will not be there, in other words as I look at a face, I may be aware of the left eye but the right eye will not be there. It is at this time I prepare for the attack.

For me, I drink a lot of water, I have an idea that dehydration has a factor in the attack. Perhaps I need to detoxify, get rid of those unwanted chemicals that have built up in the body.

I worked with a friend, a chiropractor, and we discovered a point on the outside of the left leg, just above the knee, a place where you will find a “valley”, lateral aspect, or between two tendons/muscles. By pressing into this depression hard, (it can cause pain, so good), it can relieve the symptoms of migraines or headaches.

I then experience extreme pain, especially in th eyes, my skin colour changes, some people say to green and gray, and I completely evacuate my body, after which I sleep for a few hours to awaken like I have had the flu, washed out.  

Migraine is a is a neurological disorder, the most common symptom is an intense and disabling episodic headache, and are usually characterized by severe pain on one or both sides of the head, and can be accompanied, with or without visual effects or auras, by photophobia (hypersensitivity to light), phonoophobia (hypersensitivity to sound), also it may cause pain, nausea and tiredness.
Migraines are not caused by or they have an absent of serious head injuries, strokes, and tumors, and the recurring severity of the pain indicates vascular headaches rather than tension headaches. They also have a tendency to be genetic.

Three quarters of adult sufferers tend to be female, and there are indications that hormonal, including intestinal tract serotonin, can cause attacks.

I am still convinced that migraines are initiated by the blood supply, perhaps problems with the blood vessels, or from a 2005 investigation, a patent foramen ovale (PFO), or a hole between the upper chambers of the heart, allowing uncleaned blood to go directly from the right side of the heart to the left without passing through the lungs to be cleaned or detoxified. Now I know why I drink a lot of water.

Another theory is known as cortical spreading depression , which causes depressed neurological activity in the area of the cortex of the brain. This leads to irritation of the cranial nerve roots by the release of inflammatory mediators especially to the trigeminal nerve. It is thought that this can be caused by electrical charges or depolarization of the brain.

Migraine attacks may be triggered by:-

      • The weather
      • Allergic reactions 
      • Bright lights, loud noises, and certain odors or
      • Perfumes
      • Physical or emotional stress
      • Tension headaches 
      • Seep patterns Changes
      • Exposure to or Smoking
      • Irregular meals
      • Alcohol or caffeine
      • Menstrual cycle
      • Birth control pills
      • Foods containing 
              • Tyramine (red wine, smoked fish, cheese)
              • MSG (Monosodium glutamate)
              • Nitrates (bacon, salami)
              • Chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, dairy products, fermented and pickled foods

Different treatments can be given, and medical advice is suggested. Some of the treatments are as I described above and :-

      • Good sleep patterns
      • Regular meals
      • Avoid achohol and caffeine
      • Suck ice or ice cream, it is said to cool the hypothalamus
      • Analgesics, aspirin, paracetamol
      • Serotonin receptor agonists, Tripans on medical prescriptions or Sumatripans over the counter
      • Caffeine
      • Beta blockers, Propranolo and Atenolol (I take Atenalol everyday, so this did not work for me)
      • Antidepressants
      • Botox
      • Butterbur from your herbal shop
      • Acupuncture
      • Acupressure (as I described above)
      • Relaxation or self hypnosis. (contact me for more information)

Migraine can be life threatening in extreme cases as it can lead to strokes or heart attacks especially in females.

 If you get a headache, if you do not get the symptoms as described above it is not  migraine, but migraines come in all shapes and sizes. Seek medical advice.

Look after yourself.

NLP Now – My Mission.

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Every man and his dog has written a book.

Me too on memory, translated into Turkish by my good friend and translator Asuman Yildirim. Details of how you can obtain a copy will follow.

Perhaps this entry may become yet another offering on the book shelves, as many participants have asked me, where is your book?

Another question I am often asked is, what is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)? Perhaps during my writing this series of entries I can enlighten you, so that you can come to your understanding.

Day by day I hope to add an entry which may help you understand more about yourself, your friends, the world and NLP. Of how we interact with the world about us, our own world within, how we process information. Once understood, you will have have the power, the understanding to make changes in yourself and others.

My mission is to impart as much information to the world as I can, so like the co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, said once, to help make this world of ours a better place.

There is no substitute to actually attending a course on the chosen subject.

I, as a Certified Trainer of PhotoReading, have many people who attend the two and a half day course after having had purchased the book, never having implemented any of the vast amount of knowledge contained within it.

Learning is a whole body experience. You will learn by using your brain, your eyes, hearing, tastes smells, feelings and body. Your limbs, muscles, nerve endings your feelings. You learn by using all your senses, in NLP terms, all your modalities.

Attend one of my courses, and learn. Visit my web site for more information and links to a vast amount of other information.

See a recommendation of my work. (click here).

Skype and Dualphone 3088

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I am a technoholic. I love gadgets. If it fits what I want and new, I must have it.

My NLP strategy is simple. V,K,A,K. Looping around K and A, until I get that internal urge.

I also am a firm believer in VoiP (Voice over the internet Protocol), especially Skype, ( (Pronounce without the “E” on the end).

Skype Me(tm)!

This technology allows people with internet access, speakers and microphone, and a computer, to talk for free as if it were  normal telephone, using free software. I also allows people to chat via the keyboard and screen.

An advantage of Skype is that there is a free version for your PDA or mobile phone. If you can find a free WiFi hotspot, and your phone is capable of connecting, you can make free or cheap calls.

Perhaps not all your friends are on the internet, do not have Skype installed, then what do you do?

Use your access to Skype as a normal phone, calling you friend’s landline or mobile phone with SkypeOut.

This service connects you to the internet, routes the call you wish to make over the internet, then it emerges near your friend landline phone, in what ever country they live, thus you only pay for a local call (approximately, sometimes cheaper), and the quality is just as good as a normal telephone line.

You can even purchase a special Skype telephone number, SkypeOut, you can call mine 0208 816 7962, and as long as you are logged into Skype on a computer, anyone can, call that number, and I will receive it, no matter where I am in the world.

This is all very well, but it requires a computer to be on all the time. Expensive and I am thinking, Global Warming.

So I come across a new product, the Dualphone 3088 a phone that you can connect to the normal PSN (Public Service Network) landline, and via a supplied transmitter base unit, which is attached to the internet router, becomes a stand alone Skype phone. 

Now you can receive and make either a normal telephone call or cheap Skype calls from the same wire free hand unit.

I have to have it. I set it up, and it works. For three weeks. Then it will not connect to the base unit for internet access. 

After 35 years in the computer industry, having studied computing and business at Brunel University, I have a little knowledge of software and hardware. I can build my own radio transmitters and receivers as a Radio Ham, call sign, G8YJQ. 

I tried everything I know to resolve the problem. I reset the base unit, the handset, the two routers I have installed, remove the power supply, re cable, and reread the installation manual and advanced trouble shooting  web pages. Nothing.

I contact the manufacturers support helpline. They give me instructions that cannot be achieved, to change settings of the base unit, but that can only be done if I have a connection, and I do not. Me thinks a standard reply to problems that they send out.

I search the internet for a solution and come across a Dualphone 3088 forum, where users of the unit post comments. It is full of complaints. Yes there are many with the same problem I have, but no answer of how to overcome it. I find a similar forum on Skype, and yes entries are there too with the same problem, and no answers.

Obviously there are a major faults in the Dualphone 3088, hardware (firmware) or software, and they have been known for months.

Yet, these two companies continue to promote and sell the unit. Why?

Undaunted, I spend hours trying to get the Dualphone 3088 to work.

Why wont the base unit connect to the router, yet the landline function works?

Why wont the base unit reset, even after removing the power supply?

Then success. I did nothing different to what I had done many times, the base unit connected to the router, and then the handset connected to the base unit.

I am back on-line.

Sometimes it is better to wait until the new has become old, all the faults have been found and corrected, a new release has been issued.

Sometimes it is better to wait unit the price comes down. First releases are often very expensive, as the suppliers try and recoup their investment.

Wait until you have reviewed feedback from previous users, ask others, look at web sites. for my training.

Will I ever learn?

Skype Me(tm)!Phillip Holt’s Skype name nlpnow.

Other offerings of VoiP are MSN (, Fring (, EQO (, SoonR (, AvanTiMobile (, to name but a few. Many ISP’s (Internet Service Providers)  also offer their own version of VoiP.

A warm day in the UK, Influencing? Global Warming?

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Today back in the UK is like a summers day. Not quite a blue sky, a haze hides that, but not a cloud to be seen.

As I sit here, reflecting on my trips, I am thinking about the impact, the influence I have on the world.

Are my actions changing, influencing other people, the environment, the future?

My training courses certainly are. Many participants come into the courses with personal issues, they want me to wave a magic wand to change them.

I can change people very quickly, I will remove a phobia with NLP, in one session, just by conversation, the quickest probably a couple of minutes, stop people smoking, give confidence.

I will teach people how to use their Memory better, use tools like Mind Maps, new strategies of using their brain, so they have better choice from their expediences or internal knowledge base when faced with life.

I will teach them how to acquire information faster with Speed Reading and PhotoReading, so that they can have the knowledge and wisdom to advance in life.

I will teach them state control with Hypnosis so they can learn how to relax and help each other.

I will show them how they can apply what I teach into areas of their life, maybe for a profession like Stage Hypnosis, become a Certified Hypnotherapist with the NGH. To use the newly acquired knowledge in education, business, their personal life.

My courses are not for me to make the changes to the participants, but to teach them how they can make the changes.

Yes I influence lives.

How about my travels?

I fly to different parts of the world, so my carbon footprint is larger than the average person.

In the UK we are recently being bombarded by the press, environmentalists, goody goodies, saying that we should fly less, so that we do not pollute the atmosphere. But if I did not fly, I would not earn money for myself and the country, and the seat would be empty, the plane would still fly without me, so that is a waste of resources.

I look at all the new and old cars that are increasing in numbers in all countries, belching exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. I stand in Taxim Square, walk through Sisli or Kadikoy in Turkey or any town in the world and have buses spew diesel fumes into my face, so bad, I have to hold my breath.

I looked at the new summer houses placed like little dolls houses on the lava flows of Iceland, knowing that they would be heated, where does that heat go? Is that not contributing to the Global Warming?

As I fly over many countries looking down, I see factories polluting the air and countryside especially in India and China. I see rivers flowing into the sea, and know that the drains, the sewers have emptied their waste into the rivers upstream, and I can see the pollution spread out to sea like tentacles.

On visits to Malaysia as we depended into KLIA airport, we flew through a layer of smoke created by the forest fires in Indonesia, the smell penetrating into the aircraft. Once on land, the smog, much like we used to get in the UK in the pre 1960’s.

I think a professor from a Scandinavian country said that, if each person in the UK was to switch off the unwanted appliances and lights, a total saving of seven hours of pollution per year would be saved.

Yes we must do what we can to save this planet of ours, but the whole world must do it together. Governments must change. Industry must change.

We all influence others by our actions. Like a butterfly may flutter it’s wings in the Amazon Jungle, it will cause a flow of air which will spread, maybe to create and influence the weather system on the other side of the world.

We all live in our own world. It is our map of the territory, our understanding.

As we look at our world, the area around us now, that is what we see, hear or feel. (VAKOG).

When people feel down, depressed, stressed, they are in their own world.

By changing the way you see the world around you, see more, knowing that by changing your actions, the way you stand or sit, what you say, the way you think, you will influence yourself, others around you and the world too.

Be positive in your thoughts and actions.

Look for the good in others. It is a presupposition in NLP that all persons actions are for a positive intention.

Life is never static, we are changing, developing, it is influencing us as we are influencing it.

Lets us influence it in a positive way.

A Trip to Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

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The last day in Iceland.

The tour company have a transfer bus service from the hotel to the airport.

But they offer an add on tour to the transfer service, a visit to the Blue Lagoon. 

As we approach the resort of the Blue Lagoon, steam from the geothermal spa and factories that capture the hot water that is piped to the surrounding area and Reykjavík for heating, showers, etc, rose to the sky in brilliant white.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The road leading up to the spa, meanders across the lava plain, and we pass a milky blue lake. The bus disgorges its’ passengers, giving us about two hours to experience the spa, and we follow the pathway cut out of the lava to the main building.

Here we are given an electronic tag and a towel. It is a good job we had taken a swimming costumes.

On changing, I followed the signs to the blue lagoon, entering a warm room, with steps leading into a large pool. At the far side of the pool there is a door. Walking across in warm waist deep water, I open the door, and there in front of me is the outdoor milky blue-green water, steam gliding into the air from the surface.

People were up to their shoulders in this warm water. Even standing with my bare chest to the elements, I was not cold, unlike the lifeguard, standing on the edge of the lagoon in a full arctic survival suit.


I joined Mee Len, and we waded across the lagoon, the water reaching our upper chest, people were not swimming, just standing there, enjoying the warmth.

On the far side people placed white mud like mixture on their faces, to give some unknown treatment. It reminded me of the mud bath I had taken in Antalya with my host, the owner and a participant from the NLP course, Asu my translator and an assistant, sitting there like a little Buddha.

On washing off the mixture, the taste of the water was very salty, but there was no smell of volcanic sulfer I had expected. 

Perhaps this treatment will make me look younger than my 94 age.

Soon the experience was over, and a short two and a half hours flight on Iceland Express,  we were back  the UK.

The world is a small place.    Visit my web site .

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A Trip to Iceland – Whale Watching

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Me and the sea do not get on. I get sea sickness.

I remember many years ago, with a group of fellow scuba divers, we borrowed a large motor launch, and sailed out into the Red Sea, off Saudi Arabia, to Fifteen Mile Reef, to spend two days out at sea, diving as much as possible. I spent much of the time being sea sick, turning every colour you could think of.

Strange I was later to live on a boat for six years, a 52 foot (16 mtr) ocean going Dicken’s Class vessel, Mr Toots.

I was prepared, I had my sea sickness tablets, and I took one before leaving the hotel.

A short distance from the Hotel Klopp, is the port of Reykjavík, not large, but full of ships.

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